NFL 2022- NFC East Preview

Arguably the WORST division in the NFL yet again? The Cowboys HAVE to win it by a mile this year right? We don’t have the answers here honestly. If you’re expecting some magical prediction for this division we ain’t got it. Expect a little bit more of last year but hopefully that Cowboys nation doesn’t have to suffer yet again (Sarcasm is great right?).

Here is a quick preview of the 2022 NFC East Division!

Dallas Cowboys

  • Key Additions: WR – Jalen Tolbert, RT – Terence Steele, G – Tyler Smith
  • Key losses: WR – Amari Cooper, TE – Blake Jarwin
  • Starting Quarterback: Dak Prescott
  • Last season: 12-5

    2022 Outlook

    What more can we add besides the fact that Dallas SHOULD be winning this division? The short answer is yes. A 12-5 record and a season removed from Prescott’s ankle injury is promising to follow up on. We love the fact that Dak seems to adjust well to the pocket passing which is doing wonders for the CeeDee Lamb and Dalton Schultz of the world. In 2021 Dak had 596 passing attempts which tied his carer high in 2019. He’s running the ball less as he finished 14th overall in rushing attempts versus other QBs last season. Positives for Dallas are that their offense could be back to its peak finally. Ezekiel Elliot will play healthy, Dak is healthy, and Lamb looks to be trending as a top 5 WR in the league. New to the offense are some O-Line updates with Terence Steele at RT and drafting G Tyler Smith.

    What Dallas is built of will come early in the season. They face Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, and the defending champions, Los Angeles Rams within the first five weeks. However, the Cowboys can breathe as Weeks 6-8 sees the Eagles, Lions, and Bears before a Week 9 Bye Week. Division winners for sure but a contending team? That remains to be determined closer to the end of the season but nonetheless. At this rate, the Cowboys can’t regress unless their talent does (or becomes injured). Let’s face it, the elephant in the room is nobody trusts Dallas ever. Track their dominance over inferior teams before joining the hype train that the Cowboys are going to be a contender. For now another year of pretenders.

New York Giants

  • Key additions: WR – Wan’Dale Robinson, TE – Ricky Seals-Jones, TE – Jordan Akins, G Mark Glowinski, C Jon Feliciano, OT Evan Neal
  • Key losses: TE – Evan Engram, TE – Kyle Rudolph
  • Starting Quarterback: Daniel Jones
  • Last season: 4-13

    2022 Outlook

    Enter the era of Brian Daboll. One of the highly sought coaches this offseason finds himself in New York but still with a bit of a lackluster roster compared to his last team. If you’re lost, Daboll has been the Offensive Coordinator in Buffalo since 2018. His praise stems from turning the Bills into one of the most effective offenses in the league. Can he do the same with Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Kadarius Toney, and Kenny Golladay? Probably not but those are some of the best names you’ll hear around a Giants practice.

    It’s not like the Giants went out and upgraded for Daniel Jones either. The team declined the 5th year on the QB and it just feels like a season where Tyrod Taylor is in the shadows ready to give Daboll some experimenting time with a rather more mobile QB. They let some veteran Tight Ends go and Ricky Seals-Jones is the next best target behind Golladay and Toney. At what cost will the Giants experiment with their existing talent? All signs point to a similar 4-5 win season. Bottom of the barrel yet again in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Key additions: WR – AJ Brown
  • Key losses: RB – Jordan Howard
  • Starting Quarterback: Jalen Hurts
  • Last season: 9-8

    2022 Outlook:

    If there is any support an NFL team is giving its young QB the Eagles are one of them. Here comes AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith lined up with football’s mobile QB scoring machine (from the ground). Are the Eagles going to be an overnight success this season? Meaning should we start to worry about them let’s say Week 7, that the Cowboys yet again are failing to separate themselves from a 4-3 Eagles team?

    Last season, Kenneth Gainwell shared the backfield with Miles Sanders but watched his role. Boston Scott and Jordan Howard took snaps at one point during the season when Sanders was hurt. Howard is still a Free Agent and Scott is back on a 1-year deal. This RB trio is set to share touches in the backfield all season long. The question now lies with Brown and Smith hopefully strengthening a WR core, will Nick Sirianni go back to a more balanced offense instead of a run-heavy offense like in 2021? This could see the Eagles running it back to a 9-8 or at best 10-7 record in 2022.

Washington Commanders

  • Key additions: QB – Carson Wentz
  • Key losses: TE – Ricky Seals-Jones 
  • Starting Quarterback: Carson Wentz
  • Last season: 7-10

    2022 Outlook:

    Well, the Taylor Heinicke era was short-lived and here we are. A somewhat clear upgrade over Heinicke but nonetheless Wentz finds a new team for the third year straight. Not only is the QB new and shiny in D.C. but the NAME, the UNIFORMS, IT’S ALL A NEW ERA! COMMANDERS! Alright, just making everyone ready to embrace the new name and not be shocked when you see Commanders roll across the news ticker. This roster is one of the more turnaround stories than last year’s roster. Wentz will be accompanied by the usual Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson, and they get Curtis Samuel back from injury.

    To Wentz, this could be a downgrade given that Michael Pittman Jr. and Jonathan Taylor are best comparing the supporting cast between his last team and now. Ron Rivera returns as Head Coach and Chase Young is coming back healthy. The division usually becomes a competition of the NFC’s worse battling it out. The ceiling for this team is to start strong. Detroit and Jacksonville are the first two weeks before having to see division rivals Philadelphia in Week 3. This is a huge time to push themselves into possibly one of the bottom seeds of the playoffs if they overachieve.

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NFL 2022- AFC East Preview

There should be no questioning the definite division winner if you’re here for that tea. Let’s face it the AFC East is for the Bills to lose this season. This division goes from Tom Brady‘s dominance to Josh Allen‘s very quickly. I know you’re probably thinking, hold up, the Miami Dolphins look a little more serious now with Tyreek Hill? Our 2022 AFC East Preview comes in partnership with all of our Baseline Times contributor analyses.

Here is a quick preview of the 2022 AFC East Division!

Buffalo Bills

  • Key Additions: RB – James Cook, WR – Jamison Crowder, TE – O.J. Howard
  • Key losses: WR – Cole Beasley, WR – Emmanuel Sanders
  • Starting Quarterback: Josh Allen
  • Last season: 11-6

    2022 Outlook

    Expect more of a division dominance this year and hopefully, the Bills appear as a serious threat to take over the AFC entirely. They’ve been a great regular season team but the Playoffs are another story. The receiving core looks slightly different with Gabriel Davis, Jamison Crowder, and Isaiah McKenzie. Allen and Stefon Diggs should continue to be a dynamic duo so don’t expect too many targets to go elsewhere. Finishing up their season with a 4-game win streak last season and the dramatic 42-36 loss in OT to the Chiefs of the Conference Semifinals was heartbreak. The offense will see lead RB Devin Singletary take most snaps but expectations can be for James Cook to play a significant role at some point next to Singletary.

    Buffalo’s defense shouldn’t have an issue retaining its top-tier ranking this season. With no major losses through the time of this article, it’s a defense that also needs to keep pace against Derrick Henry, Cooper Kupp, Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and the Patriots offense. Just a few names this season we can check down the road and see if the defense holds because ultimately the Bills are a top-ranking offensive team that can do some damage. Overall, the Bills shouldn’t have an issue winning the division but can easily lose a tie-breaking scenario to Miami or New England if their season finds a strange losing streak.

