Cavaliers sweep first-round series against Pacers

Lebron James has officially swept 10 best-of-seven series in his career. That is yet another milestone that he is the only player in NBA history to do so. With 1:08 left in the fourth quarter the Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves up one-point after James knocked down a three-point basket. From the Cavaliers would leave the Pacers in Indiana on 106-102 victory. James would finish with a game high 33 points and 10 rebounds.

The Cavaliers would lead by as much as 13 points but again allow a late comeback from the Pacers to take a lead late in the fourth quarter. When it was time to make a big play or put the Cavaliers back on track it was Lebron James making the play. Mid-way through the third quarter James would throw an errant pass but run back to block the shot out of bounds. On the Indiana possession he would grab the rebound off the missed shot and be tagged with an assist from a J.R. Smith three-point basket.

The two-thirds of the Cavaliers big three was a concern in this series as they missed the fourth quarter of game three. Kyrie Irving finished with 28 points on 10-of-25 shooting while Kevin Love only scored five points on 2-of-13 shooting. The pro of sweeping a team should allow more rest for the Cavaliers and allow these two to revaluate their shooting struggle.

In their last effort of the season the Pacers were lead by Myles Turner in scoring with 20 points. Paul George in 44 minutes shot the ball 5-for-21 from the field (3-for-9 from three) and finished the game with 15 points, seven rebounds, and six assist.

In the postgame interview when asked about his future with the Pacers George replied, ” “I ain’t even at that point yet, Bob. Next question.”

The Pacers will head into an off-season where George’s future with the franchise will be questioned. Should make no commitment now the choice of Larry Bird searching for potential trade suitors this off-season can ensue. There could be a possibility that George suits up for another team next season.

The Cavaliers will head back to Cleveland and await the winners of the Milwaukee-Toronto series which is going to six games guaranteed at this point. At the earliest the Cavaliers would be scheduled to play May 1st should their next opponent have to play in a game seven.

Billy Aristide
Baseline Times Staff Writer