NFL Sunday Ticket goes to YouTube TV

Back in July, the NFL announced NFL+ as a new way to engage fans in the digital world of streaming. Naturally, we assumed that this would be a hint that the platform was ramping up for something even more. WRONG!

Since 1994, DirecTV has had the pleasure of offering every out-of-market NFL game to consumers. After the 2022 NFL Season, the contract expires and the NFL announced today that it will move the NFL Sunday Ticket platform to YouTube TV starting next season in 2023.

The National Football League today announced a multi-year agreement with Google granting YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels the right to exclusively distribute NFL Sunday Ticket to consumers in the United States starting with the 2023 NFL season. This strategic partnership will provide fans greater access to NFL Sunday Ticket while tapping into the best of YouTube’s technology and product innovation. Announcement

What does this mean for me?

What does this mean for the average consumer? Well if you’re definitely not up to code on technology, you will not be aware that YouTube has its own streaming service available. The advertised price is $64.99 a month which includes 100+ channels. Google boasts that the cable-cutting platform does not require a contract. Cancel when you feel like it! In 2023 YouTube TV will add NFL Sunday Ticket to its many already streaming options.

With over 5 million subscribers and trialers, YouTube TV offers features such as unlimited cloud DVR storage space, the ability to view key sports plays, hide spoilers, and check out real-time stats.

This is a huge leap for the NFL which frees itself from forcing NFL fans to side with one particular cable/satellite company. Instead, you will use the standalone YouTube app that will work with many devices one may own in the present day.

If you’re like us at Baseline Times, we enjoy the NFL Sunday Ticket option of Game Mix. This allows you to add up to four games at once. The hope is that Google will allow YouTube to continue such features. If the ability to add an in-market game to the Game Mix happens this may enhance the product even more.

Today’s announcement does not bring pricing, demo videos, or further proof that the NFL will integrate NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL+. The current NFL+ platform is geared toward a more inexpensive way to watch games on the go that are nationally televised or in your market.

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