Views from the Baseline: 2021 March Madness Recap

Chevy brings back the College Experts Cody and John in a bittersweet episode. The madness is OVER! Sure enough, they share the embarrassing news that Cody’s Texas pick for the Final Four still won him a bracket challenge. Cody and John share their thoughts about the Men’s and Women’s tournaments, praise Gonzaga’s future, and give their draft prospect stock updates post-tournament. Finally, the duo goes for a round of “Shoot or Pass” to close out the NCAAB season. They give us an insight on if Gonzaga is frauds, the Men’s AND Women’s PAC-12 Conference dominance, and decide on if the Blue Bloods of College Basketball can bounce back next season.

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Shoot or Pass Podcast: The Close Up Magic

HEAT Nation is away on VACATION so Chevy steps in to fill the show need this week. What better way than to take over the podcast with a magic touch? Stephen Cameron from The Close Up Magic joins Chevy to discuss a little about the Orlando Magic, his trade deadline reactions (10:30), and describe his NBA Mood (26:30). They discuss if Russell Westbrook deserves an apology (30:42), which now-former Magic player will have the most success with their new team (34:16), and are the DPOY rankings fucked up? (38:23). The Magic-duo takes a trip down memory in a session of Dunk, Dribble, or Flop (44:03). They share their top choices for All-Time Magic Player and Coach, and top Magic roster. Finally, in a grueling decision, Stephen picks his All-Time Magic Starting 5 (52:40).

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Views from the Baseline: 2021 March Madness – Final Four Preview

Chevy rounds up the College Basketball experts Cody and Glo for the 2021 Final Four Preview. Cody recaps his Sweet 16 reactions while Glo was ready to lock in a new Idol of March before the Championship game. Cody and Glo showdown for a round of Shoot or Pass, a segment from our NBA Podcast “Shoot or Pass Podcast”. The duo shares their thoughts on the best/worse conferences in the tournament, should Houston be considered a fraud, their MVP of the tournament so far, and if this Gonzaga is the best Men’s team in College Basketball history. Tune in to find out their predictions for the Final Four weekend!

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Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 56: 2021 NBA Trade Deadline Review, Winners, and Losers

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and (for lack of a better pun)…it was LIT! Chevy, Gabe, and Rhoby break it all down, naming their STUDS and DUDS of the big day. Are the Chicago Bulls suddenly a contender in the East (15:20)? Is Victor Oladipo enough to turn the Miami HEAT back into title contenders (23:23)? Did the Denver Nuggets do enough to compete with the likes of the LA teams and the Utah Jazz (19:02)? Did Danny Ainge just let us know the Boston Celtics are punting on this season (32:50)? Just how fucked are the Houston Rockets (27:10)? The crew also analyzes all of the problems with the New Orleans Pelicans (49:29), what’s next for the Toronto Raptors (55:15), why the Dallas Mavericks should have openly shopped KP around (63:15), and Gabe reveals a conspiracy theory regarding LeBron James and his ankle sprain that will leave you SHOOK (06:09). YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!

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Views from the Baseline – Episode 30: 2021 March Madness – Sweet 16

Chevy is joined by Glo (John Glowatz) the go-to College Expert at Baseline Times this week to recap the opening weekend of the 2021 March Madness Tournament, share some busted bracket disappointment, and dub some “Cinderellas”. Glo shares his new “Idols of March” from the 2021 Tournament where he chooses top players that cement themselves in the NCAA Tournament history. The duo also gets a reset in the “Sweet 16 Second Chance” bracket where they share a new Final Four selection from the remaining field. Find out which number one see they feel may go down after this weekend!

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Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 55: 2021 NBA Trade Deadline Preview and Jimmy Butler MVP?

The NBA is hosting a fire sale and we are all invited! Chevy, Gabe, and Rhoby react to the trades that brought Trevor Ariza to the HEAT (54:15), PJ Tucker to the Bucks (57:10) and play a round of Dribble, Dunk, or Flop – naming the remaining trade targets/buyout candidates they are high and low on for the 3/25 trade deadline (32:10). The crew also gets into a contentious debate about Draymond Green’s case for DPOY (09:20), including Jimmy Butler in the MVP conversation (16:55), and the better first option out of standout rookies LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards (27:45)!

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Views from the Baseline – Episode 29: 2021 March Madness Preview

It’s bracket time! What we were robbed of in March 2020 has finally arrived again! The Baseline Times College Experts are here to give you the ultimate 2021 March Madness Preview. Chevy jumps in to host Cody Guinn and John Glowatz two of the finest from Baseline Times College Experts. At the top of the episode, the trio reviews the impacts of COVID-19 on the NCAAB season, what the fair-weather fan may have missed, which teams were snubbed, any surprise teams/rankings, and does conference play matter during the tournament? Cody and John share their takes on the best players in the tournament. They also discuss which teams may have the benefit in the seeding as a “Cinderella” team.

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Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 54: 2021 NBA All-Star Break

All-Star break may be coming up, but there ain’t no rest for these wicked NBA headlines! Chevy, Gabe, and Rhoby debate over Kyrie’s take on the NBA logo (43:40), look ahead to the second half of the season, sharing what teams they think will regress (50:40) and redeem themselves (55:50), analyze the Clippers’ late-game woes…again (61:05), and discuss two guys betting on themselves and where their fates may lie in Victor Oladipo (65:40) and DeMarcus Cousins (70:40). Special guests and the 1-2 punch behind Bet Bot Sports drop by to break down the ultimate secret weapon to winning some extra ca$h this NBA season – the NBA Bet Bot (18:15). The crew also shares their picks for the big events this Sunday with another round of Dribble, Dunk, or Flop: All-Star Edition (76:35)! Check out the best daily NBA bets from the NBA Bet Bot on Twitter – @nbabetbot Follow Bet Bot Sports on IG: @betbotsports

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1st & 10 – Episode 31: NFL 2020 Season Review

Adam & Mitch are back for one last episode of the 2020 NFL Season before preseason duties ensue! The duo dives into their takes and how right were they?

More NFL Coverage from Baseline Times

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The Blitz and Pick Six Podcast – Super Bowl LV Recap

Chevy is back to wrap-up Super Bowl LV as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers has sent him in a frenzy. He doesn’t do it alone as George Jarjour from joins him as a special guest! The duo give a quick recap of their reactions to Super Bowl LV and did The Weeknd exceed expectations? These gentlemen attempt an objective take on Tom Brady being the best American athlete in team sports. They decide if the 7th ring is the toughest to earn so far in Brady’s career and share their “receipts” of who was right and who was wrong!


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