Top 10 Rap Battles I Want to See

Top 10 Rap Battles I Want to See

Set’em Up

Every sport has their fans, and every fan has their dream matches. Some dream battles happen organically, while others need a little nudging to get things going. If we’re lucky, we get the joy of seeing these matches, and they end up living up to expectations. Take all-time great battles between Serena and Venus, Djokovic and Nadal, and Bird and Magic. These matches were all-time classics that can be looked back upon for ages.

In battle rap, we’ve been lucky to get a few dream battles. Hollow and Lux, Lux and Clips, and soon we get the long anticipate Hollow and Arsonal rematch on Smack Volume 2. So what more could I possibly want from battle rap? Well, these are the battles I want to see. No real particular order, just putting them down. I’ve also attempted to stay away from more universally desired matches like Mook and Surf.

10. Tay Roc vs. Pat Stay

I’d like to see Tay Roc go on a run of battles against some of King of the Dot’s best to offer and Pat Stay fits the bill. Pat put KOTD on his back for quite a while, and Roc is more or less the face of URL at this point. If there was a neutral battle league they could realistically be booked at I’d choose for them to go there, but I can’t think of any that could manage this battle. Rare Breed or UDubb could fit the bill, but even there I feel the crowd would lean Tay Roc.

I’d see Tay Roc taking this battle 2-1 but Pat has surprised me in the past, and if he can return to the top form he could topple Roc if he’s not on his A game. Charron did it and Pat undoubtedly can as well.

9. Charron vs. DNA (1 Round Freestyle Battle)

DNA is the best freestyler in battle rap. He may have some competition as the best at rebuttles, but in my opinion, he has the crown for just pure freestyling. On the other hand, Charron isn’t a slouch either. A one-round all freestyle battle could be entertaining.

I would prefer this battle to take place in KOTD just due to the gimmick of it. These two already faced off at that stage, and I think this would be much more welcomed on that platform. URL crowds could end up being harsh on this battle should things go south. However, substantial 5-minute rounds from both sides would make this a fun exhibition match to see. I’d have DNA in a close one.

8. Tay Roc vs. Hitman Holla

Whoooo. This one would be an instant classic. The old face of URL against the current look. If both bring their A game, this can and will be up there with all of their other classic bouts. The aggression in this battle would be crazy. Logic would say it all comes down to the third, with Hitman more or less owning round 1’s and Roc the king of the second round.

This battle can only happen in URL, let’s not even kid ourselves. I got Hitman Holla 2-1 in a bloodbath. If anyone can sap some of the momenta from a Roc second round, it might be Hitman.

7. Hollow Da Don vs. John John Da Don

Da Dinininon vs. Mr. Say it twice. The air needs to be sufficiently clear about what happened in that scuffle between them. I’m all for grudge matches with personal aspects to them whenever possible, and this one has two high caliber opponents behind it. John John has just started back spitting no the Bullpen stage, and Hollow has been back for a minute. This battle would work.

Summer Madness on URL. Just make it happen. If John John can get this booked on Bullpen, I’m sure he’d love that, but if Hollow would agree to that setting, he may just have something hot up his sleeves. I got Hollow winning 2-1 with him being able to angle just a little bit better than John John in the battle.

6. Bender vs. Soul Khan

No list could be complete without a hail mary pick, and here it is. Neither of these two has graced a stage in quite some time, so the odds are low, but if this could happen I’d be the first to sign up to watch.

Bender was on a killing spree when he was hot in KOTD. His multisyllabic style easily overtook those who were attempting the same but couldn’t keep pace. Soul Khan was one of the early greats in my opinion. Maybe Organik can hop in a time machine and put these two against each other on a KOTD stage in 2018. Soul Khan 2-1 in a show of good technical skill on both sides of this battle.

5. Math Hoffa vs. Charlie Clips

Another battle that probably should have happened about five years ago, we have the Brooklyn Bully against Harlem’s Clips. From what I can tell these two are close so the personals if this battle would happen, could be T-Rex battle levels. These two have more or less seen it all in URL; Clips was there in Cali when the Dizaster situation occurred, etc. This clash could be something special.

Another Summer Madness slot for this battle. If both come on their A game, this battle could be next level. In 2017 Clips showed he can still be a killer when it’s time to battle for three rounds. Math didn’t fare as well in the year, but this battle could bounce his stock back up if he performs well. My intuition tells me Clips takes this battle, 2-1 with a strong third round.

