NFL Fantasy Football Picks: Gabe’s Faves & Fades – Week 3

Every week, you will get some insight into my “faves” and a recommendation on who to “fade”. Just remember, all the research and data in the world can not prepare you for the unexpected. You know, injuries, testing positive for COVID-19, suspensions – all that jazz. With that said, GOOD LUCK and here are my NFL Fantasy Football Picks for Week 3!

First off, can we all agree that Week 2 was an absolute disaster for Fantasy Football? Quarterback play was on point, but injuries decimated lineups everywhere, including my own. Hurts to admit it, but I went an abysmal 4-11 with my picks last week. Here’s to hoping we ALL rebound in Week 3.


Kyler Murray – Just plug him in and let the good times roll. His rushing attempts are comparable to Lamar Jackson hence his 30.2 FP average through 2 games. Detroit is ranked 26th on both pass TD’s (2.1) and pass attempts (37.7). As a result, pairing him with Hopkins should be cake. Murray is probably the no-brainer for my NFL Fantasy Football Picks this week. – CHALK/FAVE

Dak Prescott – This game is going to be explosive so make sure to pair him with either one or two of his pass catchers. It is the highest rated game on the slate as two premier QBS (Wilson) will depend on the legs as much as the pass. Seattle is dead last in pass yards a game (285) as both Newton and Ryan crossed the 350 yard mark this season. Good news for Dak as he averages 25% more fantasy points against non-divisional opponents. – FAVE

Drew Brees – The end is either near or already here. It’s no secret that Brees home/road splits are damning, but asking him to do it without Michael Thomas makes it more difficult. The Packers defense is ranked 9th in pass TD’s (1) and 6th in pass yards (205) allowed. Playing at home as mentioned before should benefit Brees but his inability to go deep downfield is worrisome. I also expect Kamara to take over limiting Brees in the passing game – FADE


Kenyan Drake – We are once again attacking the Lions defense here. They have been abysmal this season both in the air and ground. The Lions allow 11% more rushing attempts and fantasy points to backs over their last 9. Drake is only averaging 12 fantasy points a game but this is a spot in which he take off. – FAVE

Chris Carson – Carson has been on a mini heater to start the season thanks in part to Wilson playing out of his mind. The difference so far has been his involvement in the passing game. He is officially a dual threat back and should be able to have himself a game vs the banged Cowboys. Carson also averages 18 fantasy points in high scoring games. – FAVE

Frank Gore – I hate to do this being a UM fan but you can’t rely on Gore this late in the game as he is averaging 3.35 FP over his last 12 games. Also anything JETS is toxic which is unfortunate for the OG who has been in the game for so long. – FADE


D.K. Metcalf – Have you noticed the Seattle trend here? They are all in good spots vs the Cowboys. Metcalf is particular has a knack for converting deep balls with solid frame. My only concern is that he isn’t targeted enough. Nevertheless he has 90+ yards in both games this season with a TD in each. Dallas is ranked 27th in TD’s allowed (1.3) and allows 29% more fantasy points to wideouts on the road. – FAVE

CeeDee Lamb – Everyone is trying to trade for him in my league while I benched him the first two weeks. Why did I bench him, you ask? The Cowboys have too many mouths to feed. However, his arrow appears to be pointing up as he vultures Micheal Gallup’s production. Lamb is registering his first pro 100-yard receiving game on 6 receptions while getting the target 9 times. Granted, it came against Atlanta, who is a dumpster fire on defense, but still encouraging. Once again, targeting the Seahawks/Cowboys game gives me reason to believe he can possibly have his coming out party. – FAVE

New York Jets – Just fade all the skill players for the Jets. The incompetence of Adam Gase combined with snail like pace at which they play likely won’t win you any weeks this season. – FADE


T.J. Hockenson – Tight ends vs Arizona continues this season with some qualifiers. I will point out that Kittle got injured in week 1 while Logan Thomas had Haskins as his Quarterback. Next, do you remember the Hockenson game from last season vs these cardinals? He finished 9-131-1 on nine targets good for 22 fantasy points. I’m not saying he will repeat that but its not out of the realm of possibility that he does. – FAVE


Indianapolis Colts – The Jets are allowing 3 sacks a game while adding an interception for good measure. This team is just pure trash and can be attacked every week since Adams departure. – FAVE

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