The Quarantined Anniversary of Baseline Times

What do we accomplish at three years of age as humans? Talking, walking, and maybe a whole lot of normal interaction?

Well, it’s hard to say what that translates to for a start-up digital media group three years in. As the overall creator of Baseline Times, this has been one of the great feelings but the biggest challenges to progress a dream.

The pandemic of 2020 has given me the opportunity of more time and patience to admire the work. It is year three since the initial launch of the website on May 5th, 2017. I created the brand, printed t-shirts, started a few social media accounts, and recruited genuine souls to assist in the process of launching this bad boy.

I can ever so often give credit to a handful of people who took time out of their lives to contribute to my project without asking for anything out of me. Sometimes I feel like I can never give back enough to these same folks as some have come and gone.

What do we do in a pandemic that has kept us locked in? What do we do without sports to turn to as we always do here at Baseline Times?

I’m sure millions of sports fan across the world have pondered as I right?

The pause in the world has personally given me an opportunity to admire sports moments that might have flew over the top of my head as a highlight during a time in my life something else had my attention.

Of course, as one season ends another begins. Super Bowl crowns a new champion and now we are off to fill out brackets before June hits and the NBA crowns their champion.

Baseball takes over a summer unless the Olympics are in session. August comes fast and here we are counting down the days to where weekends are no longer without football for a while.

The Fall hits and we admire the abundance of major sports all happening at once. MLB Playoffs, NBA Opening Week, NHL Opening Week, and NFL kicking off their season.

Sprinkle in the PGA tournaments, NASCAR season, and major Tennis tournaments and it’s almost an overwhelming feeling of how can I keep up?

To keep this short and sweet, I will always admire what sports can do for not only a nation but the world.

For once, we can identify with a team based on location, loyalty, or just being casual.

For once, we can bond together regardless of race, sex, size, weight, and political views.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has held a part of Baseline Times in their lives. My incredible team of former guys and gals who are currently somewhere else in life I appreciate you.

My current team of small contributors I appreciate you. Thank you for sticking with the game plan and seeing the dream of media presence.

Whether you’re reading this as fan, follower, contributor, former Baseline Times college, I can’t express enough gratitude for the love.

Please continue to support us in a great manner. Subscribe to the podcasts, social media, and please join us one day to share your own thoughts!


Chevall Kanhai