Sirus “The Virus” LaVey

Heels of Wrestling Interview Sirus “The Virus” LaVey

Heels! We’re back this week and we’re sitting down with Sirus “The Virus” LaVey a veteran of the Mississippi circuit, Sirus has quite a few stories to tell. A fan of old school wrestling, we really spend a good amount of time contrasting old school and new school wrestling. We can’t wait to have him back on the show.

Interview with Sirus “The Virus” LaVey

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The Golden Idol Aaron James

Heels Interview Mr. Emeral Coast

Have you met The Golden Idol Aaron James? Well you’re about to in our newest interview.

Aaron James
The Golden Idol aka Mr. Emerald Coast

Aaron James is an independent wrestler who calls Victory Championship Wrestling his home. Tune in to learn a little bit more about Mr James and his wrestling journey as well as his and our current opinions on NXT, AEW, NJPW, and WWE.

If you would like to contact Aaron James you can reach him by email at or reach him on Facebook or Twitter @theGoldenIdolAaronJames

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WWE’s Money in the Bank 2020 Preview Show

Heels of Wrestling’s 2020 Money in the Bank Preview Show

The Heels are back, and this week, we’re here to break down WWE’s Money in the Bank. This year’s edition of the PPV will be the first time that the Money in the Bank briefcases will be suspended on top of WWE’s Titan Towers for the superstars to grab. WWE’s slated the PPV with a grip of highly anticipated matchups.

Who will both figuratively and literally climb on top of WWE to get their shot of the title? With both the Men’s and Women’s match happening at the same time, how chaotic will the matches become? Listen in below to find out.

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The Chronicles of Marcus Gibbs Part 2

Marcus Gibbs is Back

Where is Sexual Chocolate heading now?

Heels! We’re back together again with show favorite, Marcus Gibbs. We last left you with the tales of Sexual Chocolate and we’re here to pick up where we left off. Continue on this journey of hilarity and self-discovery of the life of an independent wrestler.


The Origins of Marcus Gibbs

Marcus Gibbs: An Origin Story

Heels of Wrestling Interview

Heels! We’re back and this time we have an origin story of the ages for you. Behind every great wrestler, is a gimmick that failed horribly, and this time we have Marcus Gibbs breaking down how far he’s come from his humble, sexual beginnings.

NXT Takeover: New Orleans Previews and Predictions

NXT Takeover: New Orleans Preview

It’s Mania week, so that means a lot of wrestling going on this weekend, especially for WWE. For the last year, NXT Takeover has overshadowed it’s bigger brother’s events putting on top level matches, including WWE’s latest 5 star match. Will Takeover: New Orleans steal this mania weekend as well?

NXT Takeover: New Orleans Matches

NXT Takeover New Orleans

NXT Championship – Andrade “Cien” Almas (c) vs. Aleister Black: Black finally gets his shot at the NXT title this weekend against el idolo himself, Almas. Black has shown he is one of the best strikers in the world in the ring and has won the favor of a lot of fans over the last year. However, Almas is blazing hot since becoming the NXT champion. His promos have been fantastic, and he’s coming off the back of a 5-star match. This match will be very explosive for the crowd.

I think it’s time to call up Almas to the main roster. Almas already had a showing earlier this year at the Rumble, and I believe that was some foreshadowing. Almas would make a great heel on the main roster, and the roster is very thin of those. Black’s star is on the rise as well, so putting the belt on him to feud with a heel Adam Cole will be incredible an incredible feud.

Predicted Winner: Aleister Black

NXT North American Championship (Ladder Match) – Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Killian Dane vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet vs. EC3: The debut of the second men’s singles title on NXT will feature a star-studded ladder match including the debut of Ricochet and EC3 in NXT Takeover action.

There’s a lot of guesswork in this match as there are good reasons to put the belt on everyone in the match. Velveteen is rapidly growing in popularity since his feud with Black. Ricochet and EC3 are both very hot signings who would be legitimate champions out of the gate. Lars and Killian would both benefit from winning a title to legitimize their monster status. Adam Cole would be a good champion, but I think they’re saving him for a title feud with Black.

In the end, I think they’re going to put the strap on EC3. I have a feeling that EC3 and Ricochet are going to be fast-tracked to the main roster, and putting a belt on EC3 will jump start that. Velveteen Dream would be my favorite pick to win, and I’d love for them to put the belt on him. However, I can also see Dream feuding with the winner of the belt if he doesn’t take it himself. He’s got some time to grow in NXT, so there’s no need to rush Dream to the main roster.

