NFL 2020 – Week 6 Expert Picks

Our Baseline Times Staff has broken down expert picks for each game in Week 6 of the 2020 NFL Season. Check out their predictions!

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The Poor QB Fantasy League

Inspired by the many Bad QB Fantasy leagues that came before us. Notably Grantland – RIP.

Poor QB Weekly Results

1Glow – 118 pts behind Fitz’s 182 yds, 3 Int, 1 fumble, no TD game
2Chevy – 21 pts on Darnold’s 179 yd game
3Chevy – riding the Danold train – 102 pts
4Rhoby – 70 pts on Danny Dimes’ dismal 190 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, & 2 sacks
5Jano – 95 poins on Wentz’s 2 INTs & 5 sacks and Haskins’ mid-week benching
Week by Week Standings

Jano – Apparently Justin Herbert is stuff of NFL legend so I dropped the Chargers and picked up the Eagles to start vs. the Steelers. Wentz had another rough game tying his lowest completion percentage of the year, throwing 2 picks, and being sacked 5 times vs the Steelers who quietly have an elite defense this year. Wentz’s misery combined with the midweek benching of Haskins (30 points) resulted in a strong 95 points for me this week. I’ll be sticking with the Eagles heading into week 6 as the Eagles face off against the Ravens who have given up the least amount of points to opponents this year.

Rhoby – Every Giants fan will tell you about Daniel Jones and the flashes of brilliance that hype them up for a bright future. Welp, said flashes were NOT on display this past Sunday afternoon. Jones was running for his life against the Cowboys front seven who did a great job of pressuring, hitting, and even forcing a strip-sack that turned into points for them (and for me)! He failed to lead the Giants on a game-winning drive, nearly throwing an INT and forcing the ball to Dion Lewis for some reason. Thus, a fifth straight loss for the Giants, and another solid week for me in this league. His QB coach has also gone on record to say he’s not worried about him and called him resilient (an official vote of confidence – 10 points). STAT LINE: 26-41 210 yards 1 TD 1 INT 2 fumbles 5 sacks – 75 points.
Would that count as a “vote of confidence?” 75 pts

Chevy – Unfortunately, Sam Darnold not playing in Week 5 was due to an injury. Therefore, this guy doesn’t get to take advantage of the mid-week QB change points. Well here is to hoping that back-up Joe Flacco gave us a surprisingly underwhelming performance. That also worked out as a negative. Flacco threw for one touchdown and gave over-performed on 195 yards. A grand total of 20 points this week from Flacco is a big disappointment for the horrendous Jets. Ironically, starting Nick Foles this week would have given me more points as Nick threw one away in his 20-19 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In a game to play for someone who sucks the worse each week, this is getting tough.

Glow – After the Broncos game was postponed I decided to roll with the Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The 49ers normally have a stout defense, albeit a bit maligned, what could go wrong? Huge mistake. Fitzmagic was on full display as the man threw for 350 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, with just 6 incompletions! This means -50 points for me this week! To make matters worse, the competition has gotten even stiffer as we’ve started to see off field points for the Giants and Washington. Its time for me to go the waiver wire and try to pick up a new team as the Dolphins haven’t been a viable Poor QB team since Week 1.

Poor QB Concept

NFL passing records are dropping like flies these days. The new-ish rules have allowed quarterbacks to flourish like never before. Oh, what’s that? Mahomes throws for 60 TDs this year? Does Lamar Jackson run for 1500 yards? Did Drew Brees pass for 5500 yards? Big Whoop. Here is the revival of a 2020 twist, the Fantasy Football League where a bad quarterback is a good thing.

The Baseline Times believes that there is too much emphasis placed on the top tier quarterback play. Instead, we think that all quarterback play should be taken into consideration. Maybe the quarterback profession should even be taken down a peg or two. While standard fantasy football is fun, we’ll show you what a Bad Quarterback League can do with some friendly staff competition.

