CFB – Week 4 Expert Picks

CFB – Week 4 kicks off with more conferences resuming play. Our Baseline Times College Football experts make their weekly picks!

One region that should actually play NCAA Football in 2020

With the NCAA in limbo of returning fall sports by region there is one region that should return. The Northeast region

Why the XFL needs to return this fall

With the NCAA creating some uncertainty of playing this upcoming season it’s the perfect time for the XFL to reboot with their new ownership

Why Mac Dre’s ‘Thizzle Dance’ is the Perfect Theme Song for Last Chance U Season 5

John Glowatz gives his insight as to why the ‘Thizzle Dance’ is the perfect theme song for Last Chance U

WNBA 2020 season successfully tips-off

WNBA 2020 season successfully tips-off Saturday with three games

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