Baseline Times Interview: Get to know our Mr. Bachelor

Sometimes life takes you down a path to find that special someone. In modern days, it can also happen on reality TV. Baseline Times proudly announces that our very own DeMario Jackson will be appearing on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Sources can confirm that he indeed is the biggest LeBron James fan on the show!

While you can catch DeMario on 3 in the Key Podcast or the Rounding Third Baseball Podcast he’ll have a side gig trying to capture the love of Rachel Lindsay. The season premiere will be on May 22 on ABC. We sat down with DeMario to give you all a brief inside look at who he is! If you’re interested in learning more about this Bachelor check out his bio on the ABC website here!

Why a Yankees fan and you’re from California?

DeMario: My grandpa is from NYC and he was a diehard New York Yankee fan! He witnessed the team win 22 World Series, and when I was born he said I was going to be two things: A great man and a New York Yankee fan. My Honey (Grandma) was also a huge New York Yankees fan. Baseball is my HEART because I shared that special bond with my two angels. <3

What made you become so passionate about sports?

DeMario: I’ve been playing basketball since I was three… and being out on the court and being super competitive is ALL I know. I remember losing a championship game at an early age and my Honey (Grandma) telling me that we lost the championship because we didn’t work as hard as the other team. That is when I became a gym rat…  remember crying after defeat. I remember that pain. I remember telling myself, “work harder.” I then worked harder, came back stronger and won a championship. I remember challenging not only myself but my teammates, as well. For me, sports is a way of life. Sports have helped me become the man that I am today.

The girl of your dreams comes along and is head over heels for you. She claims she despises sports, is she still the girl of your dreams?

DeMario: NOPE! I’m not saying that you have to be Erin Andrews or 100-percent obsessed, but if you aren’t interested and aren’t willing to learn then we won’t last. Sports is a big part of my life and if I can’t enjoy a great beer and nine innings of Baseball, then we won’t last like Kim K and Kris Humphries marriage.

What is the most awkward experience you can recall while on a date?

DeMario: I was on a Bumble date and I saw my Bumble date from the previous night there…. this wouldn’t have been weird but I shady bounced on her because she was boring and I wanted to get home to binge-watch Golden Girls.

Who is one sports icon dead or alive that you would choose to have dinner with today?

DeMario: Dennis Rodman! I feel like he is a complete animal. I KNOW that we would crush a classy dinner at Tao Los Angeles then hit 1OAK and light the club up. Seriously though, he played with some legends and I’d love to get an unflitered opinion of some of my favorite players of all time.

What is one fact about DeMario that the world may not expect?

DeMario: I’m a big crier. I cry 3-5 times per week. I remember when I thought that crying was a sign of weakness but I look at it as strength. #RealTears


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