Thus, we have tried to encapsulate what it truly means to be a bad NFL QB (which is still no small feat). We will now play fantasy football with this data for our own amusement. Of course, things like poor on-field play are taken into account: turnovers, lack of production, even getting benched, etc. But the art of bad NFL quarterback play includes so much more than that. It includes things like: being a locker room cancer, undermining your coaches, alienating your teammates, making terrible off-field decisions, and embarrassing your team. So, provisions have been made for such off-field bad quarterbacking as well. See the rules below and follow along with your own league!


  • Draft two NFL teams using a snake-style draft. You draft the entire quarterback room for each team, not just the starter or an individual QB.
  • Each week, choose one team to start. Only this starting team will score on-field points.
  • Every QB on your roster is eligible for off-field points. That means whether or not you started a team or if the third-string QB goes on a bender you still get points for their off-field activities.
  • No head to head match-ups in this fantasy league. The total high score wins each week.


  • Interception: 20 points
  • Fumble: 10 points
  • Sack: 5 points
  • No passing/rushing TDs in a game (by QBs on the roster): 30 points
  • Benched/replaced during a game (not due to injury): 50 points
  • Passing yards below 200: 1 point for each yard (i.e. 180 yards = 20 points).
  • 3 TDs (passing or rushing): -10 points
  • 4 TD’s (passing or rushing): -20 points
  • 5 TD’s (passing or rushing): -30 points
  • Passing yards in excess of 300: -1 point for each yard (i.e. 320 yards = -20 points)


  • Official “vote of confidence” from the coach: 10 points
  • Mid-week quarterback change (not-due to injury): 30 points
  • Whining about his coaching, defense, linemen, or receivers: 10 points
  • Teammate/coach calls him out: 10 points
  • Violation of normal team rules: 10 points
  • Practice/locker room fight: (verbal): 10 points (physical): 20 points
  • An altercation on sidelines goes viral: 30 points
  • Detained/questioned by police (non-protest/civil rights related): 20 points
  • Arrested (non-protest/civil rights related): 100 points
  • Anatomical pic goes viral: 100 points
  • Goes viral for dirty laundry getting called out (due to his own actions): 100 points
  • Suspended: 50 points per game
  • Violates the quarantine/COVID protocol: 50 points
  • Apologizes during interview/on social media: 20 points
  • Official apology press conference: 100 points

Baseline Times Poor QB Draft:

TeamPick 1Pick 1 StarterPick 2Pick 2 Starter
RhobyJagsMinshewGiantsDanny Dimes
JanoWashingtonHaskins ChargersTaylor

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NFL – Week 5 Expert Picks

Our Baseline Times Staff has broken down expert picks for each game in Week 5 of the 2020 NFL Season. Check out their predictions!

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Fantasy Football Tips: Gabe’s Faves and Fades Week 5

Week 4….. WOOF! Going 4-5-2 on my picks has me contemplating my life choices. Nah it’s not that serious but I have observed a few takeaways as we enter Week 5. The Falcons, Cowboys and Seahawks are teams you should be building your DFS rosters around as they play very little defense. Let’s GO!!!!


Teddy Bridgewater – With the exception of Trubisky, quarterbacks have feasted against the Atlanta Falcons. Rodgers, Wilson, and Prescott have all eclipsed the 32 point fantasy mark with each surpassing 320 pass yards and Touchdown. The Falcons are ranked 24th or higher in terms of pass TD’s, yards and attempts allowed. – FAVE

Kirk Cousins – Please pray for me to even consider using Cousins in primetime. However, the Seahawks are passed funnel defense which is a gold mine for pass catchers. Fitzpatrick, Prescott, Newton, and Ryan each scored 26+ fantasy points, passing for over 300+ yards and combining for 6 TDs. Understand that the Vikings are a run-first team but could face a deficit forcing Cousins to throw more. – FAVE

