A casual NBA fan guide to the 2017-2018 regular season

You’re not that fan that is intrigued in watching 82 regular season games. I get it, life has its obligations or maybe playoff basketball is the only thing that matters to you. Kind of like how a lot of fans only tune into March Madness instead of a full college basketball season. Well, incase you haven’t given much attention on the 2017-2018 regular season we’ve got you covered here with some quick highlights.


  1. The Warriors are obviously number one again right? The Houston Rockets are truly number one in the NBA. With the NBA’s best record this puts them a strong first place in the Western Conference. Yes, that’s right the Golden State Warriors are not the league’s best record-wise or in the West. The Rockets added Chris Paul last summer and went on three win streaks that were 10 games or more this season. Their biggest win-streak was 17 games.
  2. LeBron is the MVP or that guy from last year? Russell Westbrook did average a triple-double again but not in the MVP discussion this season. With the tremendous success that the Rockets displayed during the season it was fueled by James Harden. Last season the two arguably could have won the MVP but Westbrook beat out his former teammate. Fast forward to this season and Harden with the NBA’s best record has the leverage. Westbrook’s Thunder just clinched the playoffs in game 80 of the regular season. 
  3. Trust the Process? The Philadelphia 76ers have clinched more victories than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Who would have thought that the Sixers would be top four and have a better record than the Cavaliers in October? The Sixers have won 16 straight games heading into the playoffs. Some of those wins without Joel Embiid who is yet to be announced back to the line-up from a concussion and orbital fracture. The Sixers will prepare for Game 1 of their first-round match up against the Miami Heat without Embiid.
  4. Didn’t Paul George and Carmelo Anthony get involved with a little super team of their own? Sure enough, after Sam Presti pulled off some incredible off-season trades to bring Westbrook some help the Oklahoma City Thunder. Looking at the team on paper they were expected to be at least top four in the West. The Thunder finished 48-34 and for a while was not in the top four out West. Luckily, their last minute efforts and a few losses from teams put them in the top four in a tight Western Conference race.
  5. The Spurs are always good right? The Spurs have now qualified for the playoffs 21 straight years in a row. The accomplishment is one of the greatest in major league sports but they have some drama of their own. Rare for this franchise but All-Star Kawhi Leonard has not been healthy all season long. Furthermore, his overall health is cloudy as Leonard does not believe he’s fit but the Spurs believe so. Leonard is currently not with the team and rehabbing in New York. Maybe a return in the playoffs to save the Spurs championship hopes?