Miami Dolphins

  • Key additions: WR – Tyreek Hill, RB – Chase Edmonds, RB – Raheem Mostert, RB – Sony Michel, QB – Teddy Bridgewater, WR – Cedrick Wilson Jr., LT – Terron Armstead
  • Key losses: QB – Jacoby Brissett, WR – DeVante Parker
  • Starting Quarterback: QB – Tua Tagovailoa
  • Last season: 9-8

    2022 Outlook

    Could this be one of the BIGGEST turnarounds this season? Miami’s Quarterbacking takes a full dive into Tua Tagovailoa‘s career even more. Sure, the Dolphins brought in Teddy Bridgewater as a backup but let’s face it, the offense is a complete upgrade from 2021. Just look at the list of new WR and RB above and it’s enough to convince you right? Tua will have all the options whether it’s in front of him or behind him. The Running Back room could arguably become one of the best if not best in the NFL in 2022. Maybe it’s security if Tua struggles to adapt quickly to perfecting his precision against great defenses? Head Coach Mike McDaniels steps in to man this operation. He was originally in San Fransisco to improve their rushing attack and was later promoted to offensive coordinator before coming to Miami. See Deebo Samuel‘s rushing ability? McDaniels was the man behind the scenes but Tyreek Hill now adds more flavor for him.

    A lot weighs on Tua’s adaptability with his new weapons but the defense also has a test this season to improve. Early on should the Miami offense takes some time to figure itself out, the defense could be called upon to keep them in games. Amongst all key defensive statistics, the Dolphins’ defense came across as average. That will have to take a huge leap if they expect a Super Bowl contending season.

New England Patriots

  • Key additions: WR – DeVante Parker
  • Key losses: RB – Brandon Bolden, G – Shaq Mason
  • Starting Quarterback: Mac Jones
  • Last season: 10-7

    2022 Outlook:

    In 2021, we told you that there should be NO SURPRISE if the Patriots somehow find their way knocking at the door of the Bills for the division. Well, 11-6 from Buffalo vs 10-7 from New England sounds about right. The hype of Mac Jones continues on as his coach chimes in that there is “dramatic improvement”. Are you feeling this weird strange thing since Jones was drafted by the Patriots that this fit is just a match made in heaven? It’s becoming to look that way but the Patriots continue their under-the-radar low profile approach. In 2021, the Patriots spent more money on the defense rather than the offense. A 10-7 record with a Rookie QB proved something is worth waiting for in 2022.

    There is something missing in Boston this year and that is Josh McDaniels who is now the Head Coach in Las Vegas. How that impacts Jones is yet to be seen. The Patriots will stay put with the majority of last year’s team beyond adding veteran WR DeVante Parker from Miami. Jakobi Meyers and Kendrick Bourne return as the primary targets for Jones. The backfield will be Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. Veteran James White recently announced his retirement from the NFL. Likewise the Bills preview, we’ll say it again this year, the Patriots can very well sneak into the playoffs as division winners should the cards fall right.

New York Jets

  • Key additions: RB – Breece Hall, TE – C.J. Uzomah, TE – Tyler Conklin
  • Key losses: WR – Jamison Crowder
  • Starting Quarterback: QB – Zach Wilson
  • Last season: 4-13

    2022 Outlook:

    Oh, this one just got a little hot off the press. You’re getting the preview as Zach Wilson now has a torn meniscus and is set to be out 2-4 weeks from Mid-August. How does this impact the Jets? Well, Joe Flacco seems to believe he can still start in the NFL and he’ll get his wish. A veteran QB that has some young talent around him isn’t such a bad thing. The Jets return with WR Corey Davis, WR Elijah Moore, and newly drafted RB Breece Hall. They’ll downgrade RB Michael Carter as Hall seems to be the preferred option in the backfield.

    A couple of new veterans at Tight End with C.J. Uzomah (from CIN) and Tyler Conklin (from MIN) help Flacco and the Jets early on in the season find some upgrades. Overall, the Jets are poised to be the underdogs in almost every game this season. In their first 10 weeks, they will face the Bengals, Packers, Dolphins, Bills, and Patriots twice. That sounds like a recipe for another 4 wins or less season.

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Top 10 Wide Receiver Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football

What’s your favorite position in football? We think the WR might be the coolest position. Extreme talent to run, jump, and time catches from your QB is an art form of the NFL. Now presenting, Top 10 Wide Receiver Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football!

  • Rankings considered between PPR and STD scoring
  • Our rankings: Love them? Hate them? Let us know!
  • As always these opinions reflect solely on the research from the Baseline Times staff
  • Every week until the end of August you can expect to find us ranking other positions and full coverage of the NFL 2022 Fantasy Football season
  • Consider that these WR ranked in our Top 10 are probably worthy enough of nothing short of drafting in the second round, no later.

Top 10 Wide Receiver Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football

ADP 1 – Cooper Kupp – Los Angeles Rams

If the reason you are here for some “where do I take him in the draft” advice, I’d assume you know he’s the undisputed number one WR this season. Kupp remains in a prestigious position to be the number one target for Matthew Stafford. If you understood that Stafford doesn’t run much any way he’s doing nothing but sitting in the pocket tossing to Kupp.

Allen Robinson II joins the Rams this season as the only other WR to threaten Kupp’s target sharing. Gone is Robert Woods now in Tennessee. At the time of these rankings, Odell Beckham is still a free agent so all odds are Kupp remains the favorite guy yet again. Where do we take Kupp? I wouldn’t mind Kupp if Austin Ekeler, Jonathan Taylor, or Derrick Henry is off the board in a Standard scoring league. If you’re in a PPR league obviously Kupp now favors anywhere in the Top 5 overall.

ADP 2 – Justin Jefferson – Minnesota Vikings

Listen in on the trend here. A couple of things are now in place that tie into the ranking mentioned above. First, the not-so-obvious is that Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford are not very mobile. They also pace some pretty solid yardage. What does that mean? Are you sniffing what we’re sniffing? HAMMERING targets to Jefferson.

The real obvious is that Wes Phillips is now the Offensive Coordinator in Minnesota. Doesn’t ring a bell to the masses right? Well, he coached the Rams through last season’s monstrous season from Cooper Kupp. Don’t shy away from picking Jefferson in any league as the second-best WR behind Kupp. Cousins threw only 7 interceptions last season which is the second lowest next to Rodgers who threw 4 in 2021. The efficiency is there for Cousins to improve and hopefully direct more yardage/better routes for Jefferson.

ADP 3 – Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals

With a better offensive line in Cincinnati, the hope is Burrow has more time to throw all day to Mr. Chase. Sophomore slump? No way! His 2021 Rookie season brought in 81 receptions, 1,455 yards, and 13 Touchdowns. He’s already the QBs go-to and a big body that can create space always to catch at his young age. He’s just blowing by Eli Apple in training camp.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to put the type of season together for the Chase again. His ceiling now is being able to hit the Cooper Kupp-like numbers. Chase finished 18th overall in PPR scoring last season so it’s fair to say his expectation to push your team over the rest of WR week-to-week will be in good hands with him as a must-start WR.

ADP 4 – Davante Adams – Las Vegas Raiders

There is too much going on with this one but one thing remains the same. Adams is coveted as one of the best, if not the best WR in the game right now. Why are we placing him this low on a fantasy ranking then? Who knows but the above choices are great and Adams can be just as great or even better. Things to consider though, are Josh McDaniels and Derek Carr are two new factors in Adams’ 2022 season.

