2020 NBA Free Agency Winners & Losers

Who is setting themselves up for a memorable 2020-21 NBA season? The Shoot or Pass podcast crew announces who their 2020 NBA free agency winners and losers are in a little segment they like to call STUDS & DUDS!



Just when you thought the Los Angeles Lakers could get any better than the team just crowned the NBA Champions in the bubble, they do. LA is adding Montrezl Harrell, Wes Matthews, Dennis Schroder, and Marc Gasol. This crew brings the team some spot-up shooters and fill the defensive voids left behind by some notable departures.

Undoubtedly so, Danny Green wasn’t coming back, Dwight Howard is now in Philly, Rajon Rondo took off to the ATL, and yet still, you can bet money this team remains a top contender. Somehow, Rob Pelinka managed to bolster this roster up for a repeat and this team has put the entire league on notice!


Piggy-backing here. Looks like Chevy and I are on board with who the real NBA Free Agency Winners and STUDs are this time around. The Lakers are about to have 6th Man of the Year winner MONTREZL HARRELL coming off the bench this season. That is not only the best free agency move of the off-season, but it’s absolutely UNFAIR to the rest of the league!


NBA teams have been rolling out the BRINKS TRUCKS for some of the biggest names in the 2017 NBA Draft. Rightfully so, these guys have earned some big rookie max extensions for their contributions to professional basketball over the last three years.


All of these guys can find themselves making over $195 million if they get voted onto an All-NBA team (or if the 2020-21 salary cap rises above $112.4 million)! Someone, ANYONE get me in touch with one of them, please?! I have some school loans I need to get paid off!



You lose Gordon Hayward, add Jeff Teague, and sign Tristan Thompson. YIKES! We are going to need Tommy Freezepops to explain these strange Ainge moves. It’s safe to say we were all expecting these trade rumors to come to fruition, but it never did happen. And I know a lot of teams were calling and asking for Jaylen Brown. Look, I get it, that’s a tough one because I wouldn’t want anyone to have Brown. He’s on a great contract at the moment – 4 years, $115 million and is proving (with Jayson Tatum) to be a cornerstone for this franchise for many years to come. 

What do you do here, Danny Ainge? Other teams in the East are making moves to catch up to your team! Milwaukee makes a move for Jrue Holiday (which to me is a nice upgrade at point guard over Eric Bledsoe). The Atlanta Hawks are getting a boost with Rajon Rondo and Danilo Gallinari joining them. What have the newest NBA team (for this season), the Tampa Bay Raptors done? While they lost Serge Ibaka, they cemented their team’s foundation by resigning Fred Van Vleet. Don’t forget about Miami, who signed Avery Bradley and Mo Harkless to address their defensive issues while saving some precious cap money!

Needless to say, if I am a Celtics fan, I am anxious, nervous, disappointed – ALL OF THE ABOVE. On all accounts, this team is still one that can win, and win now. However, are these roster moves enough to get them back to the NBA Finals? I don’t think so.


Why is Dwight Howard taking the biggest L for me in this free agency, you ask? Because he almost got me into a damn car accident! I’m driving around Tucson and because I don’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to driving directions, I LIVE AND DIE BY GOOGLE MAPS. To add, I also have notifications turned on for Twitter so I can stay up-to-date on the latest NBA news (like every true fan does, obviously).

So I get a notification about Dwight’s tweet where he’s like “I’m staying right where I belong, purple and gold never gets old”. Just a few minutes later, my phone starts SPAZZING out with notifications! Shams Charania’s tweet pops up first, saying the following:

Soon after, my Google Maps goes to shit and my life starts spiraling out of control. I am now lost, making all sorts of illegal U-turns somewhere in the desert and without the great Mike Ehrmantraut to save me (sup, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fans)! At this point, it was safe to say that Dwight Howard had just committed involuntary manslaughter on my ass. And then an hour later, he signs with the Sixers. Just the most Dwight Howard shit ever.

Sounds like he had a “hypothetical” deal with the Lakers, but they were on the market for other options and he saw the writing on the wall. I am curious to see how he fits in with the likes of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. But even then, I don’t think his new team will be doing any ring-chasing this upcoming season.


It’s hard to question he is the G.O.A.T. on the court, but off it, there is A LOT to question. I know he technically isn’t the General Manager or President of Basketball Operations for the Charlotte Hornets, but he is the face of the franchise and needs to be held accountable. What in the hell is he doing signing an aging, oft-injured Gordon Hayward to a $120 million deal?! This is essentially Nicolas Batum all over again!

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