Top 10 Battle Rap NBA/Basketball Bars of all Time

Top 10 NBA/Basketball Bars of All Time

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Continuing my anthology of some of my favorite sports-related bars of all time, we’re moving into basketball with this list. Basketball and hip hop have been linked forever and have influenced one another in a myriad of ways. Battle rap would be no exception as it’s essentially the street ball of rap. I don’t think there’s a battle rapper who hasn’t made at least one NBA or basketball reference in their career. I had to take a lot of time to consider what to put on this inaugural list. The top 3 could be in any order. Here we go.

Bars were chosen based on creativity, references used, and the uniqueness of the bar. I’ll be citing the battles the bars appear in, please check them out so these artists can get the love they deserve. Thanks to for some lyrical clarity.

Honorable Mentions

“Ibaka, I make my living off taking blocks.” Goodz (vs. Aye Verb)

“He’ll be Isaiah Thomas: Detroit nigga pissed on (Piston) with 11 in his back.” Tay Roc (vs. Ill Will)

“Violate him in 5 seconds like the nigga trying to inbound.” Arsonal (vs. Aye Verb)

“Before the cut; Shumpert, after the cut; Beasley.” Gun Titles (vs. NWX)

10. B Magic – Back to the Cavalier (vs. Conceited)

Classic B Magic delivery made this bar stand out me. Plus I like the double wordplay.

Conceited gon’ catch every shell it contain
Then I’m running back to the Cavalier: LeBron James

9. Calicoe – Rajon Rondo’d (vs. O-Red)

Calicoe was on a killing spree against new jersey at this time, and this bar lead to a lot of Rondo bars against Surf going forward.

I show up to Rajon with a blindfold; get Rajon John Doe’d

Put a nine in Rajon Back and get Rajon Rondo’d

8. Jaz The Rapper – Get the Tech (vs. Official)

I love one-liner bars like this. It set the energy for the battle for Jaz.

I’m gonna talk crazy to Official…just so I can get the tech

7. Tsu Surf – Lakers Scheme (vs. Conceited)

There’s been a lot of starting 5 bars spit, and I think this one is the best. You know they say Surf’s cold but all he talks about is hoopin…

And if I gotta let it go then I’ma clap ’til he drop
POW! I felt like Kobe how word got back to the block after the shots… Pau, Kobe, Howard, back to the block

6. Hitman Holla – JR Smith Remix (vs. Aye Verb)

The very first remix that becomes Holla’s signature move ever since. It wasn’t the most complicated bar, but the performance and delivery upped this to a classic.
I come to one of Verb parties with the AR clip
And shoot soon as I get in like I’m J.R. Smith


5. Hollow Da Don – Timeout in Michigan (vs. Tsu Surf)

Personal and creative. Hollow’s return against Surf is anchored with this haymaker.

Hopin’ it gets better, playin’ Chris Webber
Tryin’ to forget that time out in Michigan

4. Ill Will – At the Rucker Game (vs. Tay Roc)

The second bar from this battle, it was aided by Will’s excellent performance of the bar. Not to mention you can see Hot Sauce in your head doing what Will said.

So if he go for the steal, I’ll put one round his head
And tuck it back in the shirt like Hot Sauce at a Rucker game

3. Big T – Lebron James (vs. Deacon Frost)

Classic, classic bar. If you know old URL, you remember this bar.

Don’t let me hear  you cremating her

I’ll show up to your crib, and Lebron James the remains of her

2. Marvwon and Quest MCody – Gilbert Arenas (vs. Chess and Steams)

This is an all-time top bar. Marv and Quest are flawless on stage together, and this shows it. I get the stink face just thinking of this bar it’s so nasty.

Y’all called the right bluff, nigga pressuring us will make the pipe bust

I tell my niggas Gilbert Arenas if he actin’ type tough

Hold up you better break that down

That’s when you put a Gun on a PG, and fuck his whole life up

1. Murda Mook – Jordan Still won that game (vs. Yung Hot)

Mook’s scheme here could arguably be the most famous lines in battle rap. Years later people still allude to it. It’s hard to deny the levels to this scheme, and it goes to show why Mook is held in such regard for his pen.

I believe in the hype, that’s why every time you hear me, I compare me to Mike

Example: Remember when A.I. crossed Mike out his sneakers?

Seemed so much worse ’cause we ain’t think Mike had a weakness

All for that one move A.I. got his fame

They forgot Jordan had 35 and still won that game.”


Markus X. Murden, Esq.

Senior Editor/Heels of Wrestling

@MXMurden and @TheHowPod