4 Musts for WWE at Survivor Series 2017

Survivor Series 2017: What Must Happen?

The last dual brand PPV of the year is upon us with WWE Survivor Series 2017. The traditional Survivor Series experience is back with teams battling it out for supremacy, but this year it’s been spiced up with Interbrand champion matches. We’ll get to see each Brand’s champion go against the equivalent belt holder on the opposing brand. Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal, Miz vs. Baron Corbin, and Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya are just some of the action we have to look forward to in November.

But so far in this latter half of the year, WWE hasn’t performed up to greatness. What can WWE do to assure the fans are satisfied walking out of Survivor Series this year?

1. The USOs beat The Shield

Jimmy and Jey Uso are your Smacdown Tag Champs heading into Survivor Series

The Usoooooooos!

Jimmy and Jey Uso are likely the performers of the year in WWE. Ever since their heel turn, their stock has risen and risen. Already known as great in-ring workers, the duo finally was given characters that match their appeal. Throughout the year the two showed there were shoulders above the rest of the tag team division on Smackdown. So much so that The New Day was brought over from Raw to face the pair with legendary promos and PPV matches coming out of the feud.

So for the USOs to becoming the top team in the company, they need to beat The Shield. The Shield have been the favorites of the WWE for quite some time. The reunion already happened at TLC so the hype for that shouldn’t cloud the outcome of this match. With the potential of this bout being through the roof, we could have something magical if WWE doesn’t screw up this booking. Give the USOs the much-needed victory over Raw’s top tag team to show the appreciation for them carrying the Blue Brand through much of the year.

2. Asuka is the Last Woman Standing

Asuka prior to Survivor Series

The Empress of Tomorrow needs her big showing here.

WWE has dropped the ball on giving NXT superstars great runs out of the gate in WWE. Asuka so far is looking to be heading in the same direction. I know it’s early with only two matches under her belt, but those two matches have The Empress looking pedestrian, not dominant.

It needs to be made abundantly clear that Asuka is going to be gunning for the Women’s title come to the Road to Wrestlemania time and it’s time to set her up here with a big moment. Because both champions are outside of the match, Asuka should look extremely strong in the match as well. Picking up at least two eliminations and being the final Raw Woman standing would pique Asuka for her run coming up.

3. Team Daniel Bryan screws Smackdown

Will Daniel Bryan make a turn at Survivor Series?

Daniel Bryan watches Shane and KO argue

There have been seeds of dissension put into Smackdown over the last year. Kevin Owens is just the tip of the glacier that’s plowing towards a breakdown of the blue brand. WWE needs to cash in on this movement fully and put Daniel Bryan on the same side with KO and Sami Zayn.

It’s simple just to have KO and Zayn screw over Team Smackdown and have Team Raw escape with a cheap victory that way. It would be an excellent direction to go in and a safe one to continue with down the line and to be honest it will probably be a great story. However by adding the approval of Daniel Bryan to ruining Shane’s tyranny over the blue brand, management vs. management, would be amazing. With more up and coming RoH stars coming through the ranks, if this concept is kept going long enough Bryan could have enough people in his corner to take over Smackdown. All because Zayn pulled KO off that table.

4. Jinder Mahal beats Brock Lesnar in a Dirty Finish

Champion vs. Champion at Survivor Series

Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar

The only way this match can be entertaining is either A) Brock Lesnar destroys Jinder or B) Brock loses to Jinder in the dirtiest match ever. I think plan B would be more fun. There’s already going to be an inclusion of a special guest referee, so why not go full blown ridiculous? Have Brock destroy Jinder and then have the match collapse from there until Jinder ultimately comes out the victor.

Having Jinder win would also give him something to brag about heading into his main-eventing tour in India in December. I’m sure the Modern Day Maharaja will love to tell his people how he slew the beast.


This year’s Survivor Series ultimately feels like an exhibition match card, so WWE has a lot of room to set up the remainder of the year nicely from here. There are inklings of great potential storylines heading into the PPV and WWE need to only capitalize on them moving forward. Finish off the year with a good one WWE. The fans will love you for it.