4. Nu Jersey Twork vs. Calicoe

MADNESS. Not since Calicoe is someone having such a substantial impact on the URL as a rookie. As a rookie, Calicoe’s influence was so keen to bring URL to Detroit. Twerk has taken the URL by force in 2017 with slogans and quotables for days. Calicoe and Twerk would stand toe-to-toe with each other in stature which would add another significant element to the battle.

Maaaaan this one is hard to call, but it definitely should be on Summer Madness. Twerk needs to redeem himself for his Summer Madness slip up, and having a classic or beating Mr. Summer Madness would solidify his already skyrocketing position in URL.

3. T-Top vs. Nu Jersey Twork

The best of the last class against the best of the new. Had the Ultimate Freestyle Fridays hadn’t gone under we may have got to see this match on BET. T-Top has a very natural laid-back style, while Twork is all energy and aggression. Both of them just came of convincing wins over JC, so this could be an exciting natural collision course.

In opposite of Hitman and Roc, I see this battle coming down to who snatches the crowd first. Coming back from behind isn’t either of these guys strong points, so having the crowd vibe with them is significant. T-Top has already gone against some of the legendary names, and this could be Twork’s opportunity to get into that echelon with him. I say have this battle in the DMV, Twork’s people will be there, and it’s close enough for Top to not be alone. This battle is another one that has instant classic written all over it, so it maybe should be reserved for Summer Madness or a Night of Main Events card. I got Top 2-1 with a closeout third like he’s grown accustomed to giving us on stage.

2. Geechi Gotti vs. B-Dot

West Coast collision course for the ages. It might be too soon for this battle, but it needs to headline a Traffic event by at least 5. A clash between these two can settle the debate of who is the new king of West Coast battle rap. And what a style clash it’ll be.

Geechi just makes me believe everything he says and B-Dot’s conviction in his bars are off the charts. B-Dot can try to take the high road in this battle and talk to Geechi, but can B-Dot check Geechi? Can Geechi somehow rip the holiness from B-Dot in the battle? B-Dot is a master at being personal in his battles, but I’m not sure what angles he can take with Geechi. If this turns into a bar fest, I will give the edge to Geechi. However, from just pure rapping ability, I’d have to give the edge to B-Dot. Either way, an instant classic that would show the West Coast is here to stay and evolve.

1. Gun Titles vs. Marvwon and Quest MCody

Welcome back home, Tsunami Surf! The battle rap world has missed you. I got a hot match for you and Roc to show you guys can hang with anyone as a team.

I don’t want this to be Surf’s come home battle though, that would be unfair to Marv and Quest. However, I think Marv and Quest would somehow be okay with the odds no matter what they are. They were the underdogs back in the day, and they’d still be now. This battle would obviously be a marquee matchup for Double Impact should they decide to book this.

Marv and Quest 2-1. People need to put respect on their name they deserve, and this could be the battle to do it for the new generation of fans. Marv and Quest 30’d Cake Lyfe in the first Double Impact, and I don’t see that chemistry letting up. Gun Titles were walking on water in their first battle but came back to earth in their second. This battle could be THE all-time two on two battle if it all goes well, but I still got the OG’s taking it, probably on cam. Please feel free to come @ me with your opinions on this.


Markus X. Murden, Esq.

Senior Editor/Heels of Wrestling

@MXMurden and @TheHowPod


Top 10 Battle Rap Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

Top 10 Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

“Wrestling bars never get old.” -PNut (PNut vs. Bonnie Godiva). This adage in battle rap has been echoed by many a fans, bloggers, analysts, and battle rappers themselves, and for the most part, it rings true. If you’re a male in America above the age of 18, odds are you’ll get a WWE Attitude era reference, and the bar/scheme will hit. Some rappers can even dip into newer wrestlers or older ones to get a reaction from the crowd. Salute those artists.

This list is a compilation of the top Wrestling bars to ever been spit on stage. Bars were chosen based on creativity, references used, and the uniqueness of the bar. I’ll be citing the battles the bars appear in, please check them out so these artists can get the buzz they deserve. Spoiler: No Goldberg/Spear or Owen Heart/Dying in the ring bars made this list unless they were part of an overall scheme.

Honorable Mentions

Stepeasy’s WWE Scheme (Stepeasy vs. Mookie Wilson)

Shotty Horroh’s Wrestling Scheme (Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal)

Hollow Da Don’s Hogan/Shirt Rip Bars (Hollow Da Don vs. Illmaculate)

10. Chess’ People’s Elbow Bar (Chess vs. Tay Roc)

“We ain’t see Roc put on an arm on Chess since the People’s Elbow.”

