Early Top 10 Quarterback Rankings for NFL 2022 Fantasy Football

Oh the rollercoaster of Quarterbacking in the NFL has become a lot more exciting in recent seasons. Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford swapped cities in 2021, Tom Brady decided he couldn’t leave football alone after the 2021 season, and Carson Wentz finds a new city yet again in 2022. Here is an early top 10 ranking for Quarterbacks in Fantasy Football when it comes to the 2022 NFL Fantasy Football season.

  • Rankings considered between PPR and STD scoring
  • As always these are early drafts at the beginning of July take note Deshaun Watson‘s availability in 2022 can factor into our rankings later on in August
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  • As always these opinions reflect solely on the research from the Baseline Times staff
  • Every week until the end of August you can expect to find us ranking other positions and full coverage of the NFL 2022 Fantasy Football season

ADP 1 – Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

He is the undisputed first QB that should fly off the board in redraft leagues within the first five rounds. Here is the actual tea – Allen may not lead the league in yards thrown or touchdowns but he somehow finds a way to be trending as the top-scoring QB in full-point PPR AND STD scoring leagues. How? In 2021, Allen was third in Rushing Attempts (122) and Rushing Yards (763) compared to all other QBs. Jalen Hurts‘ 139 Rushing Attempts and 784 Rushing Yards took first place for the respective statistical categories mentioned. 

Back to Allen, who also poured in 6 Rushing Touchdowns helped negate some of the negative points his 15 interceptions caused. A rare combination you shouldn’t ignore is that the Bills could come up short at times in games but Allen is the proven QB1 in Fantasy Football terms again this year.

ADP 2 – Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers

A third-year QB this high huh? Don’t have any fear as Herbert seems to be on track for one of the fastest-growing QBs in the league. Likewise, Allen, Herbert brings a “triple-threat” of scoring for a fantasy owner. In 2021 PPR scoring Herbert finished with a total of 395.6 points which trailed Josh Allen’s 417.7 points, both playing in 17 games. Tom Brady was the winner of most yards thrown last season but who was second? Herbert threw for 5014 passing yards which makes him the only QB with Brady to throw for over 5,000 yards in 2021. Will there be a drop-off of throwing for Herbert? Absolutely not! Set to make a serious playoff run again, Herbert is stacked with the talent behind him.

He will continue to thrive with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler. Ekeler is massive proof in the pudding that Herbert will be tossing the ball to his Running Back. Ekeler finished tied first with Najee Harris for most targeted Running Backs in 2021. Take my word (or Google it!) that Ekeler also finished with more receiving yards than Harris. Follow the tea here if you’re woke you know…Ekeler led Running Backs in yards after the catch with at least 9 yards per catch.

ADP 3 – Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

This is where the line starts to get a little more interesting between the rankings. Mahomes could be taken as the QB2 or QB3 in 2022. Some of you may have taken Mahomes last season with pretty high expectations. It’s fair to say Mahomes may have come back down to earth slightly. However, this doesn’t mean he isn’t just another QB to wait out on drafting.

Here is the honest truth some people can’t fathom. Mahomes had one overachieving year in 2018 with 50 touchdowns and 5097 yards thrown. Since then he hasn’t been able to throw for over 5K yards or more than 40 touchdowns in 2019, 2020, and 2021. If you temper your expectations to understanding he’s an above-average top QB for sure you’ll be ok taking him within the first 5 rounds.

ADP 4 – Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He’s back. That’s all I got. Kidding halfway but Brady threw the league’s most Touchdowns and threw the most yards out of any QB in 2021. You will get nothing but the same in 2022. A slight concern is Chris Godwin. He is set to return from an ACL injury and the latest reports in July are the Bucs are “hopeful” he’s ready by Week 1. This could muddy up the first few weeks if Russell Gage takes time to find a groove and Mike Evans is better covered. However, have no fear. If you put a lot of trust into Leonard Fournette this season he’s the third most targeted Running Back in 2021. 

Brady’s resume speaks volumes and the Buccaneers brought in Shaq Mason from New England to help bolster up the Offensive Line (lost RG Alex Cappa in Free Agency). Rob Gronkowski is missing this season, but don’t shy away from TB12 making one more magical run this season. Four of the Buccaneers games will be in domes without weather a factor. Most of the time Florida weather is tamed to be hot, sticky, and sunny. Unless there is a bad weather game Brady is airing it out. He is the only non-mobile QB that is worth a top-five pick at his position.

ADP 5 – Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

There is just one thing about Murray we cannot ignore. He’s efficient running away from trouble and can score Touchdowns on his own. Do you have the idea that he runs into trouble? His 31 sacks taken last season is about average with the rest of the league QBs and his 423 Rushing Yards was 4th among all QBs in 2021. His 5 Rushing Touchdowns put him fourth amongst all QBs last season and Murray only played in 14 games. Let’s just say the injury setback his overall fantasy value and team in 2021. That’s a fair take but at this rate, it’s unfair to say Murray will fade in 2022. He returns with a slightly new core of Zach Ertz and Marquise Brown.

AJ Green and Rondale Moore are the other two likely targets at least for the first six games of the season. Remember folks, DeAndre Hopkins is suspended for the first six games of the 2022 season. This makes Murray a little more exciting to draft if he falls later in a redraft. For a guy who missed a few extra games than expected last season his fantasy value still maintained pretty solid over other QBs playing 16-17 games. The biggest concern in drafting Murray would be if the Cardinals move to a more grounded approach with James Conner but at this rate, Murray is 24 years old and full of fresh legs to keep running.

