The Way Major College Conferences Ought to Be

We all love college sports, but many recognize that they are inherently flawed by both design and execution. There are a million things that could be changed to make each sport better. Rule changes to get rid of flopping, NIL/player compensation adjustments, CFP expansion, etc…etc… I’m sure you’ve discussed each of these things ad nauseum. […]

Slam Dunk MBB Coaching Hires in The East!

Buzz abounds in the Big East and A10 conferences with big name coaching hires that are both highly-accomplished and have deep connections to their new employers. Let’s take a look at each of their resumes to see who hired the best coach in each conference. New Big East Coaches 2022-2023 Shaheen Halloway | Seton Hall […]

Should 5:00 PM EST Tipoffs Be a Thing in College Hoops?

Who says that college hoops tipoffs need to start at 7:00 PM EST? For much of the country it makes sense but there is a segment of the college hoops world that would benefit from 5:00 tipoffs. Traditionally, there have been a few blockers to the illustrious 5:00 tip: time zones, primetime TV coverage, student/fan […]

2021 CBB Awards Through Non-Con Play

The 2021-2022 college basketball season is roughly a third over. Most teams have just started conference play or will do so soon after their holiday break. If you’re like me, you’ll want a measuring stick to compare teams and players in thus far in the season. We hear about the “September Heisman” in college football […]

A10 Realignment Targets Post Loyola-Chicago Addition

Loyola-Chicago will become the 15th member of the Atlantic 10 conference. John Glowatz agrees this is a great pick-up for all involved: the A10, Loyola, and the fans

Big East Tier Rankings: Post Gavitt Games

Top Dog (Until They Get Knocked Off) Nova: 2-1 – OT Loss at #2 UCLA. This game was an 11:30 PM ET tip, so I won’t hold the loss against the Wildcats too much. They have proven to be the kings of the Big East until someone can knock them off. Big East Contenders Seton […]


Ohio State Collection at HOMAGE