Pierre-Luc Dubois better get out in front of this

It’s been 4 days since Pierre-Luc Dubois was shipped off to Winnipeg with a 2022 3rd round pick in exchange for Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic. Since then Dubois has said very little to nothing about the growing tensions that resulted in a quick exit from Columbus.

Why did he want out?

In an interview with Ron MacLean, Dubois finally gave some insights as to why he wanted out.

“It was a process. I was thinking about it a long time, it wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t I just woke up one morning and it was a decision to make,” Dubois answered. “It was something I thought about, and as negotiations were going, you obviously don’t take anything personally, but as they go longer and longer, you kind of start to think about stuff and situations.”

“At some point, I thought…that if it was a longer deal I would’ve wanted [a trade] to happen.”

But that’s all that Dubois has said, mean while his former general manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets had some differing views about the process and some of the things Dubois had to say.

“That’s just flat out not true at all and he knows that, so I don’t know why he would say that or even insinuate something like that,”

“It took, all in all, I think 10 minutes to do his contract when we finally agreed on the length of the deal and we had everything from two years, to three years to eight years on the table. First, we didn’t really talk about it, that’s how Pat Brisson conducts his business, I have the upmost respect for him as a professional and how he handled the negotiations.”

Why the poor job?

My point is simply this, Pierre-Luc Dubois better get out as far as he can in front of this situation because even before the trade, during the trade, and now afterward, Dubois has done a seriously piss poor job at justifying his lack of actions in his final few days as a Blue Jacket.

In my own personal opinion, I don’t care how much you don’t want to be in the place or organization you’re currently at. You are a professional hockey player who is getting paid a really well salary to do the thing you love. You suit your ass up and get out there and give 110% no matter how you feel about the environment of your current organization.

So buyer beware in Winnipeg. Hopefully, Dubois can learn to be more mature the next time he is unhappy in an organization. Pierre-Luc Dubois make it count as a Blue Jacket.

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