Essential Wresting

Is Wrestling Essential?

Wrestling has carved itself a niche in being the only essential sport actual running; is this good shit for the business?

Heels! Markus Murden and Chris Thompson are back, and this week, we have special guest Nick Scelsa from the Lookback Podcast. We begin by talking about the impact of the “essential” empty arena shows on the wrestling business as a whole and then transition into what we would do to fix the situation. We then delve into the ultimate rumor, would Vince McMahon sell WWE to Disney, and what would change because of it?

We also discuss our predictions and what we’re most looking forward to for WWE’s next pay per view, Money in the Bank.

Tune in and don’t forget to check out the Lookback Podcasts at the link above.

Markus X. Murden, Esq.

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The Origins of Marcus Gibbs

Marcus Gibbs: An Origin Story

Heels of Wrestling Interview

Heels! We’re back and this time we have an origin story of the ages for you. Behind every great wrestler, is a gimmick that failed horribly, and this time we have Marcus Gibbs breaking down how far he’s come from his humble, sexual beginnings.