New School vs Old School athlete matchups that we need to happen

A new decade has begun and it seems that a new generation of athletes is primed to dominate their respective sports. Patrick Mahomes, Naomi Osaka, Luka Doncic, A’ja Wilson, and Fernando Tatis Jr. The New School vs Old School can it finally be a reoccurring theme in sports?

Now of course only a few of the above-mentioned have tasted championship success while they all equally have proven they can stand out beyond just the average level of play in their respective sports at a young age.

The elder and wiser still better?
2021 hasn’t been too kind to the new school however in most team sports. Patrick Mahomes lost Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady who is regarded as football’s GOAT. The youth of the NBA is still struggling to stay atop of their respective conferences as Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks have not cracked the top three in the Western Conference this season. A league still dominated by the elder LeBron James likewise Tom Brady is following a close path to longevity at a high level in their respective sports.

Something New School can win still
Score one for the new school! Naomi Osaka played against Serena Williams in the 2021 Australian Open semi-final round and went out to win her 4th major championship and second in the Australian Open. Osaka locked up her championship on February 20, 2021.

While 2021 hasn’t been the greatest start coming off that weird vortex of the year 2020, sports has a new wave. Some unique young vs old matchups perhaps can cause you to be like me. Can we get more? Of course, minds get to pondering. What “New School vs Old School” matchups can we hope for next? Tweet me your picks @BaselineChevy!


Stipulations of the adoring matchups we want to see:

  • The respective Old School player of the team must be at least 10 years in age or older than the New School counterpart.
  • The two counterparts must be able to meet in some sort of playoffs series or elimination game
  • Each New School and Old School player must be performing at equally high levels (do some homework if you’re reading this and check out Mahomes vs Brady’s numbers in the 2020 season).

LeBron James vs Luka Doncic

Both players in the 2020-2021 season find themselves having to be the biggest backbone to their respective teams. LeBron is down AD and Luka has continued to carry the Mavericks averaging near a triple-double Depending on your choice of “GOAT” this is an easy pick for basketball’s “old vs new”. The unfortunate part is that both players are located in the NBA’s Western Conference. Pending seeding the biggest stage they can match up against each other is the Western Conference Finals. Luka is on record speaking about him idolizing LeBron and even waiting outside the Lakers locker room postgame for James’ jersey. Rumors had it LeBron almost started a “Team LeBron” at Nike and his first choice was Luka? The admiration is real for this one not to happen shortly.

Tom Brady vs Any Quarterback 10+ years younger

Brady will enter the 2021 season turning 44. What is refreshing is that he’s coming off winning his recording 7th championship, another Super Bowl MVP, and the only Quarterback that won a Super Bowl in his own home stadium. Alright, any Quarterback that is at least 10 years or younger than Tom Brady with a real shot at facing him in big games currently are? Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Dak Prescott (needed a laugh?), or Mahomes again. At this rate, any level of postseason success for Mr. Brady against any other Quarterback is already compared where he shows up light years ahead. The NFL is such in a unique era where hell, I’d take Mahomes vs Brady Part II in a Super Bowl. Did the kid on the block (Mahomes) figure it out to defeat Master Brady?

Serena Williams vs Coco Gauff

Serena doesn’t seem to be done yet. Wanna talk a battle of New School vs Old School potential? Coco Gauff is currently 16 years old. Serena at 39 is showing an extreme spectrum of age. Gauff already pulled off a win against the other Williams sister, Venus in 2019. The awe of this is Gauff’s admiration she has for those who came before her. Gauff is currently ranked 52 in the world and still young. Could she emerge in the next two years to meet a post-40 Serena Williams? I’m a guy that likes to be a “realist” so I think this scenario is a favorable one to bet on. Again, a matchup like this would prove inspiration from legends of any sports is blossoming.

Candace Parker vs A’ja Wilson

This one comes the closest in age. 10 years apart! Candace Parker heads to the Chicago Sky for the upcoming season. As an Illinois girl maybe she cements her legacy more and brings a title home? Regardless both of these ladies are in the mix of opportunities to face each other. At just 23 years of age, Wilson is in year three with the Las Vegas Aces. Wilson’s career averages: 19.3 points per game, 5.9 rebounds per game, and 1.8 blocks per game in three seasons. Parker career averages: 17 points per game, 8.6 rebounds per game, 1.6 blocks per game. Both Parker and Wilson are number one picks exactly 10 years apart! With Chicago in the East and the Aces in the West, this WNBA Finals can happen.

Leo Messi vs Kylian Mbappé

Ok, maybe not so expected in America but we’ll always get a chance to catch these two on a big stage whether it be the World Cup again or a Champions League. A coming of the moment for Mbappé vs Messi was in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Round of 16. The youngster Mbappé had the last laugh. He scored two goals in a 7 goal frenzy and win against Messi’s Argentine squad. Then 19-year-old Mbappé was the 2018 World Cup’s Best Young Player. Both are playing still at the prime level and a 2022 World Cup is near. I know there is Cristiano Ronaldo out there too so watching any combination of Mbappé vs one of those two greats in a dual for a championship is needed. Antonie Greizmann recently supported the notion of Mbappé becoming like Messi or Ronaldo.

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