NBA Fantasy Basketball Rankings – 2020-2021 Season Preview

Feels like we just left the NBA season a minute ago only to return in time to cash in on the Christmas day games. Throughout the season I would like to provide some daily fantasy advice where the NBA has four or more games scheduled. Below you will find my fantasy basketball rankings!

This way the options are plentiful whereas a two-game slate doesn’t provide anything in the way differentiating your line up. However, in this article, I will focus on guys you should draft in your season-long leagues. I would also like to point out that drafting players who are known to rest several games at a time aren’t ideal so beware.


In my experience point gods give you the best chance to dominate leagues. That should be obvious due to the amount of time they possess the ball and the litany of ways they can rack up fantasy points. It’s best to draft pass-first point guards as opposed to shooting point guards to keep field goal percentages at a respectable level.

  1. LUKA DONIC – He should be the top draft choice overall if not the top 3. He is multidimensional and can rack up points in a hurry. The Mavericks were the 2nd highest-scoring team in the league last season due to Doncic’s court vision. The man is a walking triple-double and an MVP candidate.
  2. SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER – He will be taking over the point guard position now that both CP3 and Shroder have checked out. SGA is the definition of a looter in a riot as the team rebuilds around him as a result you can expect his assist totals to go up. My only concern with him is the turnovers at which is he averages 1.8 on his career. Always look for players on poor teams with less ball-handling options that will have more opportunities to provide higher counting stats.
  3. BEN SIMMONS – This selection is a no-brainer as he is the definition of a pass-first, shoot never point guard. He collects stats in every category and you know his field goal percentage will be pristine.

Honorable Mentions: Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook & Chris Paul.


Shooting guards in my opinion is the worst position you can draft. If you can somehow find a duo guard who also shells out assists that would be perfect. I normally pass on shooting guards due to their volatile field goal percentage.

  1. JAMES HARDEN – He is the obvious choice for this category due to his on-ball usage and propensity to rack up a triple-double at any time. However, adding Wall to the mix could see those assists numbers decline. He is still the highest producing shooting guard to date and clear top choice at the position.

  2. DEVIN BOOKER – The addition of Chris Paul is likely going to cut down on his assists totals. However, like Harden he commands his usage rate on the ball makes up for him being a top selection at the position.

  3. BRADLEY BEAL – Westbrook should make shooting a breeze for Beal for the upcoming season. I expect his turnovers to go down and field percentage to go up as Westbrook being the primary ball-handler. I can see Beal shooting more off-screen passes from RW with less pressure to make plays.

Honorable Mentions: Fred Van-Vleet, Khris Middleton & Buddy Hield.


Small forwards are evolving into point forwards which is fantastic for fantasy. However, most seasons i’d treat them like Shooting guards. So if you can’t draft the options below search for forwards who rebound well and can block shots.

  1. GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO – Giannis like Luka should be in the top three when drafting this season and for many to come. He provides stats across the four major categories with regularity. There isn’t a lot to say in this department other than draft him and let the good times roll.

  2. LEBRON JAMES – He is your prototypical point forward and has been the best at this size since Oscar Roberson and Magic Johnson. His numbers have declined slightly over the years but he is still a premium fantasy producer.

  3. KAWHI LEONARD – Great hands, solid field goal percentage, and can rack up steals. Leonard is still getting it done at a high level. My only concerns are the amount days he rests which can damper your season leagues at critical junctures.

Honorable Mentions: Brandon Ingram, Jimmy Butler & Paul George.


When drafting Power Forwards I look for guys who can consistently shoot the mid-range and can rebound.

  1. ANTHONY DAVIS – This former point guard won’t provide you with many assists but replaces that with blocks. He was relatively healthy last season and can expect to be tops at the position.

  2. KEVIN DURANT – This season KD will be the Nets starting Power Forward. He will still provide you with a solid field goal percentage, rebounds, and blocked shots. Grab him when he’s available.

  3. JULIUS RANDLE – He is a product of Thibodeau syndrome. He will be on the floor a ton which means more opportunities to rack up double-doubles. Thibbs is known to play his guys crazy minutes every season including the preseason. The Knicks are usually a laughing stock but for fantasy under Thibbs could be gold.

Honorable Mentions: Domantas Sabonis, Jayson Tatum & Pascal Siakam.


It’s all about rebounds, blocks and FG percentage when drafting centers. Free throw percentage is the only negative obstacle you face when drafting them. Draft Point gods with a healthy free throw percentage to offset that.

  1. NIKOLA JOKIC – Hands down the best POINT CENTER ever! Top five selection who does it all across all categories including 3 point shooting.

  2. JOEL EMBIID – Injury concerns are always there but when he’s on there is no one in the league that can stop him from producing.

  3. ANDRE DRUMMOND – KAT could easily be here from a fantasy standpoint but Drummond appears to be more consistent and less injury-prone. We look for double-doubles and FG percentage when drafting bigs. He fits the bill.

Honorable Mentions: Karl Anthony-Towns, Bam Adebayo & Nikola Vucevic.

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