Heels of Wrestling Podcast

Heels of Wrestling Episode 20: WWE vs Everybody in 2018

WWE is going to be facing stiff competition in 2018. With New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor heading into the year blazing hot, is 2018 the year that WWE needs to start looking over their shoulders again?

Is Randy Orton On His Way Out?

The man is a star, and a legend at that. He also comes from a wrestling family, so whether or not he’s on his way out or just upset, this is a fence that Vincent Kennedy McMahon needs to fix. Could the WWE get by without Randy Orton?

Top 10 Battle Rap Wrestling Bars/Schemes of All Time

If you’re a male in America above the age of 18, odds are you’ll get a WWE Attitude era reference, and the bars/schemes will hit. Some rappers can even dip into newer wrestlers or older ones to get a reaction from the crowd. It’s time to salute these artists.

My 10 Favorite Wrestlers of 2017

The Wrestlers on this list had either my favorite moments of the year, match of the year, feud of the year, or just put in amazing in-ring work consistently all year. This list is my thank you for your incredible dedication to your craft this year.

The 10 Best WWE NXT Superstars 2017

These NXT Superstars I’ve picked due to shown potential, growth in NXT this year, and in-ring match quality. NXT, for the most part, has showcased tremendous talent this year and I have nothing but the best of hopes for these up and coming NXT Superstars.