2020-2021 NBA Season betting guide

Fair warning, I will completely pull up a disclaimer and give you my Kanye West moment. No, I don’t have the answers. I began to comprehend the game of NBA basketball as early as the age of 13 and spent thousands of hours since 2015 podcasting about the league. Transparency first but as always in a time post-2020 I’d love to help you make money! Welcome to the 2020-2021 NBA season betting guide.

Now I’m providing you a direction and how you can analyze these games among a circus of “safety protocol”. Of course, with the return of the NBA after the bubble to end last season here we are still battling COVID-19. If you’ve been betting all season hopefully you weren’t betting on the Nets money line during their February 5, 2021 matchup against the Toronto Raptors. Kevin Durant was pulled twice from the game due to “safety protocol”. The final decision was to keep Durant out of the game and then, the Nets lost the game.

There are certain scenarios where you absolutely have no control over nor would any major betting sites be able to control predict either. Thankfully, Durant’s double exit wasn’t a repetitive scenario. The most we have witnessed are multiple postponements of games and perhaps a game day where a player has no previous ailments needing to sit out due to contact tracing. Let’s take a look at some uncommon scenarios in this 2020-2021 NBA Season betting guide.

How NBA teams are impacted this year

  • Thin lineups with 8 players dressed at least to play
  • Players forced to play out of position for a single game or until their teammates’ clear safety protocol
  • The postponement of games causing teams to play catch-up on the schedule (and play more frequently)
  • Sudden line-up changes causing unpredictable game plans from opponents
  • Coaching staffs unavailable for a few games (ahem the Toronto Raptors)


A little more studying required this season

I take it if you’re spending your own money you want to know what it is going towards. A full healthy Brooklyn Nets roster with Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden against the inferior Detroit Pistons, or is Harden the lone hero tonight? My advice is to stay up-to-date on the latest in “health and safety” protocol first as these are typically announced days ahead of games. If a player is traced to a positive COVID-19 infected person then, they are likely to be kept out of games for a few days at a minimum of seven days. Obviously, if a player is instrumental to the team’s success and now he’s out a week straight, you know the drill.

Cheat sheet time

Ok, I’m tired of looking for all this protocol nonsense give me the quick facts on the game tonight who is out? One of my favorite Twitter feeds for this is over at @FantasyLabsNBA to keeping me updated 24/7. Below you will find a wonderful tweet example. The simplicity and giving us an update of status we may want to keep in mind for tomorrow. Of course, they will follow-up with a more updated status as it’s announced. Boom! Single-handedly a feed of nothing but injury updates.

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That is too much work make this simple as possible

One of my favorite stops is to surf Sidelines.io for the quickest and efficient rundown. When you first tap into their Odds page there is a simplified list of all the games that day. You will see that each game has a drop-down option with a blue arrow on the right of the game box.

A beautiful box opens up to show the best spread and best money line analysis over “an analysis of the odds provided by all the legal market operators”. You can select to find more analysis of picks that says “more on this game”.

This is where my favorite part comes in. After scrolling down further I am amazed to find a quick and easy visual guide of the past few games between the matchup I am looking at. Behold, I can see which team covered the spread, did the over/under-hit, and who won the game. Maybe I’m curious as to who played that game or sat out. It’s there, no need to go to NBA.com for a box score! Sidelines.io will also give help give you a more direct betting dictionary further down their NBA Odds page with some quick FAQs.

Again, a quick and easy way to get the point without endless tabs on your browser stat dumping.

The biggest secret weapon?

The talented @NBABetBot from Bet Bot Sports. These guys believe in “value betting” and on simple terms that means you’re betting on what will make you money (especially in the long run). So what you’ve had a big day and hit big. What your ROI on the season? The last week? The last two days?

If you’re ever so wondering what Bet Bet Sports bring to the table here is a high-level review straight from the source. Also, featured on Episode 54 of our Shoot or Pass Podcast where I interviewed the creators Garrett and Nick. They give you a direct insight into their method and some of our “please dumb this down for us regular folks” explanations.

Overall, The NBA Bet Bot is and the Bet Bot Sports product is mighty confident that you will make money betting on the madness that they analyze. Their Instagram page comes with a daily transparent post-game recap. They depict the hits and misses from their prior day picks and then by mid-morning tweeting away with the NBA picks for the present-day games (if any being played). Think of making money in the long-run as some days are disappointing than others. The overall goal is to be in the green significantly over the season. Again, my goal is to lead you to the green and no 2020-2021 NBA Season betting guide is complete without Bet Bot Sports.

See I don’t have all the answers

As always there are a few methods to the madness in order to make a betting pick for that big game tonight if you’re like me and sometimes overanalyze. Anyone get a vibe that a $10 parlay is almost like investing in a home or new car? Now that you have some sort of direction you can always visit The Baseline Bet$ daily for our expert picks on all major sports leagues! Our Discord gives you around the clock updates on picks and updates on player injuries.

As always please gamble responsibility

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