The Poor QB Fantasy League

Inspired by the many Bad QB Fantasy leagues that came before us. Notably Grantland – RIP.

Poor QB Weekly Results

1Glow – 118 pts behind Fitz’s 182 yds, 3 Int, 1 fumble, no TD game
2Chevy – 21 pts on Darnold’s 179 yd game
3Chevy – riding the Danold train – 102 pts
4Rhoby – 70 pts on Danny Dimes’ dismal 190 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, & 2 sacks
5Jano – 95 pts on Wentz’s 2 INTs & 5 sacks and Haskins’ mid-week benching
6Glow – 126 pts (season high so far) in a win for the Broncos
Week by Week Standings

Glow – I’m back in the game baby! Drew Lock rewarded my patience with a performance for the ages (by Poor QB League standards). 0 TDs, 164 yds, 2 INTs, 2 sacks, 1 fumble = 126 pts for me this week. And the Broncos won this game! Against the Patriots! In addition, the Dolphins used their bye week to bench Fitzmagic and start Tua. A curious choice, but it nets me 30 extra points for next week (week 7). And I have a feeling I will need all the points I can get. This race is going to get tight down the stretch. Teams tanking, testing out the gameplay of their young QBs, and just general QB inefficiency will all have the Poor QB League heating up!

Rhoby – What do you know? The Giants can still win games (shoutout to Tae Crowder)! But even then, you can count on Daniel Jones to get you some points in this league. At first glance, 1 interception isn’t the worst stat in the world, but when that interception happens on a 1st-and-goal at 7-yard line for a team that never gets into the red-zone, it’s embarrassing to say the least. Needless to say, DJ and the New York Giants are doing their part to fan the flames for the dumpster that is the NFC East even in a victory. 
STAT LINE: 12/19 112 yds 1 td 1 int 1 sack – 113 pts

Chevy – I feel like I hit the jackpot! Ring up four categories and double-digits in each category. Why thank you Mr. Joe Flacco! Who said throwing under 200 yards, scoring no rushing/passing touchdowns, and an interception isn’t a good thing? 79 points this week pours in for me and let’s get me back to the top of the leaderboard! Surely, this is enough to win the week right? Wait, what’s that? Daniel Jones and Drew Lock put up more than 110 pts each? Well, there’s always next week.

Jano – I came into this week expecting Wentz to get rolled by Baltimore, but shockingly the Eagles put up 28 points. Even though Baltimore has the least points scored against they clearly see a hole that they’re trying to fill with Yannick Ngakoue. Wentz was sacked 6 times and lost a fumble (40 pts in the Poor QB League). The pressure was real, but not enough to force a worse performance than Drew Lock had. Wentz will be facing the train wreck that is the New York football Giants this week. I expect him to have a solid performance even with all of the injuries the Eagles have suffered. I’ll be switching back to Washington this week as they face off against the Cowboys. Is this the right move? Who knows. The NFC East is a horror show this year.

Poor QB Concept

NFL passing records are dropping like flies these days. The new-ish rules have allowed quarterbacks to flourish like never before. Oh, what’s that? Mahomes throws for 60 TDs this year? Does Lamar Jackson run for 1500 yards? Did Drew Brees pass for 5500 yards? Big Whoop. Here is the revival of a 2020 twist, the Fantasy Football League where a bad quarterback is a good thing.

The Baseline Times believes that there is too much emphasis placed on the top tier quarterback play. Instead, we think that all quarterback play should be taken into consideration. Maybe the quarterback profession should even be taken down a peg or two. While standard fantasy football is fun, we’ll show you what a Bad Quarterback League can do with some friendly staff competition.

Thus, we have tried to encapsulate what it truly means to be a bad NFL QB (which is still no small feat). We will now play fantasy football with this data for our own amusement. Of course, things like poor on-field play are taken into account: turnovers, lack of production, even getting benched, etc. But the art of bad NFL quarterback play includes so much more than that. It includes things like: being a locker room cancer, undermining your coaches, alienating your teammates, making terrible off-field decisions, and embarrassing your team. So, provisions have been made for such off-field bad quarterbacking as well. See the rules below and follow along with your own league!


  • Draft two NFL teams using a snake-style draft. You draft the entire quarterback room for each team, not just the starter or an individual QB.
  • Each week, choose one team to start. Only this starting team will score on-field points.
  • Every QB on your roster is eligible for off-field points. That means whether or not you started a team or if the third-string QB goes on a bender you still get points for their off-field activities.
  • No head to head match-ups in this fantasy league. The total high score wins each week.


  • Interception: 20 points
  • Fumble: 10 points
  • Sack: 5 points
  • No passing/rushing TDs in a game (by QBs on the roster): 30 points
  • Benched/replaced during a game (not due to injury): 50 points
  • Passing yards below 200: 1 point for each yard (i.e. 180 yards = 20 points).
  • 3 TDs (passing or rushing): -10 points
  • 4 TD’s (passing or rushing): -20 points
  • 5 TD’s (passing or rushing): -30 points
  • Passing yards in excess of 300: -1 point for each yard (i.e. 320 yards = -20 points)


  • Official “vote of confidence” from the coach: 10 points
  • Mid-week quarterback change (not-due to injury): 30 points
  • Whining about his coaching, defense, linemen, or receivers: 10 points
  • Teammate/coach calls him out: 10 points
  • Violation of normal team rules: 10 points
  • Practice/locker room fight: (verbal): 10 points (physical): 20 points
  • An altercation on sidelines goes viral: 30 points
  • Detained/questioned by police (non-protest/civil rights related): 20 points
  • Arrested (non-protest/civil rights related): 100 points
  • Anatomical pic goes viral: 100 points
  • Goes viral for dirty laundry getting called out (due to his own actions): 100 points
  • Suspended: 50 points per game
  • Violates the quarantine/COVID protocol: 50 points
  • Apologizes during interview/on social media: 20 points
  • Official apology press conference: 100 points

Baseline Times Poor QB Draft:

TeamPick 1Pick 1 StarterPick 2Pick 2 Starter
RhobyJagsMinshewGiantsDanny Dimes
JanoWashingtonHaskins ChargersTaylor

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