We do know that Adams was a target hog in Green Bay but will Carr be able to elevate his game with talent like Adams? The feeling is that it will happen and McDaniels is someone who can coach football obviously. We’re leaning with the general opinion that it’s a no-brainer that Adams shouldn’t be ignored as a first-round pick this season. He’s one of the only WR that can finish in the top 5 of fantasy scoring overall in the WR position year after year.

ADP 5 – Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills

If there is one WR this season that arguably you can’t leave out of the top 5 it’s Diggs. A lot of us rank Josh Allen as the number one QB this season. Well, if you’re following the trail here throughout our rankings, the tea. Allen threw at least 38 passes last season. 9 of them at least went to Diggs who converted that to 16.4 PPR points per game.

What’s almost guaranteed here with Diggs is that he is easily a 1200-yard, 10-Touchdown WR this season which should rank him pretty damn high regardless of Standard or PPR scoring leagues. Diggs finished 8th overall among WR yards last season (1225 yards). Hence, his mid-range ranking is in the Top 10 chart here. The possibility to rise above the WRs ranked above is very positive. The Bills will have to figure out if Jamison Crowder, Isaiah McKenzie, or Gabriel Davis will be the next best target for Allen. This favors Diggs even more in 2022.

ADP 6 – Deebo Samuel – San Fransisco 49ers

The contact has been signed and the fantasy ranking for Deebo stands. It’s clear as the day his talent is there and when used correctly it’s efficient for fantasy purposes. The BEST case scenario for Samuel was to stay with the 49ers if you ask us. Kyle Shanahan is proven of leading some offense places (but not finishing the job in the playoffs). But please don’t let foolish things like that distract you from what’s important. Deebo will thrive with Shanahan’s lead and supposedly the contract dispute might have earned Samuel more touches.

What’s even more exciting is that the 49ers have put their full trust in second-year QB Trey Lance. A more mobile athletic QB that also will have a learning curve this season as well. Let’s get one thing straight unless Lance has the timing, arm, habits, and playbook down at a high level, we might get more of Deebo from the ground vs the air again. That isn’t a bad thing since normally Deebo can give you both a stout running back one game or some big games from the air in PPR-friendly leagues.

ADP 7 – Keenan Allen – Los Angeles Chargers

We know, we get it, usually, he’s trending for the 10th spot in the 2022 rankings. Keenan Allen is no WR just to pass up to risk for let’s say a DK Metcalf, Jaylen Waddle, Tee Higgins, or DJ Moore. What’s PROMISED is that he’s the number one guy in an offense that has arguably the 1.2 QB in fantasy, Justin Herbert.

Since 2017 it is promised that Allen can give you between 16-17 points per game in Fantasy Football. Mr. Consistency is his name to us. PPR fans get ready to draft him as the best WR in the second round. 2022 shouldn’t any different. Sure, you might favor Mike Williams a bit more this season and that’s fine. We’ll be here at the end of the season to tell you you’re wrong. If we’re wrong fine (and injuries can exclude us from being wrong). Here is another promising note, since 2015 Allen AT LEAST averages 10 yards a catch. PPR fans, that’s 2 points for every catch every week! Missing 3 games in the last 5 seasons also is key.

ADP 8 – CeeDee Lamb – Dallas Cowboys

This one cannot go any lower. We’ve done enough research to find out that in 2021 Dak Prescott really stuck to the pocket and passed. His 596 passing attempts in 2021 were a career-high that tied his 2019 season. We’re seeing less of Prescott running out of the pocket these days as his 2021 rushing attempts were below average for a QB with only 48 rushing attempts. You know what this means right?

The Cowboys traded Amari Cooper to the Browns and in return, look to give Lamb the green light as their young next best WR of the future. He was the most targeted WR in 2021 for Dallas but that came with the injury to Cooper who missed two games in 2021. Michael Gallup also was injured and played in 9 games for Dallas last season. This opens eyes for Dallas how talented Lamb can be for them. The second most targeted receiver last year was Dalton Schultz who is a TE for Dallas. That’s enough to consider Lamb as a solid WR second-round pick.

ADP 9 – Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One of Tom Brady‘s WR has to be Top 10 RIGHT? Yep, let’s not ignore that team that threw the MOST passes in 2021. Tom Brady returns, and Mike Evans stands as the best option in Tampa. Chris Godwin did return to the field but his status to play the entire season depends. Do the Buccaneers ease in Godwin early in the season? Brady also has to connect with Russell Gage and Julio Jones who are new to the team this season. His old reliable will be Evans.

Evans has one of the most decorated careers on paper. He’s played 8 seasons and was able to bring in 1,000 receiving yards in each of them. With Brady as his QB, his Touchdown average over the last two years is 13.5 Touchdowns (13 in 2020 and 14 in 2021). Nothing should slow down in 2022 when a 45-year-old Tom Brady really wants to go out with a bang.

ADP 10 –Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins

We strive to be a little different here at Baseline Times but not too much different. Are we saying Hill isn’t worthy of AT LEAST a second-round pick in 2022? No, we are not but he’s ranked down here to curve some expectations. Yes, we’re on the train that Tua’s play early on in the season could be figuring out his new weapons. Do you sacrifice that for more sure guys ranked above?

Again, to our earlier point above in the bullet points, this list is compiled to ensure you understand this list is your best option to draft a WR in the second round of redrafts NO LATER! Hill gets the last spot because of the QB situation. However, he’s a machine when it comes to yards after the catch and pure NFL talent that should not be ignored just because his QB is Tua. Sure, Jaylen Waddle is a concern but the next best WR is Cedric Wilson Jr. The Dolphins will be targeting Hill as much as Mahomes did. Waddle is a nice distraction of talent for opposing defenses to pick their poison when defending against Miami’s WR core.

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NFL launches NFL+ but is it worth the hype?

The quick read analysis is here. Getting straight to the point, can I FINALLY stream every out-of-market game in a packaged deal that makes sense? From the NFL directly too? NO, you can’t!

NFL+ — the National Football League’s exclusive streaming subscription service — officially launches today.

With NFL+, fans can take their game on the go. NFL+ offers access to live out-of-market preseason games across all devices, live local and primetime regular season and postseason games on mobile devices, live local and national audio for every game, NFL Network shows on-demand, NFL Films archives, and more.


  • Live local and primetime games on mobile and tablet devices
  • Live out-of-market preseason games across all devices
  • Live game audio (home, away, and national calls) for every game of the season
  • NFL library programming on-demand, ad-free
  • $4.99/month or $39.99/year

NFL+ Premium:

  • All features of NFL+
  • Full game replays across devices (ad-free)
  • Condensed game replays across devices (ad-free)
  • Coaches Film (ad-free)
  • $9.99/month or $79.99/year

We’re throwing a flag and calling a false start on the offense, NFL. If you’ve been following the NFL TV deals you’ll know that DirecTV seems to want no business investing further in NFL Sunday Ticket after the 2022 season.

This means the main way to watch any game out of your local TV market will change for the NFL’s 2023 season and onward. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Disney have inquired to have rights to playing games on their streaming services.

Furthermore, the NFL+ reveal today is another example of a curveball the league could be throwing. With a streamable application that you can use on any Amazon device, Apple device, Google device, or personal computer wouldn’t it make more sense to expect 2023 with NFL+ AND the chance to stream every SINGLE NFL GAME weekly? (Ok fine, you can blackout the local games we won’t die)

What are the best NFL+ best benefits right now?

