Chris Paul – the career of bad faith but its time for a broken curse

Baseline Times Summer 2021 – Summer Intern Adam Kinberg shares his thoughts on Chris Paul’s best championship run this year.

Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards of all time. His spectacular point guard skills and unmatched basketball IQ elevate every team he has ever played for. With his Phoenix Suns team making the Western Conference Finals, this is all the more apparent. He has been counted out time and time again. Fans and media members alike said that he was “too old” and “didn’t have it anymore. He is proving all the doubters wrong.

The Phoenix influence

Paul, at the age of 36 has elevated his team like no other player in the league. He has raised the Suns from a perennial bottom-dweller in the west to a bonafide contender. Out of the final four teams currently left in the playoffs, Paul stands as the best point guard remaining in the playoffs. His dazzling performance against the Lakers and Nuggets showed the NBA that the Suns are not just a young and up incoming team just happy to be in the playoffs. Paul showed that he can uplift a team no matter what the circumstance may be.

The guiding factor of winning

Not only has Paul done this with the Thunder and Suns, but with the Rockets and Clippers as well. The Clippers were a team marred by organization dysfunction and an ownership scandal. The Rockets were one win away from the NBA finals until Paul was injured. Both of those teams were uplifted by the presence of Paul. The failure to win a championship in both of those situations came down to factors that were out of Paul’s control. Take his performance in the 2019-20 season with the Oklahoma City Thunder as evidence. That Thunder team was projected to be one of the worst in the league. Despite this, Paul turned them into a playoff team. The leadership and skill that Paul provided boosted his teammates and turned that team into something special.

Paul now has the opportunity to win his first NBA championship. A career scared by missed opportunities now has the chance to become a feel-good comeback story. Paul is not washed nor is he too old to make major contributions on a championship-level team. He is an elite point guard in a league that values three-point shooting and athleticism over basketball IQ and fundamentals. Paul has found the perfect opportunity with a co-star in Devin Booker. It is time for Paul to prove everyone wrong. It is time for the Suns to win their first NBA title.

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2021 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Finals – (2) Phoenix Suns vs (4) Los Angeles Clippers

West Conference Semifinals: (2) Phoenix Suns vs (4) Los Angeles Clippers – Series preview

(2) Phoenix Suns

The luxury of a sweep is sitting around and enjoying who gets to run themselves down for the next round. In this case, it’s even better the NBA is scheduling the Western Conference Finals to start less than 48 hours for a MIDDAY matinee from when the Clippers last played? The Suns should rightfully earn the respect of being favored in almost every moment here on out (fully healthy of course). They survived the defending champs Los Angeles Lakers (at the expense of Anthony Davis’ injury). They spoiled Nikola Jokić’s MVP year and swept him out of the playoffs. Chris Paul’s legacy gets a positive boost while the world is finally getting to see how good Devin Booker really is.

Now the bad news for Phoenix. Paul’s status for Game 1 remains up in the air due to health and safety protocol. It is assumed he is the only player who tested positive for COVID-19 since the NBA reported last week. There is no real indication of CP3’s turnaround time to return back to the court. Due to the fact the NBA is scheduling the series to start as quickly as possible, this gives Phoenix no leeway in buying more days for Paul to be in the lineup for Game 1. Assuming that once the mandatory quarantine period has passed, Paul should be available for the series in the later parts should the series go longer than 4 games.

What favors Phoenix is that they have proven so far teams led by star players without much of a supporting cast aren’t an issue (see LeBron without Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokić without Jamal Murray). The luck of the draw not facing teams at their best? Ok ok, I like to give credit where it’s due, and Phoenix still flexed pretty hard in those games instead of folding under pressure when the opposition made runs.

(4) Los Angeles Clippers

Most people figured at this rate we would FINALLY see the battle of LA? The Lakers vs the Clippers, Kawhi, and PG13 vs LeBron and AD. What a let down right? In all fairness, no matter how you feel about the Clippers they’ve worked themselves into the Western Conference Finals. Finding out the news mid-series that Kawhi Leonard is officially out with a knee injury is devastating news if you’re a Clippers fan. The worse part is that the news is feared to be an ACL injury and he’s out indefinitely.

Maybe another man can save the Clippers’ season? That man is Terance Mann. I spoke about him in the preview of the Semifinals series slowly emerging with his extended minutes. But let’s be real, did anyone see a Terance Mann scoring 39 points in a close-out game against the UTAH JAZZ? Probably not right? Credit is due and man, quite frankly he had one of the best jerseys in the NBA bubble last season. His jersey phrase was “I Am A Man”, followed by his surname, Mann.

Anyways, back to gloating but Mr. Mann clearly loves close-out games because he becomes better and better each time. In Game 7 against Dallas, he scored 13 points on 50-percent shooting. A whole series later he’s dropping 39 points on 71-percent shooting in Game 6?!? Since Game 1 against Dallas in the first round, Mann’s production is quickly rising as more minutes become available to him. Here is the baffling part. Before Game 6 against the Jazz, Mann had only taken 13 three-point field goals the entire playoffs and connected on four of them. All of a sudden in Game 6 he takes 10 and knocks down seven of those attempts? Overall, he’s shooting 54-percent from the field in the entire 2021 Playoffs.

Top players to watch

Devin Booker – 2021 Playoffs

  • 27.9 PPG
  • 6.8 RPG
  • 4.8 APG

Paul George – 2021 Playoffs

  • 26.1 PPG
  • 9.2 RPG
  • 5.3 APG

Where should the money go?

