It’s a Great Night for Boxing

Tonight marks the biggest fight in combat sports history. The confident and stout, young Irishman, with no professional boxing fights to his name. But a whole country at his back. Versus the 49-0 undefeated pretty boy who can’t be touched. And though early on it seemed Mayweather would cruise through Conor; within the last few weeks, many views have shifted to Conor having more than a punchers chance. Which I believe to be true. I mean how can a guy who’s eleven years younger as talented as Conor not have more than a chance, even though he’s fighting the greatest defensive boxer of all time with nineteen years experience.

Well, that is the question we all get to have answered on Saturday night. Going down the list it looks pretty nice in Conor’s favor, Age, weight, height, reach are all on his side. But experience is the biggest factor here I think, in that area, Floyd Mayweather is again, nineteen years ahead.

But in the end, the is fight comes down to one thing, MONEY. The fact of the matter is that this is a billion dollar fight. Pay-Per View sales are sure to eclipse that of the Pacquiao fight, and with this one coming in at a hefty $100, sales are sure to be close to a billion. And with this being potentially the first fight to reach that mark the only way Mr. Money Mayweather would come out of retirement is for a payday such as this. Mayweather is set to make Approximately $100 million, where as Mcgregor will be more in the $75 million range.