  • The ability to watch every preseason game live.
  • Monthly payment options but affordable yearly prices.
  • A more direct way to stream local market games on a device rather than depending on a TV provider to log in on a separate app.
  • Coaches Film: if you really love (LIVE) the game then, this could be a cool option to watch what the coaches watch to prepare and gameplan.

Why NFL+ disappoints?

  • Roger Goodell had one good quote, “We look forward to continuing to grow NFL+ and deepening our relationship with fans across all ages and demographics, providing them access to a tremendous amount of NFL content, including the most valuable content in the media industry: live NFL games.” This quote screams, a trial and error year before we are ready to fully show it off.
  • Not ready to stream ANY Live NFL game during the regular season.

Overall, the achievement of launching a standalone app with streaming capabilities in this day in age means you’re prepared to stream something valuable. It’s assumed that the NFL is attempting to take matters into its own hands and stream every single game live weekly, well eventually.

App performance, connection issues, and bugs in the software all have a year to work out itself before the DirecTV expires. That is probably the most promising takeaway from today’s announcement.

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Early Top 10 Tight End Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football

Food for thought! Should this position just be eliminated altogether for Fantasy Football purposes? Can they can some weird metric to track those Tight Ends who can block? We don’t know but we do understand that some of your leagues may not ask to start a TE weekly. With that being said, do you have a flex spot or two instead? USE IT! Sometimes the right TE is worth the start. Now presenting, early Top 10 Tight End Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football!

  • Rankings considered between PPR and STD scoring
  • For the PPR fans, Mark Andrews poured in 301 points which led ALL TE last season in PPR scoring. To frame this, it’s about equal to a Tyreek Hill, Najee Harris, and Ja’Marr Chase scoring in 2021.
  • Kyle Pitts played well enough as a Rookie landing in the top 10 of STD or PPR scoring rankings
  • Our rankings: Love them? Hate them? Let us know!
  • As always these opinions reflect solely on the research from the Baseline Times staff
  • Every week until the end of August you can expect to find us ranking other positions and full coverage of the NFL 2022 Fantasy Football season

Top 10 Tight End Rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football

ADP 1 – Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs

If he’s your 1B and Mark Andrews is your 1A then ok fine. No big deal in drafting him over Andrews. With Tyreek Hill out of the picture and Patrick Mahomes now turning to a slightly different receiving core, things will get interesting. His 8.4 targets per game led to 1,125 yards in 2021. Just a hair under what Andrews added on the board. Kelce and Andrew both caught 9 receiving Touchdowns in 2021. Yes, it’s that close in 2022!

It’s hard to hype up Kelce even more honestly. If you’re looking for some tea Tyreek Hill led the Chiefs with 159 targets last season. Kelce was a close second with 134 targets in 2021. Hill’s ability to catch and make plays after his catch is on par with Kelce but believe it or not Kelce won the YAC battle in 2021. Hill only put up about 4 yards after a catch per game while Kelce’s 6 could be more significant with the majority of targets headed his way in 2022. He’s the clear targeting favorite for Mahomes.

ADP 2 – Mark Andrews – Baltimore Ravens

This is where you may have a 1A and 1B depending on who you’re talking to. You’re here with us and we’ll say it. Yes, Mark Andrews and Travis Kelce can go hand in hand. However, we give the slight nod to Andrews due to the potential he could see more targets and better yet a better per-game average than Kelce. Make no mistake though, he’s clearly late first-round or second-round draft value.

Last season, Andrews finished in some top-tier scoring rankings alongside Ja’Marr Chase, Najee Harris, and Tyreek Hill. If that doesn’t wake you up then hopefully his 9 targets a game and 1,361 yards in 2021 is also a key indicator. The Ravens’ offense relies heavily on Andrews and it’s clear as day. However, you’d think Andrews is the type of guy just to catch and run right? His 4.3 yards after a catch isn’t above-average so to say. Some advance metrics say Andrews will give you 8.4 yards a catch. This means he’s kind of the best option for a Lamar Jackson who is running like a chicken with his head off and dumping it to his reliable TE. Make no mistake again, Andrews is pure talent.

ADP 3 – Dalton Schultz – Dallas Cowboys

Schultz may be the one-of-a-kind TE that can fall to you later in a draft but give you some boarder line star power scoring. You’ll notice that PPR is going to get reference a lot in the TE rankings. Well, that’s because these TE do nothing but block or catch. Making them more worthy of a PPR scoring league. Who would have thought that Schultz’s overall scoring would land him close to Dalvin Cook, D’Andre Swift, and Nick Chubb? Now granted the just mentioned did not play in all 17 games it did take Schultz the entire season to achieve this (he stayed healthy for 17 games!).

Let’s take a look back at 2020 for a second. Dak Prescott goes down 5 games in and here comes Andy Dalton to lead the Cowboys for the rest of the season. Schultz finished with 89 targets in 2020 behind Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup. Last season Gallup missed 8 games but Prescott saw some career-high numbers (per our QB rankings) in passing last season. The point here is Dallas feels comfortable playing Schultz and making him a prime target where matchups seem to favor them. Amari Cooper is no longer on the team and assumingly the target share will favor CeeDee Lamb but Schultz could be a close 2nd or 3rd again.

ADP 4 – Kyle Pitts – Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts had a Rookie season that paced 10.4 PPR points per game last season. With Calvin Ridley now suspended for the full 2022 season, Pitts becomes an attractive offensive focal piece for the Falcons. Marcus Mariotta is the new QB on the block in the post-Matt Ryan era. Pitts led the Falcons with 110 targets in 2022. Russell Gage was a close second with 94 but is no longer a member of the team.

The Falcons are full of question marks with Mariotta at the helm but a team nonetheless could tank by midseason. This is a case of the bad teams’ great fantasy player production rank. I would ASSUME Pitts can score more than one Touchdown like he did last season. With already year one in the books, he caught 1,026 yards which aren’t something to ignore about him. His 68 receptions out of the 110 targets is a little lower but here’s to hoping a vet like Mariotta can help out the young buck.

ADP 5 – Zach Ertz – Arizona Cardinals

On a serious note here is where we thank you for reading so far through what seems to be a boring sports lag before football season makes us crazy. Right? Anyways, this is where we leave a nice little gem in place. Zach Ertz is probably going to show up around here may be higher to a more woke blog or media giant.

Ertz seemed to be fitting in just nice last season when he was traded to the Cardinals. Out of Kelce, Andrew, Darren Waller, George Kittle, and Rob Gronkowski, Ertz sits within the reaching distance of those names from 2019-2021 when it comes to PPR scoring. Ertz played in 11 games in 2020 but there is something in the fog that looks to be trending up for him. He average 7.6 targets in 10 games as a member of the Cardinals last season and 5.1 in 7 games with the Eagles. His ceiling is similar to Hockenson’s of the 10 points per game but who would you rather have? The guy with the Lions offense or Cardinals? Sure, DeAndre Hopkins can come back after his six-game suspension, sure Kyler Murray might not like throwing to him, or Hollywood Brown eats up all the targets. But in between the lines, Ertz is a big upgrade over their previous years’ TE room worth throwing to especially on goal line situations.

ADP 6 – Darren Waller – Las Vegas Raiders

We’re not going to answer or address DaVante Adams but yes, I mean cmon people Adams is a generational talent that will demand more targets. Now, is this typically a bad thing for Waller? Perhaps Waller goes from a rather high-yardage TE to Touchdown dependent TE in the WORSE case? He’s put together a couple of solid seasons before getting injured last season. The fear here is that he certainly was a focus of the offense for the Raiders in those seasons. In 2019 he was targeted 117 times and finished with 1,145 yards. In 2020 he was targeted 145 times and finished with 1196 yards.