It almost feels like we have to put a disclaimer here should an injury occur in this series at some point. It is unfortunate that the Playoffs have resulted in some top All-Star players injured and of no availability.

Los Angeles’ defense will have to consistently be aware of the shooters like Cameron Payne, Cameron Johnson, Mikal Bridges, and Jae Crowder. That means Terance Mann, Paul George, Reggie Jackson, and Nicolas Batum have some work to do. Should Chris Paul be out for Game 1 this favors the Clippers as some of these Suns players reap the benefits of a playmaker like Paul setting them up.

The Clippers are also at a disadvantage when it comes to size. DeAndre Ayton sits down in the paint for the Suns and continues to show as a 22-year old former 1st pick in the 2018 Draft that he’s ready for the big moments. His last two series saw parts of Anthony Davis and directly matching up against the NBA’s MVP this year, Jokić.

However, Ty Lue found a way to beat the league’s best big man on the defensive end, Rudy Gobert. Can the small ball continue to be successful for the Clippers? At times Paul George and Nicolas Batum listed at 6’8 each would be the tallest players on the floor for the Clippers. Can they alienate Ayton away from the floor and force Monty Williams to go small as well? We are either in for a battle of the role players and Booker against George, Mann, and their role players.

This is where I worry for the Clippers as the Suns have the next-man-up mentality too. Cameron Payne, Cameron Johnson, Torrey Craig, and Dario Saric all make up the bench players that Monty Williams has in his bench rotation. It’s almost daring for the Clippers to go small because the Suns have the depth to combat any type of lineup they may face. My other concern for the Clippers is the fatigue (but we could argue Phonix being rusty especially without Paul early in the series). I haven’t even touched on Devin Booker but quite frankly unless PG13 gives us a series to remember the advantage works in Booker’s favor.

With that being said, the Phoenix Suns are going to the 2021 NBA Finals in 6 Games!

Schedule and Results








Game 1:
PHX leads series 1-0


3:30 PM ET


Clippers - 114
Suns - 120

Game 2:
PHX leads series 2-0


9:00 PM ET


Clippers - 103
Suns - 104

Game 3: PHX leads series 2-1


9:00 PM ET


Suns - 92 Clippers - 106

Game 4:
PHX leads series 3-1


9:00 PM ET


Suns - 84
 Clippers - 80

Game 5:
PHX leads series 3-2


9:00 PM ET


Clippers - 116
Suns - 102

Game 6:
PHX wins series 4-2


9:00 PM ET


Suns - 130
 Clippers - 103

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NBA Offseason: Chris Paul Traded to the Suns

The 2020 NBA offseason started with a big trade on Monday as Oklahoma City agreed in principle to trade All-Star and future Hall of Fame player point guard Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The deal will see the Suns trade multiple players including Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque, and a first-round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Abdel Nader will also be included in the deal from Oklahoma City to Phoenix.

The 35-year-old Paul played well in Oklahoma City as he led the Thunder to a playoff birth, was chosen as an All-Star and was named to the All-NBA Second Team. Paul finished the season averaging 17.6 PPG and 6.7 APG in 70 total games played.

Outside of his ability, Paul will also bring a large contract to Phoenix. Chris Paul still has two years and over $80 million still on the books. Nonetheless, Paul will reconnect with former coach Monty Williams and will be a key member of a team that already features two primary scorers in Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

Oklahoma City moves further into a rebuild mode yet again after trading Russell Westbrook and Paul George in previous years. The Thunder also hold the keys to the future with over 15 first-round draft picks between the 2020 and 2026 NBA Drafts.

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NBA teams as Disney rides and attractions

The NBA is going to Disney Wooooorld!

So, I decided to describe NBA teams as Disney World rides/attractions, here’s what I’ve got so far:

New York Knicks – Tower of Terror

Yeah, I know the Knicks are not playing in Orlando. I also know that being a Knicks fan is basically like living in the Twilight Zone – frozen in time, abandoned, and constantly seeing the darkest corners of your imagination come to life.

Oklahoma Thunder – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Who said trading away Russell Westbrook would leave the Thunder stuck in a rebuild? This team is still a gold mine and can become a real big obstacle on the rickety track to NBA Finals. The Clutch Conductor (CP3) and the Locomotive driver (SGA) have led OKC to 16 games over .500 with a chance to get to the 4th seed in the WC.

Milwaukee Bucks – Soarin’

The Bucks are soarin’ high, sitting comfortably at 6.5 games ahead of the Raptors at the top of the Eastern Conference thanks to world wonder and potential back-to-back MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo

LA Lakers – Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

This was one was easy. Hollywood. Iconic, Legendary players in LeBron & AD. LA traffic. A chance to see J.R. Smith topless stumblin’ around chugging Hennessy at a championship parade.

Toronto Raptors – DINOSAUR

Well, what else did you expect here? Will Toronto be able to travel back in time, kidnap Kawhi Leonard and bring him back to the present as a Raptor for their repeat bid? No. Their top 7 players may have been in/out of the rotation with injuries, but they are healthy now and ready to defend their title against anything – 21 NBA teams, fiery meteors, COVID-19.

Got any suggestions for NBA teams as Disney rides and attractions?

Leave us a comment or email media@ for a chance to be featured on the Shoot or Pass podcast!