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Markus X. Murden, Esq.

Senior Editor/Heels of Wrestling

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 13: Hell in a Cell 2017

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Hell in a Cell KO and Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens fighting in Hell in a Cell

Kevin Owens: The Face of America

Kevin Owens is doing so good


What you’re going to learn quickly about me as a wrestling fan is I tend to swarm to the underdogs and to the odd ball characters. Growing up as a kid I was absolutely entranced by Sting and Eddie Guerrero. One man who became more of a symbol rather than a wrestler and a small scrappy wrestler who fought until his heart literally gave out. I love characters and there is no character that I love right now more than Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens by no means should be as good of a wrestler as he is right now. He’s cowardly, brash, turns on everyone, is not the right shape of a wrestler, and is constantly victimizing himself when he’s not brutalizing an opponent.

And I love every single moment of it. Kevin Owens is everything that makes a great heel in my opinion. He is Kevin Owens both in the ring and on twitter, he never drops the Owens character. He is always in kayfabe ( an industry term for the reality of all of the performances during your favorite wrestling program.)

Kevin is on all the time even when he doesn’t talk. Just flip to any promo and look at his face, even if he’s in the background. I guarantee he is more entertaining than who’s speaking. All eyes are on Kevin even when the most electrifying wrestler on the show is in the ring!

Kevin Owens disgusted at Shinsuke Nakamura

But anyone can make a smarmy face, be sarcastic, and win the crowd over. What did it for me was Kevin’s “final” match with Sami Zayn at Battleground. Within that 20 minute match, both men were able to tell the long history between the two up until that bout.

Sami and Kevin were best friends on the indie circuit. Kevin is literally the first person Sami embraces in NXT when Sami won the coveted title. But that same night Kevin betrayed Sami, just like he always does. Rewatching everything with Sami and Jericho it becomes abundantly clear what kind of character Kevin is.

He’s a scared little boy.

He uses his family as both his drive and excuse to turn on his friends become all of these champions but in all honesty, he’s scared. He’s scared of someone getting close to him. He’s afraid that if he lets his guard down maybe someone will do this to him. A kind of karma or worse compromise what he’s been building for his family. As well as in an ironic turn of events he’s abandoned the family he loves so much to chase these titles for them!

It’s apparent in his 2016 Battleground match, that he feels nothing but remorse and regret. That he has to bury what he’s feeling for his best friend and brother Sami, while he’s continuously slapping Sammi in the face.

The moment that solidified Kevin in my eyes a wonderful character was in a simple sentence he said, “Don’t make me do this, stay down!” In one simple sentence of anguish during a grueling match, Kevin cemented himself as my favorite current wrestler.

Kevin repeated this same feeling when he turned on his best friend, Chris Jericho.

Chris and Kevin had been the main reason to watch RAW for most of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. They had fun banter together, they made fun of everyone, and had an amazing bromance including a shark cage! Fans of Jericho could easily say his most recent run was his best and a big part of that is because of Jeri-KO. But like with Sami, Kevin follows a formula. Someone got too close and cost him the “source” of what was feeding his family by feeding his title to Goldberg.

At the celebration of their friendship, there would be no banter and only one list, with one name, Chris Jericho.

Kevin cemented his brutal attack and heart-wrenching decision with a reluctant and poisonous,“I hate you!” Right before slamming Y2J’s head into his new Jeritron model. Kevin would eventually lose his Universal title and go after his best friend Chris Jericho’s United States title. The title would change hands between the two of them before Kevin got rid of Chris “for good”.

The fact that Kevin feels constant remorse that you can visually see it tearing him up inside, is gut wrenching and makes him so fascinating to me. Add the fact that Kevin Owens embraces the US Title like an old lover, and his title reign reveals even more about him. It may be the last memory he has of his best friend Chris Jericho and maybe the last piece of his humanity.

Champ KO laughing at announce table