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Shortstop (SS) Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2017

Obligatory: The positional eligibility of the players in this list was determined by using FantasyPros’ eligibility information, which was gathered from all the major fantasy sites. Shortstop has traditionally been a fairly weak position, but that’s changed in the last couple of years. There has been an abundance of young SS talent called up to […]

Third Base (3B) Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2017

I’m not going to lie; Third Base is by far my favorite collection of fantasy players. There are leagues in which my starter at 3B is the 15th player on this list, and I’m comfortable with any of these players in my Utility (UTIL) or Corner Infield (CI) slot. I honestly wouldn’t argue with you […]

Second Base (2B) Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2017

Last week, I took a look at my Top 25 Fantasy First Basemen. Today, I’ll be debuting my lists for the other positions in rapid-fire succession, culminating with my Top 250 total players on Sunday. These position lists were creating using the combined positional eligibility on FantasyPros to ensure that if a player is eligible […]

First Base (1B) Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2017

I know I’m getting a late start here, and you might have already drafted, but this list is not for you. This list is for people who are in leagues that aren’t awful. I’ll be trying to drop these lists position-by-position every couple of days for the next two weeks, which should give you time to read my rankings and subsequently ignore them by March 28th