Gabe’s Faves and Fades Week 14 – NFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2020

Gabe’s Faves and Fades Week 14 – NFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2020 returns! Welcome back for my Week 14 picks. Going forward instead of giving you upside plays, I’d like to focus on the more sure-fire hits. The analysis will be smaller as we already know what teams are trash and which teams are good. Let’s Go!


Patrick Mahomes – He is making his first appearance on the Faves and Fades this season. You normally wouldn’t see him here because he gets you an automatic 24 minimum with a ceiling of 40+ FP. This week he takes on a top defense in Miami which means he will be on his A game to break this puzzle. Miami hasn’t faced QB quite like him so buckle up and stack with Kelce. – FAVE

Aaron Rodgers – Similar to Pat, I usually avoid stating the obvious plays and look for more gems on the slate. However, he has a great matchup vs the Lions this week which can be competitive until the end. The only way Rodgers is out of the equation is if Jones goes Bonkers again. – FAVE

Jalen Hurts – The Saints have improved on Defense over the past few weeks pressuring QB’s and causing havoc leading to turnovers. Welcome to the NFL Rookie. – FADE

Running Back

Aaron Jones – I want be all in on Jones but the Packers always find ways to keep him on the sideline. He has a great matchup vs the Lions and should be able to capitalize on it as the favorites. Just don’t expect a repeat of their first meeting. – FAVE

Derrick Henry – It’s December so it must be Derrick Henry Time. He faces the worse run defense in the league vs Jacksonville. He should be the best back hands down on the slate. – FAVE

Dalvin Cook – Its been a two man race for best back in the league with him and Henry. This week however Cook is best left on the bench against a tough Tampa Bay run defense. Not saying he will be completely shutout but game script favors the passing game more in this one. – FADE

Wide Receiver

Vikings Receivers – Once again the Duo finds themselves in an advantageous match up against the weak pass defense. Expect the Bucs the to be ahead which leaves the Vikings in catch up mode for garbage time points. – FAVE

Devante Adams – Set it and forget it!! – FAVE

Brandin Cooks – He is going to the focus of defenses going forward with no Will Fuller. The Bears defense will apply pressure on Watson forcing him to scramble more than he would like so i’d expect more short passes and checkdowns. – FADE

Tight End

Travis Kelce – The Dolphins have been great shutting down receivers this season but Travis Kelce is a different beast. He should feast in the middle of the field to prove once again he is hands down the best TE in the game. – FAVE


New Orleans Saints – You always use the defense attacking rookie QB’s Jalen Hurts gets the nod over the atrocious Carson Wentz and should be in for a rude awakening. – FAVE

Good luck and as always Gabe’s NFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2020 is available season-long!

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