Enter in Adams, and the targeting should cool off but by how much is the question? Derek Carr now sits with Adams and Hunter Renfrow as his main WR and where can Waller fit in between all that? The Raiders offensive line isn’t among the best but does Waller provide more blocking in 2022 while running shorter routes? Shorter routes could be fun for a guy who can catch and run up the field. Waller shouldn’t be expected to boom into Travis Kelce this season.

ADP 7 – George Kittle – San Francisco 49ers

This one is tough but in 2021 we’ve reached our witts end. Kittle is continuously drafted high but will finish scoring about the same as a WR 3 on a high-scoring offense. Which is nice to do with Jimmy Garrapolo as your QB right? We can make funny jokes at times. But honestly, is he worth the high rankings and for blogs to consistently lie to you he’s worth it? Are the above-mentioned guys worth the pick over Kittle?

Here is food for thought, he’s absolutely an awesome pick should he turn out healthy and back to his prestigious worth to take in the second round. Kittle is the end of the road to Tight Ends that are worthy of drafting and not having to worry about that position for the season. You feel confident taking him and he’ll give you a great boost when he eats and the “just good enough” because the rest of the TE you’re up against can’t do what he does. Do we see Trey Lance at some point? Will Deebo Samuels play and dominate touches? All this is too much to say he’s worth the price tag maybe around 4th round at the EARLIEST.

ADP 8 – T.J. Hockenson – Detroit Lions

He’s one of the rare Lions players alongside D’Andre Swift ranked high for fantasy purposes. Now, last year you may have drafted him with high expectations. The disappointing 2021 season for Hockenson is that he missed 5 games due to injury. For Fantasy Football owners banking on him to produce mid-level production, you may want to tame expectations. But why is he so high?

In 2019 and 2020 Hockenson was trending to be a solid 10 PPR points per game kind of guy. Despite being the third most targeted on the Lions he’ll emerge with a Touchdown to push that 10 points to a nice 17-18 occasionally. The odds are you’ll beat the pack in the TE category almost every week or break even with Hockenson. Amon-Ra St. Brown now looks like a young athletic WR that will be the targeting focus for Jared Goff.

ADP 9 – Dallas Goedert – Philadelphia Eagles

Oh, the irony is here. Out goes Ertz from Philadelphia last year and Goedert’s production trends up? Yep, just like that. I’m starting to sip on this kind of tea. Mobile QBs are getting far too friendly with their TE (Jackson-Andrew in BAL, Hurts-Goedert PHI?). Perhaps the only guy who went unblocked and wide open is best for some short yardage than none right? Where is the i hAte aNaLyTiCs cRowd?

Ok we won’t hype him up as the next Mark Andrew but starting from Week 7 of last season, he averaged 5.7 targets a game until the end of the season. His slow start from Weeks 1-7 could be to blame for an average like TE production and separate him from an above-average. Basically, Goedert is ranked this high with the expectation that a full season’s workload will grant us to rank him here or higher in potential seasons to come. Could be a bust so round 8 or later is the best place to take him.

ADP 10 – Hunter Henry – New England Patriots

His 75 targets are a key number to keep in mind when it comes to the Tight End field. See you could assume he is Touchdown dependent too right? But what’s the hidden rule of “Touchdown dependent”? Are we saying any Tight End who can’t drop you at least 800 yards fits this category? If you’re a League Manager looking to hone in on a TE you can slot into the weekly slot, expect at least 10 points per game, you’ve got one of the most promising ones in Henry. He’ll do just that.

The Patriots did not make any major offensive moves in the offseason besides signing Devante Parker. Parker hasn’t been able to play a full season since 2019 and only played in 10 games for Miami last season. Without much changing in the offense, the targeting and pacing of the Patriots’ offense can be expected to include Henry. The great debate was how he would fit alongside Jonnu Smith. Henry saw 45.9 snaps per game to Smith’s 32.9. Henry saw 4.7 targets to Smith’s 2.8 targets per game. A nice 9 Touchdowns later and Henry can make you seem like a genius on a good day. With O.J. Howard now in Buffalo now and the Bills seem to keep an open mind about anyone but Diggs with targets. We say fade Knox this season.

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Early Top 10 Running Back rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football

If you’re new to Fantasy Football welcome. You’ll learn quickly that this is the MOST important position that you may want to pay attention to for draft purposes. Alright on to the rankings but first let’s take a quick highlight of your RB needs. Here is your early Top 10 Running Back rankings for 2022 Fantasy Football!

  • Rankings considered between PPR and STD scoring
  • Jonathan Taylor took the crown for the MOST points scored by a Running Back in the 2021 season. Whether you played in a Standard, Half-Point, or Full-Point PPR league he’s still number one!
  • The most touches? Najee Harris with 381 touches led the NFL’s Running Backs.
  • Jonathan Taylor led all Running Backs with 18 Rushing Touchdowns in the 2021 season. Just food for thought.
  • Our rankings: Love them? Hate them? Let us know!
  • As always these opinions reflect solely on the research from the Baseline Times staff
  • Every week until the end of August you can expect to find us ranking other positions and full coverage of the NFL 2022 Fantasy Football season

ADP 1 – Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts

We keep hearing about this guy at least five times before we started ranking right? You bet he’s pretty important. Here are some quick things to consider about Mr. Taylor. His Offensive Line did wonders to allow him to run 1,811 yards on 332 Rushing Attempts in the 2021 season. He’s trending up as one of the most prolific runners in the NFL.

He does have a new Quarterback he will line up behind this season. That being Matt Ryan however, does it really matter with Taylor slaying on the ground? NOPE! JT has shown as a Rookie he can handle the running load scoring about 250 points in 2020 depending on your scoring league’s scoring. Last season’s full point PPR tally was 373.1 for the frame of reference. He’s a clear RB1 in any league these days but temper your expectations on him being a pass-catching RB. His 51 targets as a receiver were not even top 10 amongst all RBs last season. This is proof his scoring comes from truly the running game. Further proof you shouldn’t be too concerned with Matt Ryan in town.

ADP 2 – Austin Ekeler – Los Angeles Chargers

Look out Fantasy Football Managers. Your draft queue should always consider some of the top-tier talents in the league and some of those players are falling with the Chargers too often. We ranked Justin Herbert as the QB2 for the 2022 Season. Ekeler is a beneficiary of the young Quarterback’s talent. A huge plus side for Ekeler is that he’s targeted quite a lot as a receiver. In fact, in the 2021 season, his 94 targets as a receiver were tied with Najee Harris.

Let’s pack in why Ekeler maintains his ranking here though. Of the 94 times he was targeted as a receiver last season he caught 70 passes and converted them into a LEAGUE high 647 as a Running Back. That is the tea we leave you to consider him as your star in that RB slot this season. Ekeler shared a workload with Justin Jackson towards the end of the 2021 regular season. This was a concern for Fantasy Managers who most in the playoffs at that point of the season would be livid. Ekeler’s ankle was the blame but as it seems should he stay healthy the touches are his.

