2021 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals – (3) Milwaukee Bucks vs (5) Atlanta Hawks

2021 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals – (3) Milwaukee Bucks vs (5) Atlanta Hawks

(3) Milwaukee Bucks

All credit where it’s due and with a little fate the Bucks are in the Conference Finals for the first time since 2019. Thankfully, Kawhi Leonard isn’t on the other side (2019 – Toronto Raptors). The Greek Freak is growing up and proving that it’s not about the individual player awards this year, it’s about winning a championship. The Bucks survived Kevin Durant potentially eliminating them from the playoffs and while Kyrie Irving wasn’t available for the later part of the series you have to give credit where it’s due.

Moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals this year, the Bucks should be regarded as the superior team in the series, and rightfully so. They swept the first-round series against the Heat with no issues. After a close OT win in Game 1 against the Heat it was nothing but the Bucks winning by double digits from Game 2 to Game 4. The stepping stone point for the Bucks here is that they didn’t lay down to the “superior” super team Brooklyn Nets.

Defensively, Milwaukee has been one of the top teams in the regular season and the playoffs. The biggest x-factor here is Jrue Holiday who will have his attention on slowing down Trae Young. Now, Holiday isn’t Ben Simmons so how can we discuss this? Certainly, Holiday has NO PROBLEM shooting the ball or being an offensive threat for Milwaukee. Advantage Milwaukee if he can do a lot better than Ben Simmons.

(5) Atlanta Hawks

Listen, if you don’t know why the Hawks are here or the fact that this year’s roster has NO All-Star? Read the breakdown! Technically, Trae Young was snubbed from the All-Star roster this season but still not considered an All-Star this season! However, he’s not just an All-Star but a franchise-changing player coming up in big moments. He silenced Madison Square Garden and took a bow. What’s next? The Eastern Conference Finals!

Atlanta is definitely proving the naysayers wrong all season long. Giving them a hard time because Nate McMillan‘s previous playoff history included him going 0-7 in the first-round series prior to this season. However, he’s turned the team around and they are winning! My advice to anyone curious enough to check on the General Manager for the Hawks and tell me that a Golden State Warriors replica isn’t in the works.

Kevin Huerter joins the starting lineup for the Hawks in the last four games against the 76ers. With that move, it kind of proved McMillan’s adjustment right? Right? Huerter is the prime example of the next-man-up mentality. In a CLOSEOUT game where Trae Young obviously was feeling the defensive pressure, Huerter drops 27 points to lead the Hawks. The biggest deal for the Hawks in this series is getting some consistent bench scoring. You’ll need a combination of Trae Young plus the bench giving some support on nights that the Bucks may be clamping down defensively on the starting unit.

Top players to watch

Giannis Antetokounmpo – 2021 Playoffs through Conference Semifinals

  • 28.8 PPG
  • 13.6 RPG
  • 5.1 APG

Trae Young – 2021 Playoffs through Conference Semifinals

  • 29.1 PPG
  • 2.7 RPG
  • 10.4 APG

Where should the money go?


I know ATL is going to come for my head should they win. However, I trust the defense that defended Kevin Durant for 7 straight games better than I do of the 76ers and Knicks. A much different animal Atlanta is going up against in the Greek Freak. The Milwaukee Bucks will roll into the Finals!

Schedule and Results








Game 1:
ATL leads series 1-0


8:30 PM ET


Hawks - 116
Bucks - 113

Game 2:
Series tied 1-1


8:30 PM ET


Hawks - 91
Bucks - 125

Game 3
MIL leads series 2-1


8:30 PM ET


Bucks - 113

Hawks - 102

Game 4:
Series tied 2-2


8:30 PM ET


Bucks - 88

Hawks - 110

Game 5:
MIL leads series 3-2


8:30 PM ET


Hawks - 112
Bucks - 123

Game 6


8:30 PM ET


Game 7:

If Necessary


8:30 PM ET


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