Catcher (C) Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2017

As always: The positional eligibility here comes from FantasyPros combined eligibility. So…hello, Kyle Schwarber.

jonathan lucroy fantasy baseball catcher
  1. Kyle Schwarber, ChC OF, C
  2. Buster Posey, SF C
  3. Jonathan Lucroy, Tex C
  4. Gary Sanchez, NYY C
  5. Willson Contreras, ChC C, OF
  6. Yasmani Grandal, LAD C
  7. Evan Gattis, Hou C, DH
  8. Salvador Perez, KC C
  9. J.T. Realmuto, Mia C
  10. Russell Martin, Tor C
  11. Welington Castillo, Bal C
  12. Brian McCann, Hou C, DH
  13. Yadier Molina, StL C
  14. Stephen Vogt, Oak C, DH
  15. Mike Zunino, Sea C
  16. Derek Norris
  17. Matt Wieters, Wsh C
  18. Travis d’Arnaud, NYM C
  19. Cameron Rupp, Phi C
  20. Francisco Cervelli, Pit C
  21. Tony Wolters, Col C
  22. Austin Hedges, SD C
  23. Yan Gomes, Cle C
  24. Devin Mesoraco, Cin C
  25. Tom Murphy, Col C
  • Kyle Schwarber is very likely not a catcher for more than 5-10 game appearances (read: maybe an inning or two at a time, and perhaps 1 emergency start). That’s enough, though, for him to retain catcher eligibility on CBS Sports, and potentially earn it on other sites, as well. He’s not a catcher, but he’s the best hitter on this list, and he’ll probably start 140 games.
  • Buster Posey and Jonathan Lucroy are again the two best real catchers in fantasy, but Gary Sanchez is chomping on their heels. If Sanchez has a full season like he did last year, he’ll be far and away the best catcher in fantasy, but he won’t repeat his ratios from last season. He’ll still be plenty good, but he’s overdrafted right now, and I can guarantee I’ll end up with him on 0% of my teams.
  • Like Schwarber and Evan Gattis, Willson Contreras has the added benefit of being able to play non-catcher positions throughout the regular season. This makes them more valuable just based on volume alone. None of them are slouches at the plate, either.
  • Yasmani Grandal might be the most underrated catcher in all of baseball, and he’s in a great lineup. He’s a mainstay on my teams, and I usually end up reaching for him about a round before his average draft position (ADP). He’s well worth it.
  • Salvador Perez avoided serious injury in the WBC, so he should be good to go as one of the more consistent catchers in fantasy this year.
  • One of the most overdrafted players in fantasy baseball is Yadier Molina. He goes earlier than he should, based solely on name-value. The numbers just don’t support it.
  • Don’t draft Matt Wieters.
  • The most interesting players left on the list are catchers who I don’t want to draft in a one-catcher league, but could definitely end up inside the Top 12 by the end of the season. Mike Zunino, Travis d’Arnaud, Cameron Rupp, Austin Hedges, and Tony Wolters/Tom Murphy. Tom Murphy is injured, but he seems to be a better hitter than Tony Wolters. If you’ve got a couple DL spots, I’d take a chance on Murphy in the last round. You can always cut him if you have other injuries arise. If DJ Lemahieu taught us anything, it’s to always bet on Coors.

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