It all began with a trio of friends who are passionate about the sports and talk non-stop about the analystics, history, and appreciation of sports. They have been the go-to analysts among their peers and their opinions are valued when it comes to sports. Over the course of time, the trio became passionate to start their own venture of sharing their sports knowledge.

This entire operation started out as an NBA Podcast called, 3 in the Key Podcast. Our first Episode went live in December of 2015. Now-retired 3 in the Key Podcast would be the start of a new order that you see today. With the demand to grow, Baseline Times Media was born in May 2017. Our team provides up-to-date sports talk and opinions. As the team grows the knowledge and coverage continue to grow even more! Today we feature podcasts and a team of content creators dedicated to bringing you the best sports coverage.

Baseline Times Media is a digital sports media outlet that prides itself on providing knowledge-driven sports coverage. We take great pride in being an unbiased sports outlet for sports fans across the world. Our goal is to provide a platform where sports fans feel equally represented and a place where coverage of their favorite sports and teams are more than adequate. 

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