Baker Mayfield – The Indianapolis Colts have held 3 of 4 opposing Quarterbacks below their season averages through four weeks. The Colts are ranked 7th in allowing 33.4 pass attempts which aren’t necessarily bad for the run first Browns. Speaking of the which have scored 49 real points against the Cowboys last week which Baker had very little to do with. Landry tossed a TD while Beckham rushed for one. – FADE

Running Back

James Robinson – Robinson has been excellent taking over the position left behind by Fournette. His increased snap count and involvement in the passing game makes him my absolute favorite back this week. Houston has allowed 3 of 4 backs to surpass the 100 yards this season and touchdown. Set it and forget. – FAVE/CHALK

Mike Davis – ATLANTA FALCONS!!! Doing his best CMC impression, Davis has been great over his last three games. He will be the chalk of the slate for good reason. He has 7 RedZone targets in his past 3 games while Atlanta allows 12% more rush attempts at home. On the season, Davis has at least 10 rushes a game while recording 48.7 reception yards in that same span. Think of Davis as CMC lite. – FAVE/CHALK

Myles Gaskin – Furthermore, this is cheating because no one actually plays Dolphins running backs. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he has scored double-digit fantasy in all but one game this season. He is also a check down for Fitzmagic when Parker isn’t open. However, going up against the front seven of the 49ers isn’t a recommended play. You only play him if you need to punt the position and still, there are better options. – FADE

Wide Receiver

Minnesota Vikings WR’s – Going back to the “Attack the Seahawks” theme should be a wise decision. Both Thielen and Jefferson are in great spots to surpass the 20 point fantasy mark. Jefferson has a better matchup going against Tre Flowers who gave up 28 and 36 fantasy points to both Gallup and Ridley. You can’t go wrong with either so lock them in. – FAVE

Darius Slayton – Hello Dallas! The Cowboys are awful this season against the pass ranking 31st in TD’s allowed (1.7). They also allow 9% more fantasy points when favored opposite of the Giants who pass 14% more as underdogs. The only concern is Daniel Jones finding his man downfield. – FAVE

Hunter Renfrow – This $(@&@), the guy had a chance last week to hog all the targets and plays for himself. HE HAD ONE JOB as the rest of the receivers sat. You are better of going after Waller who is in a good spot vs the Chiefs. – FADE

Tight End

Eric Ebron – He is my favorite Tight End this week against a porous Philly team in disarray. Kittle ate them up for 43 fantasy points with a back up QB. Higbee had a career game scoring 28 while Logan Thomas beat his season average scoring 13. The Eagles are allowing a whopping 166% more fantasy points to Tight Ends when away. It also appears he and Big Ben have finally developed some sort chemistry which bodes well for Ebron going forward. – FAVE


Arizona Cardinals – They are playing the Jets. THE END! – FAVE

See my previous Fantasy Football Tips below, and be sure to check back here next week for more FAVES and FADES!

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NFL 2020 – Week 4 Expert Picks

Our Baseline Times Staff has broken down expert picks for each game in Week 4 of the 2020 NFL Season. Check out their predictions!

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Fantasy Football Tips: Gabe’s Faves and Fades – Week 4

Last week, I went 6-4-1 with my picks. Unfortunately, a few of my picks are performing better than I thought (at least in the last week). Brees ended up better than I expected thanks to Alvin Kamara taking passes out the backfield for chunk yards. Kenyan Drake was a massive disappointment scoring only 8 FP while Carson suffered a minor ankle injury for the push. CeeDee Lamb was a victim of the “too many mouths to feed” syndrome as Hockenson just straight up flopped. I am hoping that in Week 4 we watch teams with more stability on the field so that I continue to be on the winning column with my fantasy football tips.


