Stephen A. Smith: Wrong Six Years in a Row

Normally I would tell you to ignore every word that comes out of the overly obnoxious and unbearable ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith. I realize that he’s arguably one of the better NBA journalist and his persona on the show First Take is merely a character to rile up audiences and increase ratings, (hello Lavar Ball) but his ridiculous hot takes are too much for me on a daily basis. However, if you’re a gambling man, you might want to perk up those ears for Stephen A. Smith’s latest prediction.

Well there you have it – Golden State Warriors will be taking home the Larry O’Brien Trophy… Or will they?

Did you know that LeBron James has made the NBA Finals seven years in a row? All your co-workers and friends will love telling you that stat, and why not? It’s an impressive streak that hasn’t been accomplished in over 50 years since the Bill Russell era as the Boston Celtics went to six straight. But, if you really want to impress your peers with some great water cooler talk you can tell them about a similar and also impressive (depending who you ask) streak. Stephen A. Smith has now wrongly predicted the NBA Finals Champion for SIX STRAIGHT YEARS!

Don’t believe me? Peep the video below and see for yourself.

Please excuse me while I go find my bookie.