Predicted Winner: EC3

NXT Women’s Championship — Ember Moon (c) vs. Shayna Baszler: Baszler is taking another shot at the title from Ember Moon. In the first match, Ember was able to counter a Baszler hold into a pin. This time I see it going to the challenger, Baszler. Giving Baszler the belt can help legitimize women MMA fighters in WWE. I’m sure they’re hoping it rubs off on Ronda Rousey.

Ember Moon is main roster ready, and she’s had a great NXT career. Much like Almas in the men’s Royal Rumble, she was called up to participate in the women’s Royal Rumble match, and she had an excellent reception. I expect to see her on the main roster very soon and dropping the strap here would be the first step.

Predicted Winner: Shayna Baszler

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa (Unsanctioned Match): The first of the what I hope is an intense series between the two.. Ciampa has become arguably the best heel character in all of WWE at the moment with his relentless attack on fans and Gargano. NXT has a gem with this storyline and how it’s played out both on TV and on social media. A feud for the ages, I can’t wait for this match.

I think the first match goes to Ciampa. From a healthy storyline perspective, the next Takeover will be in Chicago, where the ruin of #DIY started, and that calls for a considerable babyface payoff happening there.

Predicted Winner: Tommaso Ciampa 


NXT Tag Team Championship — Undisputed Era (c) vs. Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne: After a grueling Dusty Rhodes classic, we have the Undisputed Era defending against the Authors of Pain and the makeshift duo of Dunne and Strong. Adam Cole is plugging in this match for the injured Bobby Fish.

I think this match will be a fascinating clash of various wrestling styles. The tag matches on Takeovers have historically been fantastic, and this is lined up to do so. I think the Authors will be going to the main roster soon, and I don’t think they need another title run before the call-up. Dunne isn’t glued to NXT so I can’t see them taking it. Undisputed Era needs to be built up strong before their main roster run, so a lengthy titled reign looks nice.

Predicted Winner: Undisputed Era

See you this Saturday, peace.

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Heels of Wrestling Interview w/ Wes Adams

Interview w/ Wes Adams

Going Behind the Scenes in WWE w/ Wes Adams

This week we’re joined by Wes Adams of Powerslam Productions who shares with us some of his personal experiences working in the industry. Wes is a former wrestler and referee for WWE. He’s been behind the scenes for many critical moments in WWE, so listen in as he drops these jewels.

After the interview, we also get into it with Wes about the current state of WWE and how it contrasts to how it used to be when he was working in WWE. We also get into a debate about WWE announcing the end of brand split PPV’s.

You can follow Wes’ Powerslam Productions on Facebook @PowerslamProductions

Top 10 Battle Rap Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

Top 10 Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

“Wrestling bars never get old.” -PNut (PNut vs. Bonnie Godiva). This adage in battle rap has been echoed by many a fans, bloggers, analysts, and battle rappers themselves, and for the most part, it rings true. If you’re a male in America above the age of 18, odds are you’ll get a WWE Attitude era reference, and the bar/scheme will hit. Some rappers can even dip into newer wrestlers or older ones to get a reaction from the crowd. Salute those artists.

This list is a compilation of the top Wrestling bars to ever been spit on stage. Bars were chosen based on creativity, references used, and the uniqueness of the bar. I’ll be citing the battles the bars appear in, please check them out so these artists can get the buzz they deserve. Spoiler: No Goldberg/Spear or Owen Heart/Dying in the ring bars made this list unless they were part of an overall scheme.

Honorable Mentions

Stepeasy’s WWE Scheme (Stepeasy vs. Mookie Wilson)

Shotty Horroh’s Wrestling Scheme (Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal)

Hollow Da Don’s Hogan/Shirt Rip Bars (Hollow Da Don vs. Illmaculate)

10. Chess’ People’s Elbow Bar (Chess vs. Tay Roc)

“We ain’t see Roc put on an arm on Chess since the People’s Elbow.”

Personal and effective. Chess attempts to strip Tay Roc of his believability with his guns. Tay Roc is famous for using gun bars, so saying he’d never lay one on Chess is an excellent counter move. I’m not a massive fan of Chess/Chest bars usually, but this one worked.

9. Mackk Myron’s Raw Bar (Mackk Myron vs. Ooops)

“And we ain’t have a change of plans/ I watched my daddy come up off Raw like Shane McMahon.”

