NFL 2021 – Week 16 Expert Picks

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The Baseline Times Staff is partnered with all season long to bring you NFL 2021 Weekly Expert Picks! Follow along week-to-week as the partnership includes live rankings against top industry picks, the best bets, and overall record in each betting category. Here are the NFL 2021 – Week 16 Expert Picks!

Week 15 Highlights

  • Tom Brady couldn’t get at least ONE touchdown in against the visiting New Orleans Saints last week? A COMPLETE 9-0 shutout from the Saints defense and victory helped extend their post-season hopes. The Buccaneers on the other hand will have a chance to win the NFC South Division with a win on Sunday against the Caroline Panthers instead.
  • We are 16 weeks in yet only one team has clinched the playoffs? That’s right the Green Bay Packers can sleep comfortably at night knowing they are in on the 2021 Playoffs action. Despite Aaron Rodgers and a broken pinky toe, Green Bay is coming off an close victory last week against the Ravens. The losses for Tampa Bay and Arizona in Week 15 give enough cushion for the Packers to secure the first-round bye week.
  • Last week Jared Goff didn’t like that we may have written that he isn’t the answer in Detroit. The Lions actually won a game over the Cardinals 30-12. Goff would throw for 216 yards including three touchdowns in the win.
  • Tua Tagovailoa did help the Dolphins extend their win streak. The Dolphins are now winners of six games in a row. They will look to go above .500 with a win over the Saints on Monday Night Football in Week 16.
  • After missing Week 15 due to COVID Protocols, Baker Mayfield is back in Week 16 for the Cleveland Browns. They are coming off a short week where they played Monday night due to the game being pushed back. A disappointing end as the Raiders secured a 16-14 win from a Daniel Carlson field goal as time expired. The Browns are a team that will fight for a chance to play on Wild Card Weekend. Currently, the Raiders, Dolphins, and Broncos are the other teams besides Cleveland with a 7-7 record heading into Week 16.

NFL 2021 – Week 16 Expert Picks

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