ADP 3 – Christian McCaffery – Carolina Panthers

Oh, this is touchy! How many of us have been burned by Mr. McCaffery’s inability to stay healthy the past couple of seasons? *Raises hand shamefully*. What we can say is that the rankings you’re seeing check out. CMC is one of the most unique Fantasy Football gems ever. For those in PPR leagues, in 2018 he played every game and scored 385.5 points. In 2019 he played in every game and scored a league-high 471.2 PPR points. Do we want to justify and sell you on taking McCaffery even if you’re not comfortable? No, obviously draft CMC within the top five range of a redraft league at your own risk.

The positives to point out last season is that CMC played 7 games and averaged about 18 points a game between an STD and PPR scoring leagues. The dumbest thing we can write out to you is yes, healthy CMC is the best option for a stud RB. Despite Cam Newton, Sam Darnold, or various backup Quarterbacks taking snaps for the Panthers, we find McCaffery as the perfect pass-catching Running Back Fantasy Football has come across. The last thing to sell you on is to consider that CMC’s workload and injury last season wasn’t season-ending or required major surgery. It would appear the Panthers knew their faith was sold weeks before the season’s end and decided to shut him down.

ADP 4 – Najee Harris – Pittsburg Steelers

All we have is ONE Rookie season to go by, unfortunately. However, Harris still checks out to be one of the top Running Backs to consider especially if you’re drafting late in the first round. Here is where the success lies for Harris. As mentioned above he tied Austin Ekeler in targets out of all the other Running Backs in the league. The flip side is he only turned those receptions into 467 yards. I mean if you’re really doing the math, whether you’re playing in an STD or PPR scoring that’s an easy 46.7 points of yardage beyond his running game (your league scoring could make it for better).

wHat aBoUt a soPhoMoRe sLuMp? Well, the tea there is this, the Steelers plan to reduce Harris’ workload and he seems to be down for that as well per himself. Does this mean he will have a huge drop-off? Probably not but do consider this if you’re licking your chops with a top-five pick in a redraft league. You may want to lean towards the first three mentioned or a stud WR. The good news is Harris is a proven back that can catch and run or just take a handoff and give you what you need. Given his high targeting as a pass-catching RB, he stays in the Top 10 but is perhaps a late first-round pick in redraft leagues.

ADP 5 – Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans

It’s incredible that Henry has to fall this low when speaking on the Running Backs for fantasy purposes however, not surprising. In a newly minted 17-game schedule we were robbed of Henry in about half of those. He was hurt in Week 8 and did not play in the rest of the regular season. When drafting Henry yes, the workload and injury last year could make you consider passing on him this year. However, consider for once the athlete and talent you’re drafting over the rest of the field after him. You’ll get nobody like Henry.

What is really intriguing about Henry in 2021 is his pass-catching. He was trending for career highs in receptions and receiving yards. In the eight 2021 games, he was targeted 20 times as a receiver and caught 18 of those passes. This resulted in 153 receiving yards before his injury. His previous career-high was in 2019 when he caught 18 passes that resulted in 206 yards (in 15 games).

Of course, the tables slightly turn where Henry’s reliance could amp up that A.J. Brown and Julio Jones are no longer on the team. Newcomer WR Robert Woods is the other distraction for defenses against the Titans and Ryan Tannehill‘s other option besides Henry. Beyond just Henry’s health do some homework on the Titans’ Offense Line periodically if you do decide to take Henry. Blocking is going to be huge to allow him to run through gaps that don’t require him beating his body through defensive lines.

ADP 6 – Joe Mixon – Cincinnati Bengals

We promise we’re not doing this on purpose but it is ironic that Joe Burrow also finished ADP 6 among Quarterbacks in our Early Top 10 Quarterback Rankings. This isn’t on purpose but Mixon also falls within the same window here too. If you’re a total score watcher well consider this, Mixon can land you an easy 250 points overall in PPR scoring when he’s playing each game in the season.

Here is the tea of the other Joe in Cincinnati, he’s the 3rd highest Running Back in the NFL when it came to touches in 2021. He finished 3rd overall (16 TDs) among Running Backs in scoring Touchdowns overall. There aren’t any signs or worries that the Bengals plan to split touches or reduce his touches either. The only concern is how often the Bengals will target Ja’Marr Chase now that Burrow and he are on the same page.

ADP 7 – Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings

The tale of injury-prone Running Backs comes also with Cook in mind. Despite his pure talent to delight fantasy owners with scoring from the passing or running game he somehow misses games. In his five seasons, he has yet to play more than 14 games. Oh, the NFL adding another Week makes it even worse right? Why does all of the internet of Fantasy Football advice list this guy in their Top 10 yearly?! I know we asked the same question but let’s make a justification.

The NFL’s RB talent starts to drop off after the Top 7-10 Running Backs fall come off the board. Cook is the one exception to not allowing yourself to miss out on a guy who can bring you some serious Running Back points but probably will get injured. If that is the case, the best draft tea is to plan accordingly and draft another quality RB in the second round by default. The shortest best answer to why he’s this high always is: he just scores points.

Examples? Sure! In the 2020 season while playing 14 out of 16 games he scored 337.8 points in a full-point PPR setting. In short, if you can live with missing Cook for a couple of games beyond his Bye Week then, you can certainly start him no questions when healthy to expect above-average RB scoring. He will still bring you a solid average per game and overall score better than what’s left after his ADP.

ADP 8 – Javonte Williams – Denver Broncos

This is how we’re thinking. The Denver Broncos bring in Russell Wilson a guy who will probably throw more often than hand-off to an RB? The Broncos Running Back duo of Williams and Melvin Gordon III DOMINATED the touches in 2021 with not the greatest QB room. Top three in total touches in 2021 for Denver? Williams – 246, Gordon III – 231, and Noah Fant – 68. Um, Houston we have a problem if the tides change for a more focused air attack now that Wilson is at QB. To make this a strong point, realize that Noah Fant is no longer with the team (he’s in Seattle) and he was the TIGHT END!

It’s fair to say the Broncos trusted their dynamic duo of RBs to lead the way in 2021 but 2022 brings on a whole new Head Coach and Offense/Defense Coordinators. This screams red flags but wait. Williams is the clear upgrade over Gordon III and the favorite to receive the majority of RB touches. Williams might see fewer touches so his ability to catch and run or run for more yardage this season will be the key to having him be an exploding Fantasy Football season.

As we mentioned above with Dalvin Cook, we’re going to see RBs this season become more average across the board as we get outside of the Top 10. Williams rushed for 903 yards but can he finally become more efficient and go for 1000-plus in 2022? His 7 Touchdowns overall were nice in 2021. Can he score 10 or more TDs in 2022? Those are the questions we can’t answer and why his BEST ranking is this high.

ADP 9 – Aaron Jones – Green Bay Packers

Speaking of touches, here is a talented RB that might start to see the trickle-down of no Davante Adams almost immediately. He’s arguable the next best talent on the Packers roster when it comes to the offense. What CAN NOT be ignored, however, is that Jones saw 223 touches in 2021. He also only played in 15 games vs the 17 available to play in. Adams was the winner of touches right? NOPE, he only saw 123 touches which are equal to his 123 receptions in 2021 (and yes in our WR rankings you’ll find out Adams is just one hell of an efficient WR talent for fantasy purposes).

A good way to put this is that Jones’ reliance is heavy already and the Packers would be operating very similar as they had been. The air attack with Rodgers is going to be slightly different without Adams but in short, the last thing to worry about is the health of Jones. Because his touches are so high on the team if it increases it only gets better to draft Jones late in the first round of a redraft league. In fact, it’s sort of disrespectful that he’s outside of the Top 10 as some ADP rankings are listing 13 at best for Jones. We say you don’t shy away from Jones just because he missed two games last season.

