2021 NBA Play-in Tournament: (8) Golden State Warriors vs (9) Memphis Grizzlies

2021 NBA Play-in Tournament – Game 6 Preview

  • When: May 21, 2021
  • Time: 9:00 PM EST
  • TV: ESPN
  • Where: Chase Arena – San Francisco, CA

(9) Memphis Grizzlies

Let’s revisit that time I previewed the game against the Spurs on Wednesday we said the Spurs can’t defend the paint. The biggest plus is that Jonas Valančiūnas’ 23 points and 23 rebounds clearly were one of the better things to say about Memphis. A young Ja Morant in a significant game didn’t shy too far away from the spotlight. Scoring 20 points on 40-percent shooting was his contribution that helped a balanced Memphis attack with Dillion Brooks. Scoring 24 points on 48-percent shooting was Brooks to lead all Grizzlies scorers in Game 2 of the tournament.

If there was any hope of the Grizzlies showing how hard they can compete against a well-coached Spurs team it happened. Could they play the same type of game against Stephen Curry and the Warriors? Probably not and that’s the biggest issue for Memphis.

Golden State’s biggest contributor all season is obviously Curry averaging 32 points a game in the regular season. However, a quick look back to Sunday shows Draymond Green (14 points), Andrew Wiggins (21 points), and Jordan Poole’s (15 points). Do I trust the Grizzlies NOT to let that happen again WITH Curry possibly scoring 40-plus? IDK!

(8) Golden State Warriors

If the most anticipated Play-in Tournament game was before this then, maybe this tournament was all a show? Certainly, we got a show out of the Warriors and Lakers Wednesday night. Stephen Curry’s 37 points, however, just wasn’t the trick. It was LeBron James’ contested (by Curry) fadeaway three-point field goal that sealed the 103-100 victory for the Lakers.

What’s next for the Warriors? Hosting a team they beat just this PAST SUNDAY in the Memphis Grizzlies yet again. A little too much Steph Curry in the fourth quarter and the Warriors sealed their deal to defend the 8th seed this journey so far. Draymond Green’s effort defensively against Anthony Davis in the first half was all the better to know, Jonas Valančiūnas is in for a tough battle down low.

Again, the way this tournament seems to be flaking out is that the teams that are in their original seed are competing to fight for it harder than any other seed. Conspiracy? I’m not sure but anyways. The Warriors are the clear-cut favorites in this game by all means. They obviously will win any high-scoring affair the Grizzlies want to tangle with. Now, I’ve said the Warriors have the potential to be a top 5 defensive team this season. In the Playoffs perhaps? That’s their missing piece to getting back to the Finals. I wouldn’t mind the late arrival to be right but am I getting the 2018 Lebron James playoff vibes type of run from Steph?

Top players to watch

Ja Morant: 2020-2021 Season

  • 19.1 PPG
  • 7.4 APG
  • 4.0 RPG
  • 45% FG

Stephen Curry: 2020-2021 Season

  • 32.0 PPG
  • 5.8 APG
  • 5.5 RPG
  • 48% FG

Where should the money go?

Just take a Stephen Curry prop bet on the scoring and wish for the best. The NBA some how found a way to put the Golden State boy into some golden hours prior to the big 2021 Playoffs.

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2021 NBA Play-in Tournament Schedule – Eastern Conference

Tuesday, May 18, 2021




Time (EST)






7:30 PM


Spurs - 96
Grizzlies - 100




10:00 PM


Warriors- 100
Lakers - 103

Thursday, May 20, 2021








Grizzlies - 117
Warriors - 112

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