Giancarlo Stanton hits his career high 38th HR

Stanton’s Career High 38th Home Run


Giancarlo Stanton is a guy who came into the league as the player that the Marlins would not trade for Manny Ramirez in 2008. That same season, Stanton hit 39 home runs in A Ball in just 125 games. In 2010, Stanton hit 21 home runs in just 53 games in AA before he was called up to the Marlins to hit another 22 home runs in 100 games.

Stanton came into the league with a reputation for power and massive home runs. This is something that has followed him his entire career, and for good reason. However, thanks to being a bit injury prone, Stanton’s career high in home runs has never been higher than 37, a number he had reached reached in both 2012 and 2014 before this season.

The Rest of the Season

But with today’s home run, he has finally surpassed 37 home runs and his career high is now 38 and counting. The Marlins have 51 games remaining, which is plenty of time for Stanton to keep adding to his new career high total. Having hit 38 home runs in 109 games, if he plays all 51 games remaining for the Marlins this would put him at around 55 home runs with his current pace, shattering his career high. A 50-plus home run season for Stanton would put him where most people expected him to be multiple times to this point in his career. But at just 27 years old, Stanton has plenty of time to get multiple 40-plus, let alone 50-plus home run seasons.

The home run tonight by Stanton gives him 246 for his career, which puts him one short of Miguel Cabrera at 13th in MLB history with home runs by the age of 27. With another 11 home runs this season, Stanton would leap frog Miguel Cabrera (247 HR), Andruw Jones (250 HR), and Juan Gonzalez (256 HR). A bit further away, at his current pace of 17 for the remaining 51 games, sits Frank Robinson at 262 home runs. I do believe it would be a bit of a stretch, but if anyone has the power to hit 18 home runs in just under two months, it’s Stanton.