The Packers could tame his usage with A.J. Dillon but that’s not where the talent in their offense is going to rely on unless Jones is indeed hurt at some point in the season. Jones has played in 45 of the 49 games since 2019. His usage rate is a no-brainer he can maintain the touches and come out mostly healthy from season to season.

ADP 10 – Leonard Fournette – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sorry, we have to do it. Tom Brady is back that is all. Fournette hasn’t had the BEST health record in the last three seasons but he also hasn’t been disappointing when he’s available to play. Also, Fournette is getting some wild ADP rankings for 2022. Some have Fourtnette at the bottom of the Top 10 while the average seems to be about 12-13th ADP ranking. We’ve got to say that Fournette’s health shouldn’t be a factor as his 2020 season is starting to look like a fluke. He was cut from the Jaguars right before preseason and the Buccaneers took him in. He only started three games in 2020 for Tampa but his resurgence in the 2020 Super Bowl run told the story for 2021 (and the Bucs choosing Ronald Jones Jr. for most of the 2020 season over him played a factor).

Last season the starting RB role was clearly his. Despite playing in only 14 of the 17 games he’s still worth looking at strongly this season. The Buccaneers will start the season potentially without Chris Godwin and the starting RB role is Fournette’s by a long stretch. Forunette finished where James Conner and Ezekiel Elliot finish in terms of PPR scoring in 2021. The real tea is Mr. Fournette finished with 84 targets as a receiver in 2021 which was 3rd overall among RBs. Who is the guy throwing him the ball again in 2022? Oh yeah, that one guy that they say is a GOAT.

Fournette’s clear role in the Buccaneers’ offense has been determined and set in stone. Expect another elite season for Fournette. Don’t let 2020 fools gold shy you away from one of the MOST targeted RBs as a pass-catcher. If you’re considering D’Andre Swift instead tame expectations that the Lions are not going to snap the ball as many times as Fournette will with Brady in Tampa Bay.

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Early Top 10 Quarterback Rankings for NFL 2022 Fantasy Football

Oh the rollercoaster of Quarterbacking in the NFL has become a lot more exciting in recent seasons. Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford swapped cities in 2021, Tom Brady decided he couldn’t leave football alone after the 2021 season, and Carson Wentz finds a new city yet again in 2022. Here is an early top 10 ranking for Quarterbacks in Fantasy Football when it comes to the 2022 NFL Fantasy Football season.

  • Rankings considered between PPR and STD scoring
  • As always these are early drafts at the beginning of July take note Deshaun Watson‘s availability in 2022 can factor into our rankings later on in August
  • Love them? Hate them? Let us know!
  • As always these opinions reflect solely on the research from the Baseline Times staff
  • Every week until the end of August you can expect to find us ranking other positions and full coverage of the NFL 2022 Fantasy Football season

ADP 1 – Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

He is the undisputed first QB that should fly off the board in redraft leagues within the first five rounds. Here is the actual tea – Allen may not lead the league in yards thrown or touchdowns but he somehow finds a way to be trending as the top-scoring QB in full-point PPR AND STD scoring leagues. How? In 2021, Allen was third in Rushing Attempts (122) and Rushing Yards (763) compared to all other QBs. Jalen Hurts‘ 139 Rushing Attempts and 784 Rushing Yards took first place for the respective statistical categories mentioned. 

Back to Allen, who also poured in 6 Rushing Touchdowns helped negate some of the negative points his 15 interceptions caused. A rare combination you shouldn’t ignore is that the Bills could come up short at times in games but Allen is the proven QB1 in Fantasy Football terms again this year.

ADP 2 – Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers

A third-year QB this high huh? Don’t have any fear as Herbert seems to be on track for one of the fastest-growing QBs in the league. Likewise, Allen, Herbert brings a “triple-threat” of scoring for a fantasy owner. In 2021 PPR scoring Herbert finished with a total of 395.6 points which trailed Josh Allen’s 417.7 points, both playing in 17 games. Tom Brady was the winner of most yards thrown last season but who was second? Herbert threw for 5014 passing yards which makes him the only QB with Brady to throw for over 5,000 yards in 2021. Will there be a drop-off of throwing for Herbert? Absolutely not! Set to make a serious playoff run again, Herbert is stacked with the talent behind him.

He will continue to thrive with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler. Ekeler is massive proof in the pudding that Herbert will be tossing the ball to his Running Back. Ekeler finished tied first with Najee Harris for most targeted Running Backs in 2021. Take my word (or Google it!) that Ekeler also finished with more receiving yards than Harris. Follow the tea here if you’re woke you know…Ekeler led Running Backs in yards after the catch with at least 9 yards per catch.

ADP 3 – Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

This is where the line starts to get a little more interesting between the rankings. Mahomes could be taken as the QB2 or QB3 in 2022. Some of you may have taken Mahomes last season with pretty high expectations. It’s fair to say Mahomes may have come back down to earth slightly. However, this doesn’t mean he isn’t just another QB to wait out on drafting.

Here is the honest truth some people can’t fathom. Mahomes had one overachieving year in 2018 with 50 touchdowns and 5097 yards thrown. Since then he hasn’t been able to throw for over 5K yards or more than 40 touchdowns in 2019, 2020, and 2021. If you temper your expectations to understanding he’s an above-average top QB for sure you’ll be ok taking him within the first 5 rounds.

ADP 4 – Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He’s back. That’s all I got. Kidding halfway but Brady threw the league’s most Touchdowns and threw the most yards out of any QB in 2021. You will get nothing but the same in 2022. A slight concern is Chris Godwin. He is set to return from an ACL injury and the latest reports in July are the Bucs are “hopeful” he’s ready by Week 1. This could muddy up the first few weeks if Russell Gage takes time to find a groove and Mike Evans is better covered. However, have no fear. If you put a lot of trust into Leonard Fournette this season he’s the third most targeted Running Back in 2021. 

Brady’s resume speaks volumes and the Buccaneers brought in Shaq Mason from New England to help bolster up the Offensive Line (lost RG Alex Cappa in Free Agency). Rob Gronkowski is missing this season, but don’t shy away from TB12 making one more magical run this season. Four of the Buccaneers games will be in domes without weather a factor. Most of the time Florida weather is tamed to be hot, sticky, and sunny. Unless there is a bad weather game Brady is airing it out. He is the only non-mobile QB that is worth a top-five pick at his position.

ADP 5 – Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

There is just one thing about Murray we cannot ignore. He’s efficient running away from trouble and can score Touchdowns on his own. Do you have the idea that he runs into trouble? His 31 sacks taken last season is about average with the rest of the league QBs and his 423 Rushing Yards was 4th among all QBs in 2021. His 5 Rushing Touchdowns put him fourth amongst all QBs last season and Murray only played in 14 games. Let’s just say the injury setback his overall fantasy value and team in 2021. That’s a fair take but at this rate, it’s unfair to say Murray will fade in 2022. He returns with a slightly new core of Zach Ertz and Marquise Brown.

AJ Green and Rondale Moore are the other two likely targets at least for the first six games of the season. Remember folks, DeAndre Hopkins is suspended for the first six games of the 2022 season. This makes Murray a little more exciting to draft if he falls later in a redraft. For a guy who missed a few extra games than expected last season his fantasy value still maintained pretty solid over other QBs playing 16-17 games. The biggest concern in drafting Murray would be if the Cardinals move to a more grounded approach with James Conner but at this rate, Murray is 24 years old and full of fresh legs to keep running.

