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WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Preview and Predictions

It has been a mixed bag of sorts heading into this PPV. On the one hand, it’s a Hell in a Cell PPV with only one title match in a cell. And then arguably the match that arguably needs it the second most, Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte isn’t scheduled to be inside the cell. Oh WWE your booking never ceases to amaze us. Here are our previews and predictions for Hell in a Cell 2018.

WWE Backlash 2018 Review

Heels! We’re back, and we’re going over last week’s WWE PPV Backlash. In the first dual-branded B-show PPV WWE’s had since the brand split, there was a lot left to be desired. A show that started with a bang came crashing down. Listen in as we break it down.

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble with Blanco Loco

Heels! We’re back from our hiatus, and we’ve got Blanco Loco in for a quick interview with us. Blanco has been tearing up the independent scene, and we’re lucky to have him chop it up with us before a show. After Blanco, we delve into WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble happening April 27, 2018, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Who will prevail in this one-time grand event? Tune in and find out.

2018 NBA Playoff Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz

The first round of the NBA Playoffs is underway, and the Thunder and Jazz face off in an exciting opening matchup.OKC has the triple double machine in Russell Westbrook leading the charge while the Jazz look to ride the wave of their rookie sensation Donovan Mitchell. Who will advance to the semifinals?

NXT Takeover: New Orleans Previews and Predictions

It’s Mania week, so that means a lot of wrestling going on this weekend, especially for WWE. For the last year, NXT Takeover has overshadowed it’s bigger brother’s events putting on top level matches, including WWE’s latest 5 star match. Will Takeover: New Orleans steal this mania weekend as well?

WWE Fastlane 2018 Review

Last night, WWE Smackdown Live presented Fastlane, it’s the final brand exclusive PPV for the foreseeable future. If Smackdown PPV’s had been this good since the brand split, then maybe that wouldn’t be coming to an end. On a night where Smackdown looked to etch their champions into stone heading into April, each match delivered in setting up a road to Mania.

WWE Fastlane 2018: Previews and Predictions

Fastlane will be the final PPV heading into Wrestlemania, so it’s likely now or never for any title changes heading into Wrestlemania. Fastlane also has the distinction of being the last brand specific PPV for the foreseeable future as all forthcoming PPV’s will be both brands sho

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review

With Wrestlemania 34’s lineup being more than spoiled online at this point, WWE kept its Raw champions looking strong going into the road to Wrestlemania. On a night the Women debut in the Elimination Chamber, will WWE be able to brew some intrigue into the night?