We The North: Done for the season

Wow, what a difference one year can make. All the momentum and pride of last season’s playoff run wiped away or will be Sunday. I’m not even going to go into this with dynamic sounding words to make it sound more than what this was. The Toronto Raptors in the playoffs are about as reliable as one ply toilet paper on taco night.

Game four was the first game of the Eastern Conference Semifinals series in Toronto. A chance for the Raptors to dig in and get a win at home was hopeless in the fourth quarter. After an ankle injury in the previous game the Raptors were hoping to have Kyle Lowry back to help the team in some capacity despite his frequent disappearances come the post season It looked as though he would return but later revealed by Casey postgame of continued discomfort.

The first half of play was as completive as any playoff basketball game, timely shots by the likes of Jonas Valencuinas and crowd igniting dunks by Serge Ibaka and Norman Powell. As for the 139 million dollar man

DeMar Derozan, he was an inspiration to the team proving that the mid-range game was not extinct in the NBA catching fire and going for 21 in the first half giving his best Russell Westbrook impression going to work as the team’s lone all star on the court tonight. Even with DeRozan’s brilliant play, it was evident that this game was an uphill battle for the Raptors despite closing the half capped off by an emphatic block on Iman Shumpert by Ibaka.

The second half of the game concluded in similar a fashion of the two on the road Toronto tried it hardest but the gap between the two teams was on full display. Lebron James and the Cavaliers shot from all over the court, coming into this game there was an 84 point disparity from three in favor of the Cavs adding another 39 points from deep on just under 57-percent. DeRozan continued to put points on the board finishing with a playoff career-high of 37 and gasping for air in the fourth primarily due to his team’s inability to be effective without out him the Raptors bench for the game scored nine points due to either the Cleveland dominate or possible ineptitude powerhouse. Many myself included thought last year was a sign of brighter roads to come, but in the age of the super-team, the Raptors are now a dinosaur (no pun intended). The series is more than likely done and game four is the last shot for the Toronto team to show some pride. With the abysmal performance, this season it’s hard to say what lies in store for the Toronto franchise this coming offseason but one thing is for sure moves will be made but only time will tell who will go if any.