Old News: The Celtics are attempting to acquire Paul George and Gordon Hayward

As Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news today that the Celtics are trying to acquire both Gordon Hayward and Paul George and the NBA world lost their collective mind. People seemed to have forgotten that Adam Kaufman had reported this nearly a week ago.

Shout-out to Adam Kaufman for breaking this story a week ago. For all my other Celtics fanatics out there Kaufman is a guy who is definitely worth following for all the latest breaking rumors and trades.  Right now it is looking like the Celtics are offering a package that includes: 2018 Lakers pick, either the 2018 Grizzlies or 2019 Clippers first round pick, Jae Crowder, and filler to make salary numbers work. This deal is reportedly contingent on both the Celtics signing Gordon Hayward with Blake Griffin as a backup plan and Paul George being willing to sign a three-year extension.

If this move were to come to fruition it would mean that the Celtics roster would undergo a major shakeup, with fan favorites like Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, and Kelly Olynk likely not all returning for next season. An added bonus to this scenario is that it allows you to keep the Nets pick in a draft that is supposed to be stocked with quality big men. Adding a quality big man to build a future core with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, while also adding Paul George and Gordon Hayward would be an absolute coup for Danny.  All those analysts who have criticized Danny for not cashing his chips in sooner (cough Jemele Hill cough) might be eating their words pretty soon if Danny’s master plan works out the way it the way it is shaping up to.