Kevin Durant – don’t question greatness

Today I thought I’d have to jump on the internet and write loudly say DON’T QUESTION KEVIN DURANT’S GREATNESS IF he lost Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks. After an amazing performance, however, there is a mum of questioning his greatness after the 21-point fourth-quarter Durant displayed. But still, there is a series that has to play out as the Nets are only up 3-2 against the Bucks in the 2021 Conference Semifinals.

Most people who believe in KD probably aren’t shocked by the performance. Well, maybe Shannon Sharpe might be shocked as prior to Game 5 he had this to say:

What about that time in 2013?

Fast Forward to post-Game 5 of the series and Shannon Sharpe still isn’t satisfied over one game but I will share a time where Kevin Durant had to play at a higher level lonesome. Let’s turn the clock back to the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Kevin Durant was then with the Oklahoma City Thunder at age 24. His sidekick was Russell Westbrook and the season following their 4-1 Finals lost to the Miami Heat.

Westbrook was injured in Game 2 of the First Round against the Houston Rockets. A torn meniscus and out of the rest of the playoffs, Durant was in charge of leading the Thunder to another Finals attempt HIMSELF! But here is the thing here are the numbers the 24-year old put up in two series that year AFTER losing Westbrook. The end result was the 2012-2013 Memphis Grizzlies was too much for the Thunder and sent Durant home in the Conference Semifinals.


He’s always been good, so what?

Now some people will say well, Durant’s numbers have always been good right? I’d say yes, but the beauty of looking back here is that we find out that KD never averaged over six assists per game in the regular season (counting all 13 seasons through 2021). My point here is that his numbers, in nine games, of course, are showing some pretty elite games. KD has always been a playoff performer and has delivered. So, to say he’s never been “asked” to come forth to rise to the occasion in 2021 is a bit ludicrous. Are we purposely not counting Durant’s pre-superteam days to push a narrative? Weird.

Now Mr. Sharpe is right about one thing, in the last five years, yes Durant has never been asked to do this at HIS luxury. But isn’t that why some NBA fans were a little upset? Because we (just me?) believed KD could legit carry a team to an NBA Finals himself àh la Kawhi and LeBron in the modern era of the NBA. So go to that small market team or stay loyal to Oklahoma City. Don’t give into a 73-9 team with some of the game’s greatest shooters ALREADY! Really KD?!?

The underlying point

I am not here to bash KD though. On June 8th, 2021 he left us with this Tweet and then, hasn’t said a word on Twitter. We respect his focus on the series and not tweeting facts like this. I think if I worked my ass off for 13 NBA seasons as of today, why ignore and discredit I’ve done this since I was a young 24-year old?

Carry on KD, carry on.