Joe Burrow – Burrow is getting better with each game after two close losses and a tie which means he is due for a win. Enter the Jaguars! Jacksonville is ranked 24th in allowing 271.3 pass yards and 16% more fantasy points on the road. – FAVE

Ryan Fitzpatrick – The magic man takes on the Seahawks in what could potentially be the game of the week in terms of passing yards. There is potential for Fitzmagic to be the highest scoring QB on the slate. Seattle is ranked 32nd in allowing 306.8 pass yards while ranked 31st in attempts allowed at 36.8. The Dolphins tend to pass a whopping 50% more when underdogs. I’d be surprised if Fitmagic didn’t surpass the 30 point fantasy mark. – FAVE

Justin Herbert – The Bucs defense is on the rise and only getting better. Making matters worse for Herbert is that defenses tend to disorient rookie QBs. Tampa is ranked 6th in TD’s allows (0.7) and limits opposing QB’s to 15% less pass attempts over their last 9 games. – FADE


Clyde Edwards-Helaire – This is my guy! I thoguht he was going to be taking a step back going up against a Baltimore Ravens defense on the road. Evidently, the Chiefs have other plans. Involving him in all facets of the run and passing game is making him game-script proof. KC rushes the ball 13% more when favored while the Pats allow 12% more fantasy points to backs on the road. CEH has 112 rec yards this season and i’d expect that to continueFAVE

Darrell Hendersen – THE NEW YORK GIANTS!!! Hendersen is making a good impression over the last two weeks, averaging 21 fantasy points. The Giants are a mess right now ranked 22nd in points allowed to backs. If we are following the game script, the Rams should be ahead early and often which means pounding the rock at will. – FAVE

Washington Football Backs – The back situation here is cloudy as they welcome the presumably pissed off Ravens to town. Gibson in particular has been disappointing after taking the head RB role. The Ravens are 5th ranked in rush TD’s (0.2) and allow 37% less fantasy points to RBs away. – FADE


Tyler Boyd – Makes sense to pair Boyd up with Burrow. Through 3 weeks he is the best slot receiver this season. Boyd has been targeted 20 times in the slot catching 17 balls. He is going up against DJ Hayden whom in which Boyd has the advantage. I can see him scoring between 15-18 fantasy points against the tanking Jags. – FAVE

Hunter Renfrow – Who? Yes Hunter Renfrow! He is basically the last man standing for a receiving corps dealing with injuries. Buffalo allows more passing attempts on the road, second most receiving yards, and the fourth most receptions. To add, Renfrow averages 17 fantasy points per game across 5 games in which his team is the underdog. Hoping this underrated picks bodes well for my fantasy football tips this week! – FAVE

Mike Williams – Read Justin Herbert – FADE


TJ Hockenson – I’m going back to the well with Hockenson after laying an egg vs. the Cards last week. Coming up are the Saints in Detroit who hemorrhage points to Tight Ends. Tonyan, Waller and Howard all scored above 13 fantasy points against the Saints this season. Furthermore, they are ranked 27th in yards allowed to the position (61.1) while giving up 54% more fantasy points to TE’s when favored. Lock him in. – FAVE


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – We always target defenses against rookie quarterbacks and this is no exception. The Chargers are throwing 1.2 INT’s a game and we can expect them to get after Herbert for a few sacks in this one. – FAVE

See my previous Fantasy Football Tips below, and be sure to check back here next week for more FAVES and FADES!

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1st & 10 – Episode 10: NFL 2020 – Week 4 Preview

Week 4 is rolling in as Adam & Mitch bring you ANOTHER ONE! Preview the upcoming games this Sunday with the fellas!

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1st & 10 – Episode 9: NFL 2020 – Week 3 Recap

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NFL – Week 3 Expert Picks

Our Baseline Times Staff has broken down expert picks for each game in Week 3 of the 2020 NFL Season. Check out their predictions!

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NFL Fantasy Football Picks: Gabe’s Faves & Fades – Week 3

Every week, you will get some insight into my “faves” and a recommendation on who to “fade”. Just remember, all the research and data in the world can not prepare you for the unexpected. You know, injuries, testing positive for COVID-19, suspensions – all that jazz. With that said, GOOD LUCK and here are my NFL Fantasy Football Picks for Week 3!