ADP 6 – Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals

Fresh off the Super Bowl appearance we have Mr. Burr. Whether you’re playing full-point PPR or STD he’s surprisingly in the top-10 based on pure score. The biggest dilemma the Bengals face is pass protection. Burrow was sacked a league-high 51-times in 2021’s regular season. If your league penalizes a QB for getting sacked this is a huge concern of course because that’s Joe deducting points he doesn’t seem to make up on the ground himself. How did they fix this for 2022? They brought in free agent Alex Cappa who just learned the ropes and won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. La’el Collins steps up on the right side next to Cappa as an upgrade as well.

Again, don’t be dumb and look at the bigger picture. Who is Cool Joe tossing to? Highly coveted first or second-round WR Ja’Marr ChaseTee Higgins also is gaining traction as a top pick in the first four rounds. His 34 Touchdowns last season puts him 8th overall compared to the other QBs last season and his 4611 yards place him at 7th overall. After Burrow, your QB selection will become more average across the board.

ADP 7 – Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys signed Prescott to an epic deal and on top of that trust him in the pocket more than ever in 2021. He’s trending up as a passer over the last few seasons. The 2020 ankle injury is a noise of the past and the only season we couldn’t tell what Dak has become. Here this out though. Prescott’s 2021: 410 completions, 68.8% completion percentage, and 37 Touchdowns are all career highs. The loss of an Amari Cooper is concerning but Dak also now has Ceedee Lamb emerging as the clear favorite.

Dalton Schultz seems to be a fair favorite as well. The Cowboys have maintained one of the best Offensive Lines of the last few seasons as Dak was only sacked 30 times in 2021. This is about average with the rest of the league’s QBs. What this screams is that Dak will probably be available a little later in most redrafts but he is a solid efficient QB pick you shouldn’t feel wrong about at all if he lands to you.

ADP 8 – Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens

An unhealthy season for Action Jackson in 2021 doesn’t give much hope in 2022 when his receiving core is a little regressed (or a lot?!). The 2021 Baltimore WR core of Marquise Brown, Rashod Bateman, and Sammy Watkins only remains with Bateman heading into 2022. Brown (146 targets) and Bateman (68) were the two WR that saw most of the targets. Watkins is now in Green Bay and Brown was traded to the Cardinals. Now, the 2022 Ravens WR core are Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay, and James Prochee II. Luckily, Mark Andrews still exists and is one of the few coveted TE that may go as early as the second round in most redraft leagues.

Health is wealth when employing Jackson as your starting QB weekly. Whether you are in an STD or PPR league I got the tea. Jackson (despite missing five games in 2021), still managed to finish second in Rushing Yards and Rushing Attempts behind Jalen Hurts in the QB category. This boosts his value to be considered a Top 5 Fantasy QB in 2022 but a new WR core that isn’t too impressive is questionable more for PPR purposes. Overall, his rushing game makes him a very attractive fantasy choice over some of the less mobile QBs.

ADP 9 – Matthew Stafford – Los Angeles Rams

Here is the real tea of Stafford’s fantasy value. Yes, it’s all because of Cooper Kupp! However, IF Kupp cannot repeat such a prestigious season Stafford’s numbers will decline. Ready for a reason? Stafford doesn’t provide any hope for bonus scoring in Standard or PPR scoring. Why? He had 32 Rushing Attempts, 43 Rushing Yards, and 0 Rushing Touchdowns.

Again, don’t be dumb. Just temper your expectations with Stafford. We’ll hear the Rams added Allen Robinson III to the roster but the Rams also added Odell Beckham in the middle of the season as Robert Woods went down with an injury. Did this make Stafford any better? Nope, his 4886 yards and 41 touchdowns last season again, are widely due to the talent of Cooper Kupp. This is what held him as the 6th highest scoring QB in a full-point PPR league. Kupp SHOULD continue to be an amazing receiver but remember, Kupp’s talent to gain extra yards after a catch will help Stafford be a solid “get the job done” for a QB spot on your roster. If you’ve read this far his 17 Interceptions in 2021 (tied for first with Trevor Lawrence) is clear as day he shoots himself in the foot if you own him as a fantasy owner.

ADP 10 – Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos

There is a new arm in charge in the Mile High City. Wilson is on to better things in Denver. Courtland SuttonTim Patrick, and Jerry Jeudy are the receptors of Wilson’s arm and the average age of these three? 25 years old. His Tight End is Albert Okwuegbunam who is 23 years old. A huge deal in Seattle was Wilson felt like he was not protected. It is far to say the Broncos will focus on protecting their veteran QB this season but a big question is how much of the run game will they shy away from? Javonte Williams lead the Broncos in 2021 with 246 touches with Melvin Gordon being a close second with 231 touches. The third highest? 68 touches to Noah Fant the TE who is no longer with the Broncos as a part of the trade with Seattle.

Beyond adding Wilson, Denver has a new Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett, Offensive Coordinator Justin Outten, and Defensive Coordinator Ejrio Evero. Wilson is a premier talent when healthy and the team around him has talent. He has no problem finding a favorite receiver like Tyler Lockett in Seattle. His Rushing Attempts may see a decline now that Gordon III and Williams are in the backfield. The chance for Wilson to be an above-average QB could be fading but nonetheless, a safe QB pick with the potential to be a greater upside than a decline.

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