Personal and effective. Chess attempts to strip Tay Roc of his believability with his guns. Tay Roc is famous for using gun bars, so saying he’d never lay one on Chess is an excellent counter move. I’m not a massive fan of Chess/Chest bars usually, but this one worked.

9. Mackk Myron’s Raw Bar (Mackk Myron vs. Ooops)

“And we ain’t have a change of plans/ I watched my daddy come up off Raw like Shane McMahon.”

Mackk is known for being a puncher, and this punch hit hard. The setup was unusual for a wrestling bar, and the flow it was perfect.

8. Michael Ice’s Wrestling Scheme (Michael Ice vs. FnF Veg Villa)

“I want to have heart just like you/Putting on a Big Show like this will have your heartbreak kid trying to outshine Michael’s (Shawn Michaels)

This bar was a self-name flip that went hard. The scheme going into it wasn’t super amazing, but this haymaker at the end upped its potency. It may have been a bit of a reach in wordplay, but Michael was able to pull off the cadence of the bar and sell it.

7. MadFlex’s Triple H Bar (Madflex vs. E Farrel)

“Weak today, hot tomorrow/Most of what I spit goes overheads; I’m Triple H with that water bottle.”

Reading the bar doesn’t do it as much justice as it deserves in context. MadFlex’s flow going into this bar was smooth, and the reference is smoother. Anyone who grew up watching the Attitude era remembers Triple H’s entrance and his apron side dowsing of water to air. The entrance is iconic and a solid reference to use. The irony for those whose heads this went over.

6. Xcel Nakamura Bar (Xcel vs. C Moneii)

“John and Will knew you’d be tortured right/So they was pulling strings before I entered, I’m Nakamura nice.”

It could be personal preference showing, but I love one-liner that pack so much into them. Without knowing who Nakamura is, the meaning of the bar should be clear. However, if you have seen now the epic that was Nakamura’s entrance theme music in New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE NXT, then this bar hits even harder. Excellent way to be subtle with your bars.

5. Tsu Surf’s WWE Name Flip Bars (Tsu Surf vs. Hitman Holla)

“You was watching wrestling Raw, Rock, Chyna, Smackdown/ We was in the trap raw, rock, China getting smacked down.”

The bookend to an already tremendous third round by Surf, this bar rocked the crowd at the end. Surf’s bar is a personal haymaker with a nice WWE flip in there? Sounds like a perfect recipe for success in battle rap.

4. Shotty Horroh Scheme (Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal II)

Standout Bar: “Poppin’ cans like an Austin match/Shit sounds like Ric Flair slappin’ chops when the chopper slaps.”

Shotty has to be top 3 when it comes to wrestling bars and scheme use, and for the majority, they hit pretty well. This scheme, however, was very well put together and interwove new and old references. While not as intricate as some references on the list, the pure aggression and delivery make this scheme stand out.

3. Xcel WWE Scheme (Xcel vs. Ro)

Standout Bar: “Cool, but it’ll be Jeff Hardy when I get there bro/Because they gonna end up with a Broken brother if I get near Ro.”

Intricate reference for the hardcore fans that get it, and old school references. If Xcel had kept going with the scheme, this could have easily been at the top spot. The first two bars of the scheme were some serious haymakers. The Hardy bars/name flip was massive. Xcel’s references are probably the most varied of higher tier spitters.

2. Dallas Cash’s PPV Scheme (Dallas Cash v. Tino)

Standout bar: “No way out, this a Roadblock, he getting tapered/ 6 in a pod, that revolver is my Elimination Chamber.”

The Wrestling, bar god. Cash was correct; most people just use wrestlers or the big PPV names in their schemes and bars. Without reaching, Dallas was able to use both old school and newer PPV titles in the scheme. Had the scheme ended with a bigger haymaker it probably would have been #1 on the list.

1. Gun Titles 2nd Round Scheme (Gun Titles vs. NWX)

Standout bar: “Well that’s what they told us/ If we cremate this bitch, his ashes will be Gold dust(Goldust)”

I felt this scheme in my wrestling soul. Mixing both old school and new school wrestlers, Surf knows his wrestling and adding some Roc influence was beautiful. It was haymaker after haymaker, and it included a personal flip? It was hard to not put this as number one on the best bars list. Tsu Surf and Xcel need to have a wrestling bar only battle.

Wanna give me a chair shot for my list? Spit your bars below, then head over to Twitter and Instagram to follow us @Baselinetimes and @TheHoWPod. Peace.

Markus X. Murden, Esq.

Senior Editor/Heels of Wrestling