First off, can we all agree that Week 2 was an absolute disaster for Fantasy Football? Quarterback play was on point, but injuries decimated lineups everywhere, including my own. Hurts to admit it, but I went an abysmal 4-11 with my picks last week. Here’s to hoping we ALL rebound in Week 3.


Kyler Murray – Just plug him in and let the good times roll. His rushing attempts are comparable to Lamar Jackson hence his 30.2 FP average through 2 games. Detroit is ranked 26th on both pass TD’s (2.1) and pass attempts (37.7). As a result, pairing him with Hopkins should be cake. Murray is probably the no-brainer for my NFL Fantasy Football Picks this week. – CHALK/FAVE

Dak Prescott – This game is going to be explosive so make sure to pair him with either one or two of his pass catchers. It is the highest rated game on the slate as two premier QBS (Wilson) will depend on the legs as much as the pass. Seattle is dead last in pass yards a game (285) as both Newton and Ryan crossed the 350 yard mark this season. Good news for Dak as he averages 25% more fantasy points against non-divisional opponents. – FAVE

Drew Brees – The end is either near or already here. It’s no secret that Brees home/road splits are damning, but asking him to do it without Michael Thomas makes it more difficult. The Packers defense is ranked 9th in pass TD’s (1) and 6th in pass yards (205) allowed. Playing at home as mentioned before should benefit Brees but his inability to go deep downfield is worrisome. I also expect Kamara to take over limiting Brees in the passing game – FADE


Kenyan Drake – We are once again attacking the Lions defense here. They have been abysmal this season both in the air and ground. The Lions allow 11% more rushing attempts and fantasy points to backs over their last 9. Drake is only averaging 12 fantasy points a game but this is a spot in which he take off. – FAVE

Chris Carson – Carson has been on a mini heater to start the season thanks in part to Wilson playing out of his mind. The difference so far has been his involvement in the passing game. He is officially a dual threat back and should be able to have himself a game vs the banged Cowboys. Carson also averages 18 fantasy points in high scoring games. – FAVE

Frank Gore – I hate to do this being a UM fan but you can’t rely on Gore this late in the game as he is averaging 3.35 FP over his last 12 games. Also anything JETS is toxic which is unfortunate for the OG who has been in the game for so long. – FADE


D.K. Metcalf – Have you noticed the Seattle trend here? They are all in good spots vs the Cowboys. Metcalf is particular has a knack for converting deep balls with solid frame. My only concern is that he isn’t targeted enough. Nevertheless he has 90+ yards in both games this season with a TD in each. Dallas is ranked 27th in TD’s allowed (1.3) and allows 29% more fantasy points to wideouts on the road. – FAVE

CeeDee Lamb – Everyone is trying to trade for him in my league while I benched him the first two weeks. Why did I bench him, you ask? The Cowboys have too many mouths to feed. However, his arrow appears to be pointing up as he vultures Micheal Gallup’s production. Lamb is registering his first pro 100-yard receiving game on 6 receptions while getting the target 9 times. Granted, it came against Atlanta, who is a dumpster fire on defense, but still encouraging. Once again, targeting the Seahawks/Cowboys game gives me reason to believe he can possibly have his coming out party. – FAVE

New York Jets – Just fade all the skill players for the Jets. The incompetence of Adam Gase combined with snail like pace at which they play likely won’t win you any weeks this season. – FADE


T.J. Hockenson – Tight ends vs Arizona continues this season with some qualifiers. I will point out that Kittle got injured in week 1 while Logan Thomas had Haskins as his Quarterback. Next, do you remember the Hockenson game from last season vs these cardinals? He finished 9-131-1 on nine targets good for 22 fantasy points. I’m not saying he will repeat that but its not out of the realm of possibility that he does. – FAVE


Indianapolis Colts – The Jets are allowing 3 sacks a game while adding an interception for good measure. This team is just pure trash and can be attacked every week since Adams departure. – FAVE

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