Fantasy Baseball Re-Rankings: First Base (1B)

We’re now over one month into the season, and, while we shouldn’t overreact too much, some things have definitely changed in the fantasy landscape. I’ve reflected those changes in my updated Top 25 First Basemen rankings. You’ll see some precipitous drops, a few fast risers, and some new names entirely. I’m mostly in points leagues, so these rankings may be slightly skewed by that bias. You can check out my pre-season rankings here:

Updated 1B Fantasy Rankings (previous rank in parentheses):

  1. Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B (Previous Rank: 1)
  2. Kris Bryant, ChC 3B, OF, 1B (2)
  3. Joey Votto, Cin 1B (5)
  4. Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B (3)
  5. Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B (10)
  6. Daniel Murphy, Wsh 2B, 1B (8)
  7. Miguel Cabrera, Det 1B (4)
  8. Eric Thames, Mil OF, 1B (NR)
  9. Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 1B  (NR)
  10. Wil Myers, SD 1B (12)
  11. Matt Carpenter, StL 2B, 1B, 3B (13)
  12. Buster Posey, SF C, 1B (11)
  13. Jose Abreu, CWS 1B (7)
  14. Edwin Encarnacion, Cle 1B, DH (6)
  15. Mark Reynolds, Col 1B (NR)
  16. Hanley Ramirez, Bos 1B (14)
  17. Travis Shaw, Mil 1B, 3B (21)
  18. Yonder Alonso, Oak 1B (NR)
  19. Carlos Santana, Cle 1B, DH (17)
  20. Brandon Belt, SF 1B (18)
  21. Eric Hosmer, KC 1B (16)
  22. Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH (19)
  23. Josh Bell, Pit 1B (24)
  24. Chris Davis, Bal 1B (15)
  25. Cody Bellinger, LAD 1B, OF (NR)


Let me try to explain myself.

  • Paul Goldschmidt is the best, most consistent 1B in baseball. That has not changed, and it will not change. He gives you production across the board, he’s not prone to streakiness, and you’ll never be disappointed. Goldy is to baseball what Vince Gilligan is to television.
  • Kris Bryant is still Kris Bryant. Which means he is very, very good. Also he has dual-eligibility on some sites, so deal with it.
  • Joey Votto over Anthony Rizzo and Freddie Freeman? You better believe it. Votto has been great so far this year, and his peripherals suggest he’ll keep getting better. He might be the best pure hitter in baseball right now.
  • Rizzo has been struggling, but you can expect that to turn around eventually, and the Cubs have scored the 3rd most runs in the NL despite his struggles – big numbers are on the horizon.
  • Freeman is ON FIRE, but because of his teammates, he’ll continue to be better in real life than in fantasy.
  • For Daniel Murphy, see: Bryant, Kris.
  • I never thought I’d rank Miguel Cabrera this low, but here we are. He’s struggled mightily so far, but he’s Miguel freakin’ Cabrera, so settle down.
  • Finally, here he is. The best story so far this season: Eric Thames. Yep, he’s in my Top 10. No, he shouldn’t be higher. Maybe he should be lower. Either way, I’m very much buying new and improved Thames.
  • Competing with Thames for the best story of the season is an aging veteran who looks younger than he ever has. Ryan Zimmerman would have to go hitless in his next 40 at-bats to drop below .300 on the season. I’m not saying he’ll do that, but I’m also not completely sold on him continuing like this.
  • Rounding out the Top 10 is Wil Myers, who has done nothing to suggest that he should be any higher or any lower than this.
  • Let’s look at some fallers: Jose Abreu, Edwin Encarnacion, Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer, and Chris Davis. All of these guys are incredibly inconsistent in short stretches, but generally end up with good-to-great numbers when it’s all said and done. A couple of them will bounce back and carry your team at different points this year, I’m just not sure you can bet on them all doing it. For what it’s worth, Hosmer and Abreu have showed signs of life, recently.
  • Now for some risers: Travis Shaw and Josh Bell. Shaw has been exactly what I hoped he would become in Miller Park. Slot him in at your corner infield or utility spot and enjoy the production. Josh Bell only rose one spot in the rankings, but with 5 new additions to the list, his rankings increase is deeper than it looks on the surface. He’s a good hitter who doesn’t strike out. He’ll keep it up.
  • A few new additions: Mark Reynolds, Yonder Alonso, and Cody Bellinger. All these guys do is hit bombs. They’re doing it consistently enough to warrant their addition to this group – Reynolds, especially, as he is on an unreal tear right now. Reynolds and Alonso are a lot safer bets to keep up their production than Bellinger is, but man he’s been fun to watch up to this point.


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