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Heels of Wrestling Episode 20: WWE vs Everybody in 2018

Episode 20: WWE vs. Everybody in 2018

Does WWE need to worry about competition in 2018?

Happy New Year! 2018 is poised to be a big year in wrestling. New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor are heading into 2018 with full heads of steam. Wrestle Kingdom 12 was excellent and lived up to the hype. Ring of Honor Final Battle was great as well, and they’ll be pushing out their Women’s of Honor tournament soon. WWE will debut a women’s Royal Rumble this year and a Mixed Match Challenge. The following few weeks will say a lot for WWE for the next few months, can they keep pace with the independent scene?

In this episode, the guys give their review of Wrestle Kingdom 12, offer predictions for the winners of both WWE Royal Rumbles in 2018 and more.

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