2021 NBA Playoffs: East Conference Semifinals – (2) Brooklyn Nets vs (3) Milwaukee Bucks

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East First Round: (2) Brooklyn Nets vs (3) Milwaukee Bucks – Series preview

(2) Brooklyn Nets

 The Brooklyn Nets are coming off a first-round series victory against the Boston Celtics. They defeated the Celtics in a five-game gentleman’s sweep. They dominated the Celtics for four games offensively and defensively. With Boston losing some of their key players including Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker to injury, Brooklyn was able to take complete advantage.

The Nets now look to take their winning ways into the next series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Brooklyn lost the season series 2-1, but the playoffs are much different than the regular season. Brooklyn looks to take advantage of Milwaukee offensively with their big three of Durant, Harden, and Irving. In order to win this series they must step up their defense and they must also make sure their role players get into a rhythm early and often.

Their defense is something that they have not been great at this season because they are typically able to out-talent most teams. Defense is going to be very important in stopping one of the best players in the NBA with Giannis Antetokounmpo. They must also make sure that their shooters including Joe Harris and Landry Shamet get their rhythm going. This will open the floor for the Nets’ big three to dominate.

This series will come down to whether Brooklyn’s offensive weapons will overwhelm the Bucks. The Bucks are more of an experienced team than Brooklyn is. The Nets have had to come together on the fly. Harden, Irving, and Durant have only played eight regular-season games together because of injury and rest. This series will prove whether the team concept or overall offensive talent will win out.   

(3) Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off a dominant first-round series sweep against the hapless Miami Heat. The Bucks lost their 2nd round series matchup against the Heat in the 2020 playoffs. They showed how new and improved their team is by dominating the Heat. No game in their four-game sweep was close. They are not taking on a star-studded Brooklyn Nets team that was excellent in the regular season despite not having their three best players playing in the lineup for the majority of the season.

Milwaukee took the regular-season series against the Nets 2-1. All three matchups were closely contested games. The largest margin for victory was just six points. In order for Milwaukee to come out of this series victorious, the core players of Jrue Holiday, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Brook Lopez must continue their stellar play. In order to beat Brooklyn, they must force them to play hard defense which is something that they are not known for. For Milwaukee, this series will come down to whether they can weather the storm from the big three and ice out Brooklyn’s supporting class.

Players like Joe Harris and Jeff Green cannot get a rhythm. As good as Brooklyn’s big three are, they cannot win this series on their own. Giannis Antetokounmpo must also continue to prove that he is more than a regular-season wonder. In last year’s playoffs, the Miami Heat defense was able to figure him out. He was able to flip the script this year with his dominance over that same Heat team. The Bucks will go as far as Giannis will take them.

Preview by Baseline Times Intern – Adam Kinberg

Top players to watch

Kevin Durant – First Round vs Boston

  • 32.6 PPG
  • 7.4 RPG
  • 3.0 APG

Giannis Antetokounmpo – First Round vs Miami

  • 23.5 PPG
  • 15.0 RPG
  • 7.8 APG

Schedule and Results








Game 1:
BKN leads series 1-0


7:30 PM ET


Bucks - 107
Nets - 115

Game 2:
BKN leads series 2-0


7:30 PM ET


Bucks - 86
Nets - 125

Game 3:
BKN leads series 2-1


7:30 PM ET


Nets - 83
Bucks - 86

Game 4:
Series tied 2-2


3:00 PM ET


Nets - 96
Bucks - 107

Game 5:
BKN leads series 3-2


8:30 PM ET


Bucks - 108
Nets - 114

Game 6:
Series tied 3-3


8:30 PM ET


Nets - 89
Bucks - 104

Game 7:
MIL wins series 4-3


8:30 PM ET


Bucks - 115
Nets - 111

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