Heels of Wrestling

Clash of Employment

Heels! WWE is again blurring the line between greatness and stupidity with Clash of Champions and attempting to confine their employees.

Money in the Bank 2020

Sirus “The Virus” LaVey

Heels! We’re back this week and we’re sitting down with Sirus “The Virus” LaVey a veteran of the Mississippi circuit, Sirus has quite a few stories to tell. A fan of old school wrestling, we really spend a good amount of time contrasting old school and new school wrestling. We can’t wait to have him back on the show.

The Rock XFL Owner

The Rock and Co. Buy the XFL

The Rock is part of an investor group that has purchased the XFL from WWE owner Vince McMahon. Will the XFL thrive under the new ownership?

Heels of Wrestling

The Golden Idol Aaron James

Heels! We’re back and we’ve got an interview with The Golden Idol himself, Aaron James. Tune in and learn about Mr. Emerald Coast himself.

Money in the Bank 2020

Heels: In Memory of Hana, Larry, and Shad

Heels! This week was a tough one, as we lost so much in our community. We lost an up and coming star in Hana Kimura, a stall worth of wrestling journalism in Larry Csenko, and a father, hero, and superstar in Shad Gaspard. Please join us as we honor them. We then dive into the week in wrestling as usual. And remember, even though we’re heels, we’re still human. Be nice to each other when you can.

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