New School vs Old School athlete matchups that we need to happen

Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes, Serena Williams vs Naomi Osaka? The thrilling matchups that New School vs Old School is an exciting new wave in professional sports

Episode 28: CFP Reactions & NFL 2020 Playoffs Preview

Chevy is joined by John Glowatz to discuss the College Football season and pick his CFP winner for the upcoming championship game. Adam & Mitch from the 1st & 10 Podcast also joins Chevy to preview the 2020 NFL Playoffs and make their Super Bowl picks!

Sports Leagues Should Bubble Up or Shut Down

John Glowatz has a take for all major leagues and that is to play under a bubble or not at all

Why the XFL needs to return this fall

With the NCAA creating some uncertainty of playing this upcoming season it’s the perfect time for the XFL to reboot with their new ownership

Why Mac Dre’s ‘Thizzle Dance’ is the Perfect Theme Song for Last Chance U Season 5

John Glowatz gives his insight as to why the ‘Thizzle Dance’ is the perfect theme song for Last Chance U

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