2021 NBA All-Star starters selections

One of the most convoluted NBA seasons has arrived. COVID-19 postponing games, individual players having to sit out due to health & safety protocol, and as of today, no plans on how the second leg of the 2020-2021 NBA season will be played has been announced.

However, we will still name some 2021 NBA All-Stars according to the league. The NBA opened up fan voting for the 2021 NBA-All Stars starting on January 28, 2021. Fan voting will run until February 16th, 2021.

Furthermore, I am here to give you the ultimate 2021 NBA All-Stars starters selections thus far in the hectic season.


Eastern Conference Starters


Collin Sexton
Cleveland Cavaliers
2020-2021 Season:
25.2 PTS 4.2 AST 2.7 REB

The Kyrie Irving “replacement” better yet let’s give him the respect he deserves! Mr. “Sexland” in his third year has become a force in Cleveland. So much that even Kyrie Irving himself felt the wrath. In their January 20th, 2021 match-up against the Brooklyn Nets, Sexton dropped 42 points on 16–for 29 shooting (55-percent) from the field. All done in 38 minutes of play including double-overtime. The Cavaliers have maintained a sub-five hundred record in the Eastern Conference which is definitely an improvement from a lottery team the past few seasons.

Jaylen Brown
Boston Celtics
2020-2021 Season:
27.1 PTS 3.5 AST 5.6 REB

Let’s blindly look at some numbers for a second here. If you told me a Boston Celtics player THIS year would average 27 points per game, 5.6 rebounds per game, and shoot the ball 52-percent from the field, I’d guess Jayson Tatum. Nope, that man is actually Mr. Brown. Currently, Brown has played in five more games than Tatum. Due to Tatum testing positive for COVID-19 this caused a bit of a delay in the Celtics season as well. However, Jaylen Brown stands above and beyond this season. Hell, Tatum is shooting the ball 47-percent from the field thats also a disadvantage when compared to Brown.


Kevin Durant
Brooklyn Nets
2020-2021 Season:
30.5 PTS 5.5 AST 7.5 REB

You can’t ignore that Kevin Durant arguably is top 2 in the NBA but the entire world. So far Durant has only missed five games all season but has been nothing short of tremendous as always. He’s currently averaging 30 points per game and shooting 52-percent from the field. I have to say with the ups and downs of the Nets season having Durant is the biggest safety net. Kyrie Irving took a small break, Spencer Dinwiddie goes down with a knee injury for the season, and now he’s reacquainted with James Harden as a teammate. Easy Money Sniper deserves another All-Star bid.

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Milwaukee Bucks
2020-2021 Season:
26.8 PTS 5.6 AST 11 REB

He is the defending Defensive Player of the Year and defending his MVP award this year again. He may not be in the top 2 MVP conversation this year but surely Giannis still maintains that nobody outside of Kevin Durant is threatening his throne out in the Eastern Conference this year. The only concern for the two-time MVP is free throws. Currently shooting 58-percent from the free-throw line is a career worse for Giannis. Good thing that isn’t the end all to an All-Star starting bid.

Joel Embiid
Philadelphia 76ers
2020-2021 Season:
27.7 PTS 2.8 AST 11.1 REB

We’ve been waiting for the 30 and 10 year and maybe this is the year? Close! Embiid is obviously more effective offensively in his career. He’s averaging a career-high 27.7 points per game while shooting a career-best 55-percent from the field. Health is wealth for Joel and he’s missed only four games all season due to either load management or due to COVID-19 protocol. Among forwards in the Eastern Conference right now Embiid’s stock is high as the 76ers also sit atop the conference at number one.

Western Conference Starters


Donovan Mitchell
Utah Jazz
2020-2021 Season:
23.4 PTS 4.9 AST 4.4 REB

Now, Donovan isn’t having the craziest or overachieving year. In fact, he’s shooting the ball 43-percent from the field which is down from 44-percent last season. Hey, just numbers, right? No, look, Donovan Mitchell deserves his All-Star roses this year stemming from the disrespect from Shaq this season. While he’s an All-Star this year, his team also happens to be on the league’s biggest win streak winning 10 games in a row. You go Donovan “I”ve been hearing that since my Rookie year” Mitchell!

Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks
2020-2021 Season:
27.4 PTS 9.7 AST 9.4 REB

I mean what is there to explain? He’s easily the favorite out in the Western Conference year after year for the next few decades? He’s almost hitting the Russell Westbrook trifecta or Ms. Triple-Double Season Average. Some say he was an easy pick for MVP this season. I say he is an easy pick for the Western Conference starting guards.


LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers
2020-2021 Season:
25.6 PTS 7.4 AST 7.8 REB

Hello to year 18 in the NBA. Coming off his fourth Finals MVP into a shortened off-season with the expectation higher. A better roster on paper than last year’s championship team means less work for LeBron right? Not for the King! The Lakers sit comfortably at the top of the Western Conference. Carry on King!

Paul George
Los Angeles Clippers
2020-2021 Season:
23.9 PTS 5.4 AST 6.2 REB

Way-off P, Pandemic-P, and PG13. All can give you some insider into the many names within the last few months. Paul George said in the offseason that he’s been working with his trainer since his “MVP year”. Hmmm, I’m looking at this list of MVPs and I don’t see Paul George at all on there. Somebody check for me, maybe I’m blind? Alright, with all due respect to Mr. George I’ll give him the bump. See those assists per game? Career-high. Shooting 50-percent from the field? Career-high. 48-percent from the three-point line? Career-high.

Nikola Jokic
Denver Nuggets
2020-2021 Season:
25.2 PTS 8.9 AST 11.8 REB

So this guy is technically listed as a Center, right? At 8.9 assists per game, Jokic sits THIRD PLACE in overall season average. According to Statmuse.com, Jokic’s 2020-2021 season here is the BEST average from an NBA Center. That also includes Wilt Chamberlain. Well, if you check the link anyway you’ll see Jokic listed quite a few times in the top-ten. This isn’t anything new to him but a hell of a lot closer to averaging a triple-double like his Balkan Brother, Luka. Perhaps in the MVP candidate conversation?

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