NFL 2021 Draft: More Than Just The “Trevor Lawrence Draft”

With the Jets win on Sunday, many New York fans have been up in arms about the fact that as of now, they are no longer the team projected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Fear not, Jets fans as this is not a one-player draft.

While there’s no doubt Trevor Lawrence is the top prospect in the draft and will go with the top pick, the so-called “consolation” prize options aren’t bad.

If you must have a quarterback, New York would still have two highly touted options to choose from in Justin Fields of Ohio State and Zach Wilson of BYU.

Both Fields and Wilson have more question mark than Lawrence, but both also have high ceilings to become stars in the NFL.

There’s potential to trade down to acquire Trey Lance of North Dakota State, but I expect as we get closer to the draft, Lance to quickly fly up draft boards and become a top ten pick.

Lance is built like an NFL quarterback and appears to be more NFL-ready today even more so than Lawrence, Fields, and Wilson.

Again, I’m not saying any of those options are better now or will ever be as good as what Lawrence could become in the NFL, but there are options at quarterback in the 2021 draft field.

Not to mention other positions that are worth a top five pick such as receiver Ja’Marr Chase who, pre-pandemic, was projected to be a top three pick in this year’s draft.

Three other names to remember is Penei Sewell of Oregon, Caleb Farley of Virginia Tech, and Micah Parsons of Penn State.

Sewell is the top offensive line prospect in the 2021 draft field and is as talented as any O-lineman that has been draft eligible the last five years.

Farley is a cover corner who will likely become a number one corner for a team in his first year in the league. With the majority of teams moving away from the run, having a star cover corner becomes more important each year and Farley is just that.

Parsons may be the top overall defensive prospect in the 2021 draft and will be a great addition to a team that already has a QB such as Cincinnati or Miami.

With all this said, Trevor Lawrence is the ultimate prize no doubt, but let’s not confuse this draft as a “one-hit wonder-style” group. There are some great options in the top ten outside of the Clemson superstar in the NFL 2021 Draft.

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