Chris Paul – the career of bad faith but its time for a broken curse

Baseline Times Summer 2021 – Summer Intern Adam Kinberg shares his thoughts on Chris Paul’s best championship run this year.

Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards of all time. His spectacular point guard skills and unmatched basketball IQ elevate every team he has ever played for. With his Phoenix Suns team making the Western Conference Finals, this is all the more apparent. He has been counted out time and time again. Fans and media members alike said that he was “too old” and “didn’t have it anymore. He is proving all the doubters wrong.

The Phoenix influence

Paul, at the age of 36 has elevated his team like no other player in the league. He has raised the Suns from a perennial bottom-dweller in the west to a bonafide contender. Out of the final four teams currently left in the playoffs, Paul stands as the best point guard remaining in the playoffs. His dazzling performance against the Lakers and Nuggets showed the NBA that the Suns are not just a young and up incoming team just happy to be in the playoffs. Paul showed that he can uplift a team no matter what the circumstance may be.

The guiding factor of winning

Not only has Paul done this with the Thunder and Suns, but with the Rockets and Clippers as well. The Clippers were a team marred by organization dysfunction and an ownership scandal. The Rockets were one win away from the NBA finals until Paul was injured. Both of those teams were uplifted by the presence of Paul. The failure to win a championship in both of those situations came down to factors that were out of Paul’s control. Take his performance in the 2019-20 season with the Oklahoma City Thunder as evidence. That Thunder team was projected to be one of the worst in the league. Despite this, Paul turned them into a playoff team. The leadership and skill that Paul provided boosted his teammates and turned that team into something special.

Paul now has the opportunity to win his first NBA championship. A career scared by missed opportunities now has the chance to become a feel-good comeback story. Paul is not washed nor is he too old to make major contributions on a championship-level team. He is an elite point guard in a league that values three-point shooting and athleticism over basketball IQ and fundamentals. Paul has found the perfect opportunity with a co-star in Devin Booker. It is time for Paul to prove everyone wrong. It is time for the Suns to win their first NBA title.

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