The Poor QB Fantasy League

Shoutout to Bad QB Fantasy Leagues that came before us. Most notably Grantland – RIP.

One of a kind league of its own. A bad Quarterback in Fantasy Football in 2020 is a good thing. See we play a little differently around here this year. The Poor QB Fantasy League is reborn!

Ever wonder what it would be like to play Fantasy Football in reverse? To award points for poor play and (sometimes) even worse behavior. This league does precisely that (but only for the premier position in football)!

Don’t feel bad for these bad NFL Quarterbacks. If their play doesn’t improve they can always fall back on their millions in the bank, fame, celebrity, college awards/highlights, adulation from their fans, and most likely a bevy of beautiful women who would be happy to be their shoulder to cry on. And don’t forget to play along with us at home! Or make your own league!

Baseline’s Poor QB League Leaderboard

TeamTeams/QB RoomsWeekly Wins
ChevyJets & Bears4
JanoEagles & Washington4
RhobyJags & Giants4
GlowCowboys & Pats4
Leaderboard through Week 16

Week 16 Breakdown

Despite Patriot QBs Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham’s best efforts (56 total passing yards, 3 sacks, 1 rushing TD = 159 points) Dwayne Haskins and Washington take Week 16 with legendarily poor off-field performance.

Haskins went viral on Instagram when pictures emerged of him violating COVID protocol to attend a party with strippers, lost his captaincy, and ended up getting cut entirely by Monday evening. We don’t even have points for some of this behavior! That’s how far Haskins has gone off the deep end. So, we had to adapt some of our criteria from other off-field behavior.

We think this qualifies for going viral for “other lady friend shenanigans” (100 points), as well as being suspended (50 points), violating COVID protocol (50 points), and getting benched mid-week (30 points). That plus the on-field stats (2 INTs, 3 sacks, and 1 fumble = 65 points) equals a total of 295 points. A Poor QB League record!

What a coup for Jano! This makes our Poor QB League entirely tied up at 4 wins each. Whoever wins Week 17 wins the whole shebang! Stay tuned to see what happens!

The Poor QB League Concept

Draft 2 NFL teams using a snake-style draft.

Each week, choose one entire team to start. You get on-field points for the play of every QB on the roster that plays QB snaps. (Wildcats, WR/RB passes, and Taysom Hill type shenanigans don’t count).

Every QB on your roster is eligible for off-field points. That means whether you started them or if they are the 3rd string QB you still get points when they go viral for drunk texting four of their ex-girlfriends (for example).

Keep your own score. And follow along with our league!

On-Field Points:

Benched during game (non-injury): 50 points

Benched mid-week (non-injury): 30 points

Interception: 20 points

Fumble: 10 points

Sack: 5 points

No passing/rushing TDs (by QBs on the roster): 30 points

Passing yards below 200: 1 point each (180 yards = 20 points)

Passing yards in excess of 300: -1 point each (320 yards = -20 points)

3 passing/rushing TDs: -10 points

4 passing/rushing TD’s: -20 points

5 passing/rushing TD’s: -30 points

Off-Field Points:

Arrested (non-protest/civil rights related): 50 points

Detained/questioned by police (non-protest/civil rights related): 20 points

Practice/locker room fight (physical): 50 points

Practice/locker room fight (verbal): 30 points

Apology press conference: 75 points

Anatomical or explicit pic goes viral: 150 points

Goes viral for baby mama drama or other lady friend shenanigans: 100 points

Official vote of confidence from coach: 30 points

Calls out his defense, linemen, receivers, or coaching staff: 30 points

Teammate, coach, front office calls him out: 30 points

Suspended: 50 points per game

Violates quarantine/Covid protocol: 50 points

Violation of team rules: 20 points

Teammate/Coach/Staff/Fan argument on sidelines goes viral: 20 points

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