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Heels of Wrestling Interview w/ Wes Adams

Heels! This week we’re joined by Wes Adams of Powerslam Productions who shares with us some of his personal experiences working in the industry. Wes is a former wrestler and referee for WWE. He’s been behind the scenes for many important moments in WWE, so listen in as he drops these jewels.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: Previews and Predictions

WWE Presents the Elimination Chamber from the T-Mobile Arenas in Las Vegas for 2018. Elimination Chamber this year is a Raw branded PPV. This year we will get to see the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber take place as Alexa Bliss puts her Raw Women’s belt on the line.

Top 10 Rap Battles I Want to See

In battle rap, we’ve been lucky to get a few dream battles. Hollow and Lux, Lux and Clips, and soon we get the long anticipate Hollow and Arsonal rematch on Smack Volume 2. So what more could I possibly want from battle rap? Well, these are the battles I want to see.

The Return of the XFL

The XFL will be making its return in 2020. Vince McMahon is promising an exciting alternative to the modern NFL with the revival of the XFL. But with the NFL juggernaut still running strong, can the XFL carve out a niche to be successful?

Top 10 Battle Rap Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

If you’re a male in America above the age of 18, odds are you’ll get a WWE Attitude era reference, and the bars/schemes will hit. Some rappers can even dip into newer wrestlers or older ones to get a reaction from the crowd. It’s time to salute these artists.