Celtics (1) vs Wizards (4)

MMA anyone? This second round MMA anyone? This second roundmatch up has all the makings of a championship title fight. Trash talk? Surematch up has all the makings of a championship title fight. Trash talk? Sure. Jae Crowder accused former Wizards coach Randy Wittman of cursing at him in a game.

Ground and pound? They got it covered.

Earlier in a game in November with the wizards up 20, John Wall took out Marcus Smart with an overhead tackle that lead to his ejection.

Hard hits? Why not.

Bradley Beal is still fuming over the alleged inadvertent elbow that broke his nose at the hands of Marcus Smart a year ago.

What can we expect?

The season series ended 2-2 so we should expect another close hard fought playoff series as well. Boston has the edge with home court and better perimeter shooting. The bench play appears to favor them as well with Marcus Smart leading the second unit along with Kelly Olynyk.

Isaiah Thomas struggled the first two games of the 1st round series vs. the Bulls following the death of his sister but finished strong as the Celtics overpowered the Bulls winning the final four games of that series.

The Washington Wizards got revenge on the Atlanta Hawks who eliminated them previously in the playoffs sometime ago. John Wall and Bradley Beal did the heavy lifting as that would likelycontinue against the Celtics.

Their bench isn’t as skilled as the Celtics which would mean they are going to need heavy contributions from Markieff Morris and MarcinGortat who both struggled vs. the Hawks.

Gortat in particular has been great on the boards but will need to score more to keep pace with Al Horford who is going to keep him perimeter oriented.  Bogdanovic appears to be getting more consistent minutes in the rotation and will need to shoot the lights out to keep the Celtics defense honest.

The Game plan for the Wizards would have to be staying home with the shooters and pressuring Isaiah Thomas is by letting others beat them if they hope to take home court and the series.

The Celtics have to somehow stay in front of John Wall who has been magnificent attacking the rim with speed and power.

The Celtics have no shot blocking to speak of. Containing Gortat on the inside and gang rebounding is also pivotal if the Celtics want to move on.


Gabriel Lloyd
Baseline Times Staff Writer