Mackk is known for being a puncher, and this punch hit hard. The setup was unusual for a wrestling bar, and the flow it was perfect.

8. Michael Ice’s Wrestling Scheme (Michael Ice vs. FnF Veg Villa)

“I want to have heart just like you/Putting on a Big Show like this will have your heartbreak kid trying to outshine Michael’s (Shawn Michaels)

This bar was a self-name flip that went hard. The scheme going into it wasn’t super amazing, but this haymaker at the end upped its potency. It may have been a bit of a reach in wordplay, but Michael was able to pull off the cadence of the bar and sell it.

7. MadFlex’s Triple H Bar (Madflex vs. E Farrel)

“Weak today, hot tomorrow/Most of what I spit goes overheads; I’m Triple H with that water bottle.”

Reading the bar doesn’t do it as much justice as it deserves in context. MadFlex’s flow going into this bar was smooth, and the reference is smoother. Anyone who grew up watching the Attitude era remembers Triple H’s entrance and his apron side dowsing of water to air. The entrance is iconic and a solid reference to use. The irony for those whose heads this went over.

6. Xcel Nakamura Bar (Xcel vs. C Moneii)

“John and Will knew you’d be tortured right/So they was pulling strings before I entered, I’m Nakamura nice.”

It could be personal preference showing, but I love one-liner that pack so much into them. Without knowing who Nakamura is, the meaning of the bar should be clear. However, if you have seen now the epic that was Nakamura’s entrance theme music in New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE NXT, then this bar hits even harder. Excellent way to be subtle with your bars.

5. Tsu Surf’s WWE Name Flip Bars (Tsu Surf vs. Hitman Holla)

“You was watching wrestling Raw, Rock, Chyna, Smackdown/ We was in the trap raw, rock, China getting smacked down.”

The bookend to an already tremendous third round by Surf, this bar rocked the crowd at the end. Surf’s bar is a personal haymaker with a nice WWE flip in there? Sounds like a perfect recipe for success in battle rap.

4. Shotty Horroh Scheme (Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal II)

Standout Bar: “Poppin’ cans like an Austin match/Shit sounds like Ric Flair slappin’ chops when the chopper slaps.”

Shotty has to be top 3 when it comes to wrestling bars and scheme use, and for the majority, they hit pretty well. This scheme, however, was very well put together and interwove new and old references. While not as intricate as some references on the list, the pure aggression and delivery make this scheme stand out.

3. Xcel WWE Scheme (Xcel vs. Ro)

Standout Bar: “Cool, but it’ll be Jeff Hardy when I get there bro/Because they gonna end up with a Broken brother if I get near Ro.”

Intricate reference for the hardcore fans that get it, and old school references. If Xcel had kept going with the scheme, this could have easily been at the top spot. The first two bars of the scheme were some serious haymakers. The Hardy bars/name flip was massive. Xcel’s references are probably the most varied of higher tier spitters.

2. Dallas Cash’s PPV Scheme (Dallas Cash v. Tino)

Standout bar: “No way out, this a Roadblock, he getting tapered/ 6 in a pod, that revolver is my Elimination Chamber.”

The Wrestling, bar god. Cash was correct; most people just use wrestlers or the big PPV names in their schemes and bars. Without reaching, Dallas was able to use both old school and newer PPV titles in the scheme. Had the scheme ended with a bigger haymaker it probably would have been #1 on the list.

1. Gun Titles 2nd Round Scheme (Gun Titles vs. NWX)

Standout bar: “Well that’s what they told us/ If we cremate this bitch, his ashes will be Gold dust(Goldust)”

I felt this scheme in my wrestling soul. Mixing both old school and new school wrestlers, Surf knows his wrestling and adding some Roc influence was beautiful. It was haymaker after haymaker, and it included a personal flip? It was hard to not put this as number one on the best bars list. Tsu Surf and Xcel need to have a wrestling bar only battle.

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Markus X. Murden, Esq.

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 16: Jericho and Omega

Episode 16: Jericho and Omega

A dream match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega will take place at Wrestle Kingdom next year. Will it live up to the hype? And what last-minute changes to Survivor Series are WWE contemplating?

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Polynesian Prince Interview

Polynesian Prince Interview

The Heels are back with another interview, this time with Polynesian Prince, a wrestler out of the Coastal Wrestling Federation in Pensacola, FL. Prince talks about growing up in the Anoa’i family, starting his wrestling promotion CWF, and his opinions on the current state of wrestling.

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Markus X. Murden

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