ADP 6 – Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals

Fresh off the Super Bowl appearance we have Mr. Burr. Whether you’re playing full-point PPR or STD he’s surprisingly in the top-10 based on pure score. The biggest dilemma the Bengals face is pass protection. Burrow was sacked a league-high 51-times in 2021’s regular season. If your league penalizes a QB for getting sacked this is a huge concern of course because that’s Joe deducting points he doesn’t seem to make up on the ground himself. How did they fix this for 2022? They brought in free agent Alex Cappa who just learned the ropes and won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. La’el Collins steps up on the right side next to Cappa as an upgrade as well.

Again, don’t be dumb and look at the bigger picture. Who is Cool Joe tossing to? Highly coveted first or second-round WR Ja’Marr ChaseTee Higgins also is gaining traction as a top pick in the first four rounds. His 34 Touchdowns last season puts him 8th overall compared to the other QBs last season and his 4611 yards place him at 7th overall. After Burrow, your QB selection will become more average across the board.

ADP 7 – Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys signed Prescott to an epic deal and on top of that trust him in the pocket more than ever in 2021. He’s trending up as a passer over the last few seasons. The 2020 ankle injury is a noise of the past and the only season we couldn’t tell what Dak has become. Here this out though. Prescott’s 2021: 410 completions, 68.8% completion percentage, and 37 Touchdowns are all career highs. The loss of an Amari Cooper is concerning but Dak also now has Ceedee Lamb emerging as the clear favorite.

Dalton Schultz seems to be a fair favorite as well. The Cowboys have maintained one of the best Offensive Lines of the last few seasons as Dak was only sacked 30 times in 2021. This is about average with the rest of the league’s QBs. What this screams is that Dak will probably be available a little later in most redrafts but he is a solid efficient QB pick you shouldn’t feel wrong about at all if he lands to you.

ADP 8 – Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens

An unhealthy season for Action Jackson in 2021 doesn’t give much hope in 2022 when his receiving core is a little regressed (or a lot?!). The 2021 Baltimore WR core of Marquise Brown, Rashod Bateman, and Sammy Watkins only remains with Bateman heading into 2022. Brown (146 targets) and Bateman (68) were the two WR that saw most of the targets. Watkins is now in Green Bay and Brown was traded to the Cardinals. Now, the 2022 Ravens WR core are Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay, and James Prochee II. Luckily, Mark Andrews still exists and is one of the few coveted TE that may go as early as the second round in most redraft leagues.

Health is wealth when employing Jackson as your starting QB weekly. Whether you are in an STD or PPR league I got the tea. Jackson (despite missing five games in 2021), still managed to finish second in Rushing Yards and Rushing Attempts behind Jalen Hurts in the QB category. This boosts his value to be considered a Top 5 Fantasy QB in 2022 but a new WR core that isn’t too impressive is questionable more for PPR purposes. Overall, his rushing game makes him a very attractive fantasy choice over some of the less mobile QBs.

ADP 9 – Matthew Stafford – Los Angeles Rams

Here is the real tea of Stafford’s fantasy value. Yes, it’s all because of Cooper Kupp! However, IF Kupp cannot repeat such a prestigious season Stafford’s numbers will decline. Ready for a reason? Stafford doesn’t provide any hope for bonus scoring in Standard or PPR scoring. Why? He had 32 Rushing Attempts, 43 Rushing Yards, and 0 Rushing Touchdowns.

Again, don’t be dumb. Just temper your expectations with Stafford. We’ll hear the Rams added Allen Robinson III to the roster but the Rams also added Odell Beckham in the middle of the season as Robert Woods went down with an injury. Did this make Stafford any better? Nope, his 4886 yards and 41 touchdowns last season again, are widely due to the talent of Cooper Kupp. This is what held him as the 6th highest scoring QB in a full-point PPR league. Kupp SHOULD continue to be an amazing receiver but remember, Kupp’s talent to gain extra yards after a catch will help Stafford be a solid “get the job done” for a QB spot on your roster. If you’ve read this far his 17 Interceptions in 2021 (tied for first with Trevor Lawrence) is clear as day he shoots himself in the foot if you own him as a fantasy owner.

ADP 10 – Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos

There is a new arm in charge in the Mile High City. Wilson is on to better things in Denver. Courtland SuttonTim Patrick, and Jerry Jeudy are the receptors of Wilson’s arm and the average age of these three? 25 years old. His Tight End is Albert Okwuegbunam who is 23 years old. A huge deal in Seattle was Wilson felt like he was not protected. It is far to say the Broncos will focus on protecting their veteran QB this season but a big question is how much of the run game will they shy away from? Javonte Williams lead the Broncos in 2021 with 246 touches with Melvin Gordon being a close second with 231 touches. The third highest? 68 touches to Noah Fant the TE who is no longer with the Broncos as a part of the trade with Seattle.

Beyond adding Wilson, Denver has a new Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett, Offensive Coordinator Justin Outten, and Defensive Coordinator Ejrio Evero. Wilson is a premier talent when healthy and the team around him has talent. He has no problem finding a favorite receiver like Tyler Lockett in Seattle. His Rushing Attempts may see a decline now that Gordon III and Williams are in the backfield. The chance for Wilson to be an above-average QB could be fading but nonetheless, a safe QB pick with the potential to be a greater upside than a decline.

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  • Aaron Rodges
  • Derek Carr
  • Deshaun Watson (pending suspension)
  • Jalen Hurts

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2022 NFL Draft Guide

A lot has happened in the NFL prior to this year’s draft. Davante Adams is a Las Vegas Raider, Russell Wilson swaps Conferences but stays West in Denver, Tyreek Hill is now in Miami, and Tom Brady decided a month of retiring was enough to come back to the NFL.

Nonetheless, a show must go on and that is the 2022 NFL Draft. Here is your quick guide to catching this year’s Draft!

  • 2022 NFL Draft will be hosted from Thursday, April 28, 2022, until Saturday, April 30, 2022
  • The draft will be held in Las Vegas
  • The draft will be broadcast on NFL Network, ABC, ESPN, and ESPN Deportes
    • Thursday, April 28, 8 PM ET
    • Friday, April 29, 7 PM ET
    • Saturday, April 30 Noon ET
  • If you plan to attend in Vegas, Weezer, Ice Cube, and Marshmello will perform FREE concerts
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  • Top 150 Prospects per

Tired of QB’s going early? Per Adam Schefter, this is going to be the first time in a few years we are probably going to see anyone BUT a QB picked at number one! No surprise here as the Jacksonville Jaguars follow up with back-to-back drafts with the number one pick. Their prized possession of a QB, Trevor Lawrence helped the Jags to a 3-14 record last season. Thus, they are picking first tonight for other positions.

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Bengals @ Chiefs
Sunday January 30, 2022
3:00 PM EST | CBS

49ers @ Rams
Sunday January 30, 2022
6:30 PM EST | FOX


49ers - 13 | Packers - 10

Rams - 30 | Buccaneers - 27

Bengals - 19 | Titans - 16

Bills - 36 | Chiefs - 42


First Round Bye


Eagles - 15 | Buccaners - 31

49ers - 23 | Cowboys - 17

Cardinals - 11 | Rams - 34

First Round Bye


Raiders - 19 | Bengals - 26

Patriots - 17 | Bills - 47

Steelers - 21 | Chiefs - 42

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