Miami HEAT's playoff run

Miami HEAT’s Playoff Run – NBA Bubble Eulogies

The Los Angeles Lakers hold Jimmy Butler and the Miami HEAT to just two wins in the 2020 NBA Finals, winning their 17th title on Sunday night.

Regardless of the end result, the Miami HEAT’s playoff run was nothing short of MAGICAL at Disney World. We send the last team eliminated from playoff contention home with a very heartfelt NBA Bubble Eulogy.

Describe the Miami HEAT’s playoff run in one word. MEMORABLE! REMARKABLE! INCREDIBLE! (I can keep going if you want).

A team with NO SUPERSTARS (though Jimmy Butler deserves some damn respect) who had no chance to win a game vs. LeBron and the Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals won TWO.

Think I’m discrediting LeBron James? I’m not (sort of).

However, if you take a look at the players who had a big role in the HEAT’s playoff run, you’ll see a couple of late lottery picks in Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, and Jimmy Butler. You will also find some second-rounders (Jae Crowder and Goran Dragic) and of course, the diamonds in the rough – Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn who went UNDRAFTED.

While they were a shoo-in for the NBA Playoffs in the Eastern Conference, no one saw them getting too far. Sure enough, the “Goons from Dade-County” put T.J. Warren’s hot streak in the bubble on ice, sweeping the Indiana Pacers in the first round.

Up next for Jimmy Butler was the Milwaukee Bucks, who found themselves struggling in the bubble, but were still the top seed in the East. No way he could get past this season’s MVP and DPOY Giannis Antetokounmpo. The road should end here. Challenge accepted. Even when Khris Middleton lead a furious rally for a potential comeback by winning Game 4, the HEAT staved them off to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Up next, their toughest opponents yet – the Boston Celtics.

The HEAT were finding themselves in quite the scoring deficits early and with their Zone D unlocked by Gordon Hayward, but came back. EVERY. TIME. Even with a win in Game 5 that included a 41-point third quarter led by Jayson Tatum, Bam Adebayo finished the Celtics with a 32-point performance in Game 6. The 5th-seeded Miami HEAT were about to face the man they made an NBA Champion twice – LeBron James.

Walt Disney could not have written a better script for this team. Or perhaps, he could have because as the fairytale season continued, shit started getting real dark for this Cinderella team. Bam, Goran, and Jimmy all got knocked out in Game 1 and the HEAT found themselves completely over-matched by the Lakers. After falling 0-2, the series was practically over. But, HEAT Culture would not allow a sweep. This is a team with grit, heart, and hustle. A team who defied the odds all season and now that they got a taste of success, wanted to chug the entire bottle of it – Meyers Leonard style.

Enter JAMES BUTLER. The man who willingly came to Miami in a trade from Philadelphia to party in paradise but instead, put the team on his back, gifting us all with some iconic performances in Games 3 and 5. Granted, even that would not be enough, but the HEAT did push the Lakers further than any other opponent they faced in the playoffs this season.

No “good riddance’s”, only a celebration of the HISTORIC playoff run

With that said, this NBA Bubble Eulogy is a celebration, meant to highlight the accomplishments of the Miami HEAT’s playoff run. Nothing to be ashamed of here, a bright future awaits. Thank you, HEAT Nation. Can’t wait to be back in the NBA Finals next season!


We are here to celebrate a remarkable run by the Miami HEAT,

Who shouldn’t have made the Finals & after Game 1, should’ve gone up in flames,

But they swept the Pacers, beat the Bucks up, & sent the Celtics home crying,

Undersized, overmatched, short-handed, they managed to push the Lakers to 6 games.

So let us remember the men who defied all odds to make this happen,

Like the baby G.O.A.T. Tyler Herro, whose cojones grew three sizes with every shot he took,

& Duncan – who Miami still runs on when he shoots, but runs away from when he plays defense,

We will never forget the wrist-bending block by Bam that left the entire city of Boston damn near shook.

Shout out to the Dragon, whose contributions were instrumental with 20 ppg before he got hurt,

& to Kendrick Nunn, who played his best in the Finals and is hopefully back to being a top rookie,

Special thanks to the mid-season trade that brought us Jae Crowder, a washed-up Iggy,

& a Solomon Hill who looks like a homeless guy on the court but can still shoot that big threeeeeee!

What more can we say about JAMES BUTLER? Who should’ve been drowning in cocaine and strippers,

Instead, he embodied the HEAT culture, put the team on his back & faced LeBron with absolutely no fear,

Don’t be fooled by his tears, Coach Spo showed us all he is the commensurate mastermind,

Who will use this as motivation and lead the Miami HEAT